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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Well, Corpus Christi went and did it for me! Picture this...
Monday evening, early ... I go sit down with my cola to read the mail [snail mail, that is]. I open the inevitable, bills and monthly statements that show me how much is being deducted from our account, letters, junk mail and a couple of get well cards. Things like that.

After I had opened all the mail, I began looking through the remnants of what kinds of flyers were added to all the monthly stuff.

One from the City of Corpus Christi! And evidently the whole town thinks that it's very important to read! It's a couple of pages [an added one typed in Spanish too] of what to do in preparation for the hurricane season....blah, blah, blah!

BUT wait, it continues----Ever hear of cannibis?

[image can be enlarged by clicking on it]

This is part of the scanned pamphlet I made. Pay close attention to the outlined part of the write up. Then, look over to the enlarged section---

I'm sure it's meant to be past tense for 'pot' but was a good one on the bloopers of the big-time spell checkers or editors!! At least I laughed....and I'll know now to make sure that MY pot[s] is in a liftable growing container[s] so I can bring it all in from dangerous winds when/if the time comes!! Shhhhhhh- don't go tellin' anyone now, y'hear? [just kidding, I've never tried the stuff, and won't either, but it was funny to read. And especially ironic that the ones who defy the citizen's rights to grow it, will turn around and make sure you protect it during the hurricane season....hehehehe]

But, I wonder----------did anyone else in the city catch the error, the typo? Did anyone point this out to city officials? Or are the officials correct in the way it's typed to keep them from getting caught with their pot plants on the patio? Making it look like a simple error in print, but knowing once it's written and documented, it can be legal? Hmmmmmm, ya wonder!! ROFL

AKA -marijuana? [in our household we've called it mary G's wienie or mary hwan a or pot, etc. etc.]


— metal or earthenware cooking vessel
— toilet: a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
— the quantity contained in a pot
— a container in which plants are cultivated
— batch: (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent
— the cumulative amount involved in a game (such as poker)
— slang for a paunch
— potentiometer: a resistor with three terminals
street names for marijuana
— plant in a pot; "He potted the palm"

<><><>Added note Wednesday morning:

[courtesy of online header -NBC -The Tonight Show -Jay Leno]

Okay, so as per the majority of comments yesterday, I sent off the link AND the flyer via email to Jay Leno's Tonight Show contact addy via NBC 'contact' online for the Tonight Show...

I'm reading or snoozing by this hour of night when Jay Leno's program is aired, so if anyone hears anything regarding the 'typo' blog entry I posted yesterday about POT PLANTS on his show or reads it in Jay's 'headlines', please let me know!

Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 02:31:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: <> <——(changed for blog publish)NOT MY REAL EMAIL
Subject: Funny TYPO for Jay's newspaper
To: [and to the NBC contact list]

With suggestions from a few online commentors of my blog, I'm sending this to Jay Leno. SAVE OUR POT PLANTS

It's a written mail flyer sent out by the city of Corpus Christi showing the details of hurricane preparedness. If you look closer at the enlarged insert I made of the section that's funny --the typo, you'll see just what is important for us to protect and try and save during hurricanes -- to our city.

I've attached the scanned section I made, and will also leave a link to my blog and its comments.

the link:

and the attachment: 'part deux' jpg


  1. ROFL! I knew y'all were just a bunch o' POT heads down there! THIS is what comes from livin' so close to the Mexican border! ;) (well... you could be closer!)

  2. Pleased you stopped by, I hope you weren't too disappointed that we aren't danish . . .lol It tricks a few people. Your blog looks very interesting so i hope you don't mind if I stay a while for a look about x x x

  3. LOL!
    Very important to secure the Pot!

  4. That's the first thing I'm bringing in if a hurricane heads our way!

    Seriously, that is so funny - you should send it in to Jay Leno!

  5. I agree with Bubba's Sis. Leno would have a field day with this one. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. That's a great typo!

  7. Hee Hee - that is one to send to Jay Leno for one of his newspaper bits. Pot plants. hee hee

    And thank you for your kind words on my last post. I do feel blessed for my husband and children!!

  8. By all means, please send the article to Jay Leno.......after you bring in the 'pot plants'.....there's gold in them dere hills....just think of your 'golden years'!
    Very funny!

  9. Gday Anni, Very funny "Pot" plants.,
    I havent postered my award yet as im feeling quiet under the weather with a very cold and headache, my brains not working, trying to get over cold/flu by friday before i leave for holiday .

  10. What a funny post...I loved it! Years ago, I took a photo of my brother smoking 'pot'...he was holding a small saucepan (as in pots and pans) with the handle in his mouth as if he was smoking it...yeah, I know, pretty mad!

  11. LOL I love it!! When I read the article, my first thought was, wow they're allowed to grow pot over there? lol I do hope it gets on Jay Leno, wouldn't that be something!! hehe xoxo