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Pea, over at Pea's Corner is celebrating Fairy Day today.

Did you post a comment for her special contest? I can't wait to see who the lucky ones were. Tho, I didn't participate, it will be fun to keep track of who got what!! I think she'll draw names tomorrow for the three items up for grabs!! Good luck to all who participated!!


It's just like the domino effect.

Yesterday, while watching the Astros get whomped again, by the Texas Rangers, hubby and I were reminiscing of our days in Arizona and the fanatic following we gave to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And I started the conversation by asking him:

ME: "What was the guy's name who the color commentator for the D'Backs made fun of about his running from home plate to first?"

HUBBY: "I don't recall. But he was fun to watch take off down the 90' line and run tons o' steps before he started to move".

ME & HUBBY *laughing at the memory*

ME: "They only used him for pinch hitter, right?" "What was his name?" Dang.

HUBBY: "Ya, only a pinch hitter".

Well, of course, all during the game then, I was wracking my brain trying to think of his name so I could look him up to see if he was still an active player. I came up with all kinds of names, and none rang a bell. And since we had just finished cleaning the house [mostly hubby cleaned for me!!] --we wanted to just sit and relax the rest of the day, so the computer was turned off and remained off. I just couldn't jump up and do some research online at that given moment. Besides, I didn't want to miss any of the game. Ya, I'm that much into baseball!

HUBBY: "Okay, so now that we're talking about the D'Backs, who was the broadcaster sometimes sitting beside Thom Brennaman?" "The one that used to have a good ol' time making 'sport' of the pinch hitter?"

ME: *shrugging* "Got me?"

So the afternoon went on with several names popping up into our heads. Me trying to think of the player's name, and hubby now trying to come up with the commentator's name.

~~~Nada, zilch, zero! No luck.

<><><>First thing this morning, after I came online to check the baseball scoreboard scores for yesterday, I started doing some online research. I of course went out on Google. And typed in Arizona Diamondbacks roster for 1999. None of the names looked or sounded familiar in my head. I knew he was of Spanish descent. That's all. And I knew once I read the name, I'd know him.

On and on....searching.

ME: *at the dining room table now with hubby and his coffee time* "Was it Tony Batista?"

HUBBY: "No, did you find out who was broadcasting with Thom yet?"

ME: "Well....duh! No---I need to find the guy first. Then, we'll think about the commentator."

HUBBY: "He was short, and always smiling, that I can remember."

ME: "Okay, I'll go in and do some more roster searching. *as I was going back to the office/computer room I asked* "Hey? Was it before or after the World Series win?"

HUBBY: "After, I'm pretty sure."

So, off I went, researching more.

ME: "Found 'im!"

HUBBY: "So, who was it?"

ME: "CARLOS BAERGAS" [He really did take a lot of steps near the homeplate after a hit, before his body got into motion enough to run to the 1st base. No, really! It was a hoot to watch. Yet, to be honest, I probably wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been for the dude at the microphone pointing it out to us viewers.]

HUBBY: "Now, who was the commentator?"

ME: "Hold on, I can only read one page at a time. I gotta go back to Google for this too."

ME: "JIM TRABER sound familiar?"

HUBBY: "Yep, that's him alright."

So the mysterious quandry that started yesterday during the game comes to an end. All in all, during the conversation while watching the Astros/Rangers game, many many more reminiscing questions and answers came about. Discussing the all consuming articles about Barry Bonds, steroid use and home run record breaking....Wondering if Hank Aaron used and chemical enhancements for his career profile....Pete Rose....Curt Schilling's DL list....A-Rod...NYY...Mickey Mantle....Biggio's 3000th hit...things like that.

It's like the domino effect.

But, it makes me wonder "Why on earth can one recall faces and events from years past, but can't remember just where the car keys are from the last jaunt taken just a few hours ago?"

Oh no!! *visions of those black dotted game pieces called dominoes toppling over one at a time come to view* Okay, I will shut up now.....promise!!

Baseball info found at Baseball Almanac


  1. Car keys and glasses that's my big problem ! and without glasses I don't see well, so I have to take my old glasses to find the new once, sigh*

  2. Heehee...isn't it frustrating when things like that happen? You know it as well as anything, but do you think you can remember it? I usually wake up at some ungodly hour of the morning with the answer...but a lot of people probably wouldn't appreciate a phone call from me at that hour shrieking..."Eureka!"