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Our hostess for the week is here!!

This week, for the FUN Monday, we're challenged to post what is hanging on a wall in our home[office?]---anywhere, I guess. LOL

Anyway, I thought I'd post something of interest and perhaps an 'oddity' to some. Along with a family treasure--- and one of my 'pet'-projects'!!

This is an antique hay's my great grandfather's, circa 1800s.

This is my 'pet project' ---I'm always trying to remember where my driving glasses are/car keys ---So, I made a collapsible lighthouse with cup hooks. Hanging right at the back door!!

This piece of interest is called a monkey's fist - knot. Hubby, being a Navy man from years past, will tell you it's a weight for heavy line [usually bowline] --when you begin to make one [yes, they can be made] the 'tying' of the knot begins with wrapping the rope around a weight. Perhaps, usually, thrown between ship and weight down the towline, to tie in a boat/ship to the dock. We have an entire wall 'dedicated to Naval stuff'. LOL


  1. Hi Anni,
    You are the first to post for this Monday. I like your lighthouse glasses/key holder. I will have to show husband the interesting monkey fist-knots.

  2. Guess we always learn something everyday right? Sandy

  3. I love beach/nautical things, too - my whole house is decorated on that theme! The monkey fist knot is very cool!

  4. Anni your hay cutter looks kind of dangerous! Very cute lighthouse too - I need somewhere to hang my keys and things!

  5. I love the lighthouse. If you only knew how much time I spend looking for my reading glasses...even though I have an extra pair.
    I wish I was as crafty as you are! I guess I'll just have to be satisfied being a 'sex goddess'! lol.
    Have a great week..I'm glad to see you're feeling better.

  6. Oh boy... I may have to hire you for my glasses. Either that or hang them around my neck. IT's a constant look for our glasses freak show here.

    Love the antique hay saw.... it isn't a scythe ?? I remember my dad using a scythe along the fence line.

  7. Wow, what a saw ! Would need that to cut the steaks here ! your lighthouse is an excellent idea only I would forget to put my glasses and my keys on there, that's my big problem. I put my things ALWAYS on the same place only afterwards I realize that it probably was another place !

  8. The light house for your glasses is so cute! I like the saw too, I love old things. :)

  9. All very interesting- but I just love the saw!


  10. Ok that's cool, the monkey fist knot. I also love the lighthouse. Great idea!

  11. these are awesome!

  12. Clever idea for glasses/keys. I didn't do so well with knots in the Navy but my hubby mastered a few. Thanks for sharing.

  13. How lovely to have something belonging to your great grandfather. The lighthouse is such good idea I think we could do with one of those here.

    My first hubby was a merchant navy man and did a lot of splicing, model making and ships in bottles.

  14. Of course I love the lighthouse, as I always like them :-)

    If you would like to see a Swedish wedding, head over to my place...

  15. I love the lighthouse idea!

  16. Very interesting Anni. Loved the know, my dad was in the navy too.

  17. What a clever idea to keep your glasses.

    I'll have to ask my dad about the monkey fist. He was a boatson mate in the Navy. (although I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong)

  18. Great Fun Monday....and I love your blog!

  19. First I like the light house idea! That is very neat.
    Also my father was navy so I know all about monkey fist knots!