Fun Monday is hosted this week by A Spot of T. And the subject for this fine day is to show off the dirty kitchens, errrrrr, ummmmm style of our kitchens. Believe me, I hid most of what was on the counter this morning!! It is not usually this uncluttered! Really. Our kitchen is off the dining room, and is an opened 'alcove' ---there is a dividing cupboard area off the dining room wall, as you enter from the living room ---then, there are pieces of cherry wood going up to the ceiling to divide the dining room hutch area from the open walkway into the kitchen. And from the kitchen back door you can see through and over the countertops into the dining room area. The cupboard area over the sink and dishwasher has under-lighting for night lights or more lighting if needed for cooking and such.

So, here are four photos / four different angles:
[click on any or all to enlarge]

Above is looking from the dining room/patio back door, over the half wall -- into the kitchen area [the cupboard under-lighting is on in this one view]

Above is from the dining room/hallway/hutch entry

Above is the entry view from the back garage doorway.

This is what I see from the dining room table -- windows
From our dining room area through the hall and into my computer room the 'theme' is nautical - pirates - sea [so obviously my love for Captain Sparrow shines through!]

[Note: ---this is late being posted because of my hospital stay---I had it in draft, and then didn't feel up to posting or doing any blogging 'til now]


  1. You do have a fun kitchen with pirates no less. Take care.

  2. Anonymous6/14/2007

    My brand new son in law would love your Pirates. My daughter and he just got back from their honeymoon at Disneyland. Pirates of the Carribean was the favorite place to be for them.

  3. Anonymous6/15/2007

    Hey, for me, Fun Monday is all week long! I've still only visited a fraction of the peeps who posted :/. Summer bloggin' is harder than I thought.

    You've got a GREAT kitchen...they really are my favorite room in a house. Yours feels very homey, inviting...and clean! Of course, you added the disclaimer that you spiffed up the place for us, but still.

  4. Love your kitchen...I love dark wood and it must look nice at night with the lighting. I'm still waiting for kitchen cupboard doors...maybe next year!


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