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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Credit Cards are a target once again. I was reading this in the yahoo news this morning and after reading the article, I'm not in the least bit surprised to 'hear' of such a thing. In today's times it seems that there are thieves hiding and lurking just everywhere! Why, even the bank tellers whom you trust with your money turn crooked! At least some. Our hard earned money is not safe any more. I remember the days way back when I was a kid, I had a savings account in my name...everyone at the bank, knew me by name. I felt like a queen being able to stop by and put another $5 into my account. It drew interest and I was "cocky" to have a "bankroll". Over the years, I was able to buy my own, my very first, car with the savings account interest accumulated. But today, tho the interest in savings accounts has NOT climbed with the cost of living, I would fear to have such a thing and have to swipe my card with onlookers, or lurkers behind my back! It's getting ridiculous.

Read the article

To strengthen security, card brands such as Visa and Mastercard are pressuring retailers to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, a code of best practices created by the card industry. The standard forbids the storing of magnetic stripe data on POS terminals, and Visa plans to start fining retailers in the coming months if they don't comply, according to Gartner.

My question to this is: "Just how does Visa, a credit card company, have the right to FINE anyone? Are they now above the law --or part of the legal system? Perhaps it would be considered a 'citizen' arrest? Go figure!!"


  1. Good post and so true Anni!


    Angel ( Angel Mama )

  2. scary what happens these days

    i think maybe bye fining them they actually just charge more for doing something when these cards are used at the store.. does that make sense?

    but then again i dont know *shrug*

  3. Wolfbaby: That is probably so true! I never thought of that. It's probably in their contract with the gasoline companies. You're so right!!

  4. I agree with you, it really is getting ridiculous how you just can't trust anyone these days. Even worse, with cellphones that can take pictures, you never know who's taking pictures of you punching in your numbers for debit cards, etc. xox

  5. AND unfortunately it will only get worse!! This is our world and we just have to learn to live in it...Sandy
    Anni..thanks for you nice words on my blog. I so appreciate them...

  6. Finally, I have a few seconds to come visit, and find all these posts I've missed in just 3 days. First, Congrats on your Award. Well deserved !
    It's such a shame that some people can NOT be trusted. I still want to believe that most people are good and honest, but those that aren't are certainly causing problems everywhere.
    Have we got no bananas?
    Enjoyed snooping in your shelves, garage, and this sounds weird...drawers. Such an interesting collection of 'things.'

  7. I think it's always been like that. Bank tellers are human. They work with money and its very tempting to take some...