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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

At last.....Johnny Depp, and his director for Pirates of the Caribbean, got some recognition for the trilogy of the saga of Captain Jack Sparrow! I didn't watch it, I was busy watching the Yankees/Red Sox game on ESPN [Yankees 6 Boston 5] -- my favorite 'ex-Astro' pitcher, Andy Pettitte was pitching for the Yankees last night! Altho, he allowed the Sox to tie the game, A-Rod [one of the 'love to hate' players of the team right now because of his snide 'illegal' play in previous game] hit a home run in the 9th to win the game......

Anyway, finally---after being 'snubbed' by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences....The movie, along with director and actor, was handed the golden popcorn. Tho, admittedly I've seen all three of the trilogy, the first one, I must say was the best. The second one seemed a bit 'thrown together' without much of anything except to keep you going and leaving the theater with "What did I just see?" type story....but still, it intrigued one enough for the viewing of the third installment, which was far in a way, better than the 2nd of the trilogy.

I say, it's about time!!!!

Johnny Depp and Buckenheimer --accepting the MTV movie award
June 2007
photo courtesy of Chicago Sun Times©


  1. I haven't seen the third one yet, but heard it is great.

  2. I can hardly wait to go see the third one....I am so looking forward to it...Johnny Depp...I think he is a fabulous actor who has been true to himself...I love his ecclectic taste....

  3. Good for them!! As you say, it's about time they get some recognition for that series! I can't wait to see the third movie...I'm sooo in love with Capt'n Jack Sparrow...swooonnnnn!! hehe xox

  4. I USED TO love Andy - til he finked out on our Astros.....

  5. I Loooooove Johnny Depp. Even in "Secret Window." I think he's like Matt Damon - he won't be truly recognized by the "Academy" until he's in his 50's and has a catalogue of work.

    He is very gifted.