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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Today, I have stopped being a smoker. I've known for years that it's a BUTT ugly habit, and convinced myself it tasted good. I only stopped just a few hours ago, but that is time that I HAVEN'T had one. I've quit before, once for about 5 years straight....then, went into a bar in the old town of Tombstone and with the icy cold beer, the idea of a cigarette just sounded like it should go together, so I ordered another cool-one and walked over to get me a pack of cigarettes....from then, it was the nightmarish habit all over again.

I quit cold turkey prior to the day in Tombstone, I can do it again!!

I've got my sugar free, fat free hard candies.
I've got my bottled water.
I've primed my gazelle and warned it I'd be stepping up on it a lot....
I've got a load of books to read.
I've got some crochet projects lined up.
I've got fruit.
I've got fruit juices.....

....and most of all, I know I have the support of y'all!!!!


  1. INDEEEEED you do, girlfriend!!! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! And SO proud of you!!! Anni, you CAN do it! LL has done it, and AS has done it, and WOW! YOU are gonna DO IT toooooo! Whooo hooo!!!! YAY! *doin' cartwheels* This is so exciting!!! (((HUGS!)))

  2. Oh! Annie, that is great news! I often say if I could only have one wish it would be for all the people I care about to stop smoking! I have one real good friend that I am always dropping subtle - and no so- subtle hints on- but so far it hasn't helped him any! I know it has to be a personal decision to stop!

    Congrats!! You can do it!


  3. You know it, girl. I know you can do it.

    Luckily for me, I quit when I was pregnant (many moons ago). I had acupuncture and then went to the coast with family for a week. Changing the environment helped.

    I am glad you have crochet to keep your hands busy. Writing notes and is good too. Keep a manicure set handy to do your nails, even if you've never done them before. Lavender or Vanilla scented hand cream is good for the nerves and to keep your hands busy.

    It is an oral habit, so the candies, water and fruit are all good. I found that I chewed my pencils and pens more after quitting.

    Everywhere you used to keep your cigarettes, place something to do with your hands or a list of things you will do with the money you are saving.

    Adopt a animal or child or family and give the money you spent on smokes to them. The hunger site is a great place to find out what $40 means to someone in Afghanistan.

    Stay out of bars and away from smokers for awhile. This was when I craved a smoke.

    God bless you and may you be smoke-free forever.

  4. Anni!! I am so very happy to hear this great NEWS!! Keep it up!! You can do it!! I have never done this because I would have to have been divorced and I did not want to do that!! My hubby just hates it so I never ever smoked!! I am so happy happy for you!!

  5. Whoo hoo! You can do it Annie! I quit a few times....this time I'm down to about 4 a day and thats outside. I don't dare smoke in the house because of the grandkids. I want to get rid of the habit once and for all, and be able to say.....I'm a non-smoker! They say the 1st 48 hrs are the worst. Hang in there. We're all rootin for ya!

    Annie, if you can....I need some help! I mistakenly removed the blogroll for the 'over 50' crowd instead of the Canadian just when you have a minute could you get me the code again...!

  6. Congratulations, Anni! Of course you can do it! I had a couple of goes at giving up but 10 years ago I quit and haven't had one since.

    Well done...


  7. Good for you, your body will thank you for it. If you did it once, you can do it again. I gave up smoking forty years ago. It really is a terrible habit. Good luck and hang in there.

  8. Good Morning Anni,
    This will be your turning point to a better tomorrow....Once you quit smoking,, you will not like the Smell.... around you. Best wishes to you. Baba

  9. I'm sure you can do it!

  10. COngrats and good luck..Im proud of you

  11. You can do it!!!!!!!! We will cheer you on!!! You won't be will feel so much better!!

  12. WOO-HOO! You rock, Anni!
    Congrats, my dear. I wish I could be as powerful (hope this is the right word?!) as you are.

  13. Oh! you have my support and my sympathies (it's hard) and my CONGRATULATIONS! I'm on a campaign to make the whole world smoke free. I'm glad you'll be healthier and I hope, happier!

  14. congrats on giving up those dreaded Cigarettes, you can do it with will power. My Dear Mum smoked gave up smoking at 82years old after smoking fot 66 years just said she didnt want anymore one day and lived till she was 94 without another smoke.

  15. Start smoking in Tombstone ! that's a real good name you know that tomb(e) means grave ? So you started smoking again in Gravestone. Sounds good ! I will support you although I still smoke with pleasure and for the moment I don't intend to give up or have a bad conscience.
    But I think it would be easier for you if you would add to your list some chewing gum (to stop smoking) or patches. That's apparently then much easier.

  16. You go girl!! Although I tried a cigarette as a young teen, I didn't like it so never started but I have heard how difficult it is for a smoker to quit! Wishing you the very best of luck my friend, you CAN do it!!! xox

  17. Good idea - Good for you!
    On my blog I have a ticker that counts the days and stuff - it's pretty good to have.
    I also tried to make a blogroll for people to support each other, but I don¨t know how to do that yet. (the technicalities and such)
    But I'm there for you Hon - and my advice???? Keep busy! Walk, take photos -just keep busy! Suddenly time passes and you've forgotten about the smokes!

  18. Congratulation on your victory. I'm a smoker but I want to stop, maybe your blog will help me..
    Over to something completely different: I'm "postcard" on your blogger over 50, I Want you to change my adress to: hmikkel2.blogspot,com


  19. It's been a week since you posted this. How are you doing? I stopped cold turkey, I did like smoking but caught myself lighting a cigarrete only to toss it after four or five puffs. So after smoking for almost 12 years I stopped back in 1992 and never picked it up again. My wife on the other hand, I don't think she'll ever quit. I have never bugged her to quit though, she is the one that has to want it. Good luck and hope the nicotine withdrawals are not too bad.