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NOTE: I'm not going to be home for the photo hunt[Saturday], I'm gonna be at my son's graduation from St. Thomas with his master's degree---[more below] but for the 'cooked' theme, here is a recent entry I made on how to 'cook' RUNZA'S<-click link -->Along with a step by step array of photos!!


Our son, the youngest of two children, will graduate with a Master's Degree!!
Tho, I hafta get up before the sun rises to get on the road to be there to witness this phenomenon (the reason I say this is, I remember the school days before he graduated from high school----and his lackadaisical, disinterest in higher education---how I had to 'fight' him to even complete homework and show any enthusiasm whatsoever with school!)

You see, he did graduate, to my surprise back then, from high school. Ya, I was proud of him then, but knew the kid could have done better in so many ways. He had signed up for the Marine Corps while he was in school, and had just the short summer after high school, before he was to report for boot camp in San Diego, California.

After six weeks of training and hard knocks and discipline of the Corps, he graduated from that. I was there too!! Then, after his four year stint, during the Gulf War era, he chose to not reenlist, but to go it on his own. He came home for a few months, and lined up a job.....flew to Texas, got his own apartment, and stayed!!

He worked full-time and went to college at night, part time. He remained single, and continued his education at night. He graduated with a BA degree in 1999. Again, it wasn't because he was no longer disinterested in learning and getting a higher education, it was late in coming because he had to work his way through school!

Now, on May 19th (his birthday too!!!)....he will walk across the stage to receive his well-deserved, well-earned Master's Degree! And I'll be there once again!! With tears of pride, and memories of the unwilling little boy who 'hated school'----I'll watch the hand reach out, and grab the diploma!!!

Just a few days ago, when I talked with him on the phone, he and I were reminiscing of those days gone by, and the struggle to get him excited to achieve ----and his words floored me:

"Mom, I will not stop learning. Life is all about education." He will continue to achieve. His goal is to work for a PhD, becoming a doctor of history, and teach at an university level.

The University of St. Thomas is a private university. It remains, to this day, the only Catholic university campus in the greater Houston area.

I'm soooooo proud!!


  1. Oh Annie,
    What a beautiful story! It gives us all hope. You must be very, very proud of him. I guess he realized when he was in the army that the only way to make it in this world is through education.
    Have a wonderful trip...and be sure to take lots of pics.
    Bet you can't stop smiling!

  2. Those look wonderful!
    And congratulations to your son for all his hard work... what an accomplishment!

  3. Congratulations for having raised a son who appreciated higher education. I have two with Master's degrees and one of them has a PhD as well.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Wow! You sure has all right to be proud of him! That is quite an achievement of him. And you, of course his Mom has to share the honor :-)

    Congrats to both of you :-D

  5. You must be the PROUDEST mom of all today and also the HAPPIEST!! I can well understand how you must be feeling!! Congratulations to you Anni!! Plus he is graduating on his birthday!! How much more can you ask!! Have a wonderful day!! Sandy

  6. I know you are so proud!
    Have a nice visit with your family.

  7. Ah, you see, Anni, your wonderful childraising has finally brought results.

    Some people are just late starters but once they go, look out. They overtake everybody and do really well.

    Congratulations to you and your wonderful son.