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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Once during a commercial of a rerun of House, M.D., I switched over to see what's happening at Dancing with the Stars on ABC. And I stayed long enough to watch Apollo and Julianne dance the quick step. And I was wowed!!

Tho I haven't watched this season much, I am now hooked. I will continue to watch, if I'm able, and see who wins the trophy. My vote is certainly for Apollo. But, I definitely think that it may be a judges' tie this year!!

Time will tell.

These two you tube videos are the couple's two perfect scores from the judges desk! They're very impressive! The second one is the Pasa Doble of which I missed by not having the television on -- I'm glad I did my research and found this one, and the 1st video is the one I caught live the other night, the quick step!! It's awesome. Well, both of them are! I can see why the professional judges gave them perfect scores. Watch the sync and the foot work!!

[DWTS animation made by me. The logo was borrowed from the homepage of DWTS]
Dancing with the Stars


  1. Oh I LOVE "Dancing with the STARS"!! I watch it all of the time. I think that Apollo or Joey should be the winners. I would have a time voting for either one of them..I would like to see them both win!!! I have always wanted to learn to dance. I wish that I could!! Have a good day. Sandy

  2. Ya know... I have to admit - two things -- 1) IF I were a tv watcher, THIS is a show I WOULD watch! I really DO like dancing! and 2) I LOVE Apollo! I agree with ya -- I hope they WIN! You let me know!

  3. AmberStar5/18/2007

    We watch DWS every week and love it. It will be really difficult to choose a winner...they are all really good!
    I've missed Apollo's pasa doble everytime so far it has been on. *sigh*

  4. hi Anni, I must admit i rather like watching DWTS Australian Version I tape it if i have to go out .Wow I just watched your video Appollo can sure move around that floor