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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Boredom had put a strangle-hold on me! Yuk, with housework....been doing laundry and trying to clean up what has been laying around since the holiday weekend. I am making a crock pot of chicken stew --actually stewing the chicken right now, and I will add the veggies when it's closer to dinner time. Hubby is reading the newspaper and will finish my 4th and last frame for my art work that I've been hanging on the living room walls. [that project kinda got waylaid for a while during my 3 days in and out of the hospital. But, when he has it finished, I will post my final framed drawing here] I've swept the standing water from the storms off the patio [there are two low spots, and if I don't sweep it off, it gets mossy looking and stains the cement]. The kitties have been brushed and I've cleaned the hair mess up. LOL ---can you tell, I'm bored?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!!!
Computer wallpaper that is!!


  1. Hi Annie,...I have been busy too with errands today.Getting ready for my surgery on Monday.I will be glad when I can be on the up side and recovering from my double knee replacements.I will try blogging from the hospital.My husband is not good with the computer.Hope you are getting straight with your medical problems. Take care. Baba

  2. Well at least when you're bored, you get a lot of things done...I need to get bored! lol Can't wait to see your last framed drawing...your hubby has been doing such a terrific job with them!! xox

  3. Okay! I'll show you mine! Here it is!
    My Wallpaper