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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Sometimes I think I should carry my digital camera around my neck like a charm! Yesterday, sitting outdoors and soaking up the sun, I heard the most beautiful song. It was a bird of course, it was perched up on the electrical wires that are strung between the utility poles near our backyard. I believe it was a cedar waxwing. Wowzers, was it ever pretty! And like I said, the song it was singing for me was so sweet and beautiful! Well, of course, no camera!---I quietly, but rushed, went into the house to grab the camera for a photo moment!---Went back outside, and Bud said..."You're too late. You need to have the camera at ready all the time. It just flew off toward the next street." All to my dismay! Maybe someday. Maybe!!

So, now that the camera was fired up and ready, I walked around and snapped some pictures. Actually, in hopes of it returning to our yard to give me a 'feathered show of beauty' again. But it was no go for the waxwing.

After the downpouring rains of the holiday weekend, the roses are coming out in full bloom. Here is a beautiful red rose. The one blossom in the center is off color because it's still full of the morning mist. I love the shadows that are cast upon the fencing.

This is a plant that attracts butterflies as you can see. The deep purples I love! Purple, as anyone who drops by for visiting here knows, is one of my favorite colors. Sadly, being such a hot, subtropical clime here in the coastal areas, cool colored flowers do not do well. Mostly, the flowering across the landscape around here is reds, yellows and oranges. So when I saw this plant, the Duranta, and the fact it attracts butterflies, I purchased it. And I made sure I planted it in the shaded area underneath the pyracantha bush. It's just now beginning to get some blossoms coming on the stems!!

This small pink/purple is a species of mum. It's flourishing right now, with the protection of my ever-spreading ferns. The same butterfly that was captured in the photo above, was flitting around these blossoms also. I particularly love the ferns. My mother had one huge boston fern as an indoor plant when I was growing up and still at home with my parents. I remember one friend of hers offered her $100 for it...and that was back in the late 1950's! It was huge!! I never had that kinda luck with indoor plants. My 'expertise' is outdoor gardening!!

The light purple flowering on this bush is just now coming to full bloom also! It blooms only AFTER rains! It's called a Texas Sage. The orange blossoms behind it is my Bird of Paradise. We just finished cutting that back was getting out of control. And if you allow it to continue to grow outward, the blossoms are few and far between!!

Now, to be very honest here, I don't recall what this bush is named! All I know is, it blooms purple! And it's growing like a weed too now that the rains continue. Last year, during the drought, I thought I'd lost it! But as you can see, it's coming back to life. I have this against the wooden fence that divides neighbor's yard with ours. The bush itself is now about 4' high. [When I purchase nursery plants, I rarely buy anything that is in larger than 6" pots. That way, it's cheaper, and if they don't survive because of such things as neglect or insect infestation, I don't feel I'm wasting money.] They do get expensive when someone like me loves to garden and experiment with different flowers! I DO prefer perennials to annuals. That way, they're back year after year!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! I love Shakespeare, and I love roses! The air when outdoors can be so sweet and fragrant! I find myself, ya I do---stopping! To smell the roses!! This particular photo is just after the last of the weekend storms, when the sun peeked out from the clouds...still has raindrops on the petals!!

And this photo is of the same rose as above, only the bloom is full! The name of this rose, when I was at the nursery one day, caught my eye. Why, you ask? Well, it has a special, personal meaning to me. First, I come from a family of rose lovers. My mother's favorite was climbing roses...her special rose was called "Blaze". And my dad? Well, if it were up to him, he would have had nothing but YELLOW roses in our yard!! He so loved yellow roses! I remember one time, when Bud and I took the kids up to Mt. Rushmore for one summer vacation, my dad kept a vigil on our house and went over daily to feed and water our kids dogs! Well, to repay him, we stopped at the local nursery once we got back home---and purchased a new yellow rose plant for him!! He was so pleased!! In fact, he was more happy to see the 'gift' of payment for his services than he was to see us back home, safe! *giggles* Anyway, I do carry on a bit, don't I? Back to the reason for the rose photo and caught my eye, and I had to have it---only 'cause it's name is Tamora! And that is where my mother grew up!!! Tamora!! Reason enough, right?

And last but not least, I just ran out to snap this's just now daybreak, and the plant is in the house shadow still, but I saw PEA's post on photos of her yard, she had one of my mother's favorite plants posted in her blog. Boy, it brought back more memories of my childhood! Along the foundation of our home in Colorado, mom had several of these along the house's east side. And beneath them, the ground cover was filled edge to edge with Lilies of the Valley! What a gorgeous, sweet area of the yard. Even from the open windows, I could smell the lilies' sweet, sweet fragrance. Anyway, as PEA shared with us her plant like my mom's, I left a comment that I have never been lucky enough to find these...exactly like mom's! The ones here in Texas and the same for Arizona, bleeding hearts are totally different, but none-the-less just as pretty! For me, it seems a bit stagnant in growth tho...I planted this when we moved in our home, and I don't think it's grown taller...I assume, by the length of the stemming, it perhaps may be a vining plant. Not sure. Alas, it's not at all like what I grew up with!! I'll continue to shop and search for them when I make my regular trips to the plant nurseries in town!! Here are the one's mom used to have. And yes, I just went out on the 'net and found that the one I purchased, is a vining species of the same name! If you enlarge the photo, you can see that the white part of the blossom IS heart-shaped, and the red spewing out of the center perhaps could be the 'bleeding',


  1. You have a spectacular flower garden!!

  2. The plants in your backyard are stunningly beautiful! Keep posting photos like these and I may just come and sit a spell!!!

  3. Oh your garden looks lovely....I love the bleeding heart....and yes my rose bush is just coming to bloom...I wish I had more....I have one that was planted last year but I didn't like where hubby put it so I up rooted it and moved has green leaves but I don't think it is going to bloom this year...I bought and planted to more rose bushes but the dear are really enjoying I don't think I am going to get any flowers from them either...drat....but again...thank you for the walk in your garden....

  4. Anni,

    Your flowers are really beautiful! I enjoyed this!


  5. Oh Anni, you have such beautiful flowers...I wish I had a fenced in yard so that I could grow flowers all on the inside of it:-) I was so surprised to see your bleeding heart plant...I've never seen that variety before but it's absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for posting it!!!! I wish I could send you a bleeding heart plant like I have since it's the kind your mom loved so much...but I don't think it would survive the week in the mail! lol I'll see if I can find seeds!! I, too, can't get over how much we have in common!! hehe xoxo

  6. Mmm! Your yard is sO delicious! Now I gotta go google that waxwing to see what it looks like! ;)

  7. Beautiful!! I love all the flowers! I have some Boston ferns that are huge outside as well - I guess I just got lucky and put them in the right spot, because I've sure fried my share of ferns, too! I'm in coastal Texas as well - wasn't the weekend washout a bummer? But the flowers and plants sure love it!

  8. Annie,
    What kind of camera do you have? I have a Sony DSC-S70, but it doesn't take close-ups like you do! When I try to take a close-up, it comes out all hazy...??And this is supposed to be an expensive camera, close to a thousand dollars. it was a gift.
    Let me know your make and model! I would love to take pics of my flowers and hummingbirds and wild canaries.
    I love your pics.