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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

In 1519, a Spanish Explorer, Alonzo Alvarez de Piñeda, 'discovered' the bay of Corpus Christi. Three hundred years afterward, a trading post was established by Colonel Kinney...hence before 1852 when the town was established and named as it is today, it was called Kinney's Trading Post. In Spanish, Corpus Christi means "the body of Christ".

Yet, before the Kinney's Trading Post was built, in the early 1800's, a famed pirate, Jean Lafitte, was known to pillage and plunder the ships of the said bay. But, in 1812, Lafitte and his pirate band aided General Jackson and his troops and was given a presidential pardon for his crimes of piracy.

And Lafitte moved his band of men and made 'headquarters' in the area. For this romanticized fable, we now celebrate "Buccaneer Days" annually here in the city.

Buccaneer Days, locally known as "Buc Days" is a three day celebration. The first was held in 1938; to celebrate the naming of the city and it's discovery. The first Friday of June in 1938 ---there was a parade, with the crowning of a King and Queen of the Buc Days. Today, it's now an historical event held in the Spring.

Tho at one time in early celebration it was mainly the pirate days and depicting how Corpus Christi was 'discovered' and celebrated as a city and its founding---it has grown off beat in some ways, but still a celebration of history. Along with pageantry it's also a time for PRCA pro rodeos, carnivals, bbq challenges, and numerous other events.

But the queen and king and ball still remain, celebrating the swashbuckling history of our area! Above, in the two photos, is the first queen's gown of the 1938 Buccaneer Days.

The other day, hubby and I walked around the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. Here, in the museum, you can view this glassed in display of the first Queen's Gown of 1938's Buccaneer Days.

Buccaneer Days 2007


  1. Buccaneer fascinating. I bet the town of Corpus Christi lets its hair down well and truly! What fun.

  2. Buccaneer Days. thanks for the history lesson.Oh that dress would have been soooo heavy to wear.its looks like a good time is going to be had by all in Corpus Christi..