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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

My list for Thursday 13
~What I miss about childhood---

1) The innocence
2) Hopscotch --oh how I loved this game!
3) Being spoiled by my dad!
4) Having water fights while doing dishes - fun, fun, FUN! I used to get a soaking, but ohhhh, it was worth it 'cause I got my big brother in trouble all the time!! [You see, he was supposed to 'know better']
5) Playing house --yep, I actually had dolls & of course I was the mommie!! Even back then, my 'kids' misbehaved for me *snorts*!!
6) Family vacations with parents!
7) The last school bell of summer!
8) Remember jacks? I was good at this too....
9) Shopping for new clothes - y'all know how fast a kid can grow. This was my staging in life for the love of a new pair of shoes, etc!!
10) Sharing a room with my big sister --[and the secrets we still remember and share even today].


Finally! The fourth of four frames is completed for the newly painted walls in our living room. The other three 'identical' [identical as in size and form] can be seen here, and here.

This drawing of mine is of a Native American profile of sorts. I have always been interested in the bone structure of the Natives...the high cheek bones, the formation of the nose, and the wistful, yearning, somewhat sadness 'feel' I experience when I look in the eyes. Trying to make him look tired and worn from a long hunting expedition, I made him unshaven, yet still 'fearless' looking. He also has some 'rank' as he has eagle feathers in his hair - just above the left ear lobe, dropping down over his shoulder/neck area. I drew this with pencil and a sketch pad years ago, and it's been stuffed [along with many others] in my portfolio. At last it's framed.

[click to enlarge]


  1. I would love to see more of your drawings. Many years ago I liked to sketch in pencil and charcoal, but it seems I had more time on my hands then.
    My grandson is Cree..he's a beautiful Indian boy. One day I will post his picture. Very soulfull eyes.
    I love the joke[on the other page] I'll have to tell my sons for sure.

  2. Annnnnnnni! How wonderful! Your drawing is inspiring. Now, where can I find the other 3 I missed?

    Big Hugz!

  3. Hi Annie,...We would have been best friends growing up ...I loved Hopscotch and Jacks too....Plus jump rope, with all of the songs we made up ...Your art work is great.Thanks for sharing.I have not done any posting for Thursday.I was busy at the hospital doing pre-oper stuff for Surgery on Monday. Baba

  4. Our childhoods sound so similar we did many of the same things. hopscotch,jacks,jump rope, double dutch, vacations with my family, sharing a room with my little sister, playing house, and my big brother getting in trouble...last bell ring of summer too...those were the days..
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane...
    I enjoyed your TT!
    Mine is up too

  5. I LOVED jacks! And oh, the innocence......

  6. I didn't realise you are an artist, Anni! Have you been holding out?

    Seriously, that picture of the Indian is seemed to have caught his weariness perfectly.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. hootin,
    where's the 3 other items for Thursday 13? was it bubble gum, skipping rope or skipping school? sure it wasn't spin the bottle?
    Your fans have a right to know!
    I still hopscotch and skip rope with my 9 yr old grandchild...but slower.

  8. You're really talented, not only in the drawing, but in the framing part too! It fits so very well together! Wow. Quite a unique piece. Feel proud :-)

  9. Your Native American Indians drawings and frames are great! I love them all!