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[aka -Runzas]

This recipe is something that has been handed down in my family, and of course, I 'modernized' it for the convenience of the bread dough...my mom and grandmother always made their own bread.....
Me? I buy the frozen bread dough! LOL In the long run, it's less expensive.

But, it's a delicious and easy entree, for lunch or dinner.

1 pound fresh ground meat [turkey or ground beef chuck] *
1 small white onion [chopped]
1/2 cup beer
Black Pepper
1/2 head of green cabbage [coarsely chopped]
1 lb. frozen bread dough [thawed]
1/4 cup melted butter

350 degrees oven temperature
two cookie sheets [greased or sprayed with non-stick PAM]

First, you brown your meat and chopped onion. I used ground turkey. [*my grandmother and mother used leftover shaved beef roast] Once the ground meat is browned thoroughly, I add one half cup of beer! [The alcohol cooks out of it, and gives a really 'special' flavor!

Add chopped cabbage and 1/2 cup beer

add black pepper and stir to coat meat, cabbage and onion

reduce heat, and cover....allowing mixture to cook more thoroughly and cabbage and onion to become soft, translucent--

When cabbage is limp, then remove from heat to cool.

In the meantime, divide the 1 lb bread loaf [thawed] into eight 'biscuit' sized balls

...with your hands, flatten each 'biscuit' to about 4 inches in diameter. Add about 1/2 cup of meat [USING A SLOTTED SPOON SO JUICES CAN DRAIN], onion and cabbage mixture and fold dough over the mixture. Pinch dough to secure tightly.
[Note: if your mixture is too hot, the dough will split from the heat and make it very difficult to fold without breaking open!]

Place your meat pockets -- the runzas on the prepared cookie sheets, allowing room for rising, cooking dough--- Bake until nicely browned. Baste finished runza [kraut burgers] with melted butter...giving them a beautiful finish.

Serve hot! I love 'em with yellow mustard dipping sauce. Dill pickle slices
* *Cinnamon applesauce really compliments the burgers
and french, oven baked fries.

* *Cinnamon applesauce is easy...
Large jar of prepared applesauce--
Cinnamon red hot candies--
Give the candies about a day to dissolve....so, add your red hots to your applesauce in the morning [or better yet, the night before] ---You will have a wonderful 'cinnamony' pink applesauce ---and can be served as a cold side dish, or heated!!


  1. This looks like a really fun recipe..Michael and I will have to try this!!!

    Dont forget Amy's Random Thoughts is having a blogging scavenger hunt starting May 1st. Prizes to be announced later this week.

  2. Mmmm... those do sound good! I LOVE cooked cabbage! I would forgo the butter though. I'll have to try this! Thanks Anni!

  3. Anni,....You are making me hungry and I have not had my breakfast yet!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us. Baba

  4. Interesting - I've never even heard of Runza before... but I have heard of Kraut and Burgers LOL

  5. Anonymous5/18/2007

    I loved the photos!! Great Saturday photo hunt!!

  6. Anonymous5/19/2007

    I'm not a fan of kraut, but those look really good!

  7. What the heck are runzas? I'm sure they must be delicious if you went to the trouble to make them

  8. Anonymous5/19/2007

    Oh, my, now you've waken up the hungry monster - ME!!!

    Those sounds and look delicious. Never heard the name of it before either.


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