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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


So, being a wordless day, can we talk?
Seems that the blogroll still hasn't added my blog and I've asked several times to be included. Dunno if I should continue or not. I do like to do the blogrolls, but yet when I think about it, it really takes a lot of time in my day to visit those on the list----even half! In other wordless thoughts---should I or shouldn't I? Does she or doesn't she? Only her keyboard knows for sure.

Anyhooo--the picture above is one of our roses in our back yard. I can't remember what the 'brand name is'....something like tutti fruiti or something similar. Needless to be wordless here since I've blabbed on and on and on....don'tcha just love roses in winter?


  1. Beautiful!!! It takes someone special to grow this beautiful thing!! My WW is up!! You dont have to visit everyone!! It is just the fun of it!! Sandy

  2. That sure is a pretty rose! I love the color too.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I didn't get to play today, but that is a beautiful rose.
    Have a great week...:)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous - my roses never look that nice!

  5. Lovely, lovely!! Roses are my weakness..I miss them so much during the long winters up here. We have a real short growing season so I don't get much time to enjoy them.

    Hope I'll still be able to grow them in Florida. I've heard pros and cons about them down there. Ah well - they'll be lots of other flowers that will do well, I'm certain.

    This looks like a Tropicana rose to me, but it's alittle tough to tell. Does it have a pretty scent?Tropicanas have a real heady, pungent smell.