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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


What's in a name?

Considering our family has strong family roots, our daughter was named after my mother.. I'm not that privileged. Ya wonder why? Anni's meaning is from the Baby Names . My name is rare. You gotta be kiddin' me?!! Well, I'd say perhaps medium well....but hubby would probably beg to differ.

Anni is a rare variant of Ann. Which is Hebrew in origin. And means, favored grace. Ha! A misnomer indeed. I'm quite the klutz, so the grace part is out. And favored? I haven't meant anyone yet that would favor me over a rare steak OR anything.

Now hubby's nickname is Bud--ever since he was a kid. This is of English origin. Middle Ages even!!! Ya, he's my knight in tarnished armor alright!! And even back then, in the good ol' days of yore, it meant what we know today. Brother, or short term for Buddy!

Well, our Christian names are certainly not nearly as Irish as they should be! But our surname is!! From way back. In Ireland. At least we got that part of Irish right.

Our daughter was named Irene. It's Greek in origin meaning peace! Guess she was misnamed also. Lord have mercy---the only time she was 'peaceful' was when she was an infant. From about 2 on..........look out!!!

Then there is our 2nd born and last. Erik. When he was born, his hair was so blond it was white. A toehead, just like me. And I have always loved the name Eric. But I wanted it a bit different. So instead of the 'c' I changed it to a 'k'. But either way, his name is still Scandinavian in origin. Meaning, complete ruler!! I think it is quite fitting for the man that he's grown to be. The original form, Erik, is of Danish kingdom. (nine kings to be exact).

[click for larger view]

But, funny thing, ol' Anni carries this a bit farther. Naturally. Okay, our fur babies. The most recent kitties to grace our household are Tahoe and Winston. Tahoe came first. And, since we're out hootin' around a lot during the day, we decided it's time to get our little baby a companion (oops,------have you seen how BIG our little kitty is? Seems she doesn't want our Winnie to get fat on his honey-----so, she gobbles hers then wallows in HIS dish too!---Hence our Tahoe is not so little).

So, to the humane society I go. Strollin' through the halls lookin' into the cages, of course I want each and every one of the kitties. But, that's just it. Most were kittens! And being the old duffers that we are, we needed and wanted to adopt an older cat. They almost always never get chosen. And that's sad. As I go galavantin' up and down the aisles; one small cat with blue eyes like the Caribbean sea is lookin' right at me through the bars, and weakly meowed.

I melted right then and there. I couldn't resist. Went and got Tahoe registered in the county since we'd only been in the area less than a year's time, and all shots updated and drove back on my trusted steed to load little adoptive into my saddlebag and off we rode. Into the sunset. Livin' happily ever after.

We named our youngest member, Winston. He's purebred persian. And his pudgy face that's mustachioed, reminded me of Winston Churchill. Note these days I now don't wear too much black---white long hairs all over our humble sod hut!!

Okay, now....where was I? Oh yes. Names. Since I'm talkin' cats I'll look up the meanings of their names.

Tahoe: from the Washoe Indian Tribe the name Tahoe: "It stems from the Washoe Indian 'Tache' (Much Water) plus 'Dao' (Deep or Blue Water) and is the name that should rest upon its waters.

Then, our other baby -Winston: from the old English its meaning is "joyful stone". You don't suppose our Winston could actually skip over Much Water do you? (like skipping stones?) Now that's a thought!!!

Come to think of it---Ms. Much Water does sound like the flood gates have burst wide open when she's at her litter tray!!! Okay, so I did good with her name also.

And last but not least, my Thursday thought: Just


SID ERVIN (Starday 147, 1954- TEXAS)

Who put the turtle in Myrtle's girdle
She'll kill him if she ever gets a chance
'Cause if she ever catches him
I know she'll make a mess of him
She'll wind up putting ants in his pants

Now, not so very long ago, you never heard such carryin' on
Screamin' and a-holloring in fierce
Now, it went down in history about this great big mystery
The mystery I'm talkin' about is this


The doggone dog who done it wasn't looking for romance
Well, maybe all he wanted was to see ol' Myrtle dance
But if that's what he wanted, he sure did make her go
She crossed ten miles of cornfield, fourteen foot of snow


If we lay poor ol' Myrtle accros the Rio Grande
With her feet way down in Mexico, head in Texas sand
We'd mark a spot with a great big X right where we shouldn't order
That doggone thing had bit her, right south of the border


It was me who put that turtle in poor ol' Myrtle's girdle
Well, you better keep on running while you can
'Cause if she ever catches him
I know she'll make a mess of him
And he don't want no ants in his... pants


I'm feelin' a bit under the weather today--
stuffed up feeling and sore chest--
a cold's comin' on to be sure!!


  1. no - you're not allowed to be sick. My sister swears by a bit of lemon juice with some ceyanne pepper to help the vitamin c absorb. (bleck)

    My name means "a song" in Latin. :)

  2. Well hello after all of that!! smile!! My TT is up but not near as much fun as that was!! My name Sandra means "helper of mankind"..what a job I have had all of these years. I love the pictures of your furry family.

  3. My oh my oh my... how your mind does wander! LOL! Well... I've misplaced my Baby Names book ... but I bet we can figure out what my FIRST given name means... huh?

  4. well, I don't know what my name means...but you got me wondering...and what about my twins name? It's actually Rebecca & you have me very curious! Feel better gettin sick now!

  5. We got a kitty Winston too!

    Thanks for visitin' me TT!

    I usually run about 45 mins but really slow. I try to go 3 times a week and four is a bonus. If I go more than that I find I start to get bobos. It's terrible to be getting old!! LOL