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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


DRINK UP me bleedin' hearties....yo ho!!
Well, it really BLOGGLED**my mind this time.
The garden section of our newspaper put the salt on the margarita glass!! I didn't lose the shaker of salt after all.

I thought the liquor cupboard was goin' dry for some unknown reason, an unexplainable phenomenon....I was secretly blamin' it all on our kitties!!!! I figur'd the two of them had partied hearty while we advanced to go and collected our $200 and went shoppin' around the corner by Park Place!!

Butcha know somethin'? It was NOT the kitties. I so must go apologize to our fur babies. The lushes that they are! Here I thought their agile positions of lickin' their butts was all because of the missin' vodka....but no, I stand corrected!

*shruggin'* They actually lick their butts clean and then lick their chops 'cause the little boogers like the taste? Whoa!!! Nelly!!! A concept I can't fathom. Wonder why Purina hasn't come out with butt flavored munchy kitty treats? Butt--- this is not the point right now.

Our garden flowers are the drunkin' culprits!! Whooohoo! I'da never guessed. But it's true....and, here's the 80% proof of it all-----

©2006 - Caller Times (article cut from home delivery)

....and wise flowers they are!! The weak stuff remains fermentin' & chillin' in the STILL, FRIDGE... -as you read the article, you'll notice that beer and wine just don't work! -[and here I thought the white dusty film on the garden soil was mold. It's my shaker of salt!! The remnants of the daffy dills' tequila binges.]

And [pausing to reflect a bit] Sunday, I just may have t' write up on intelligent peckers!!!


**Oh, and bloggled the mind? That's my new word. I put it in my own def-nishun of hootenanny!!
BLOGGLED: verb---to show ones points of mind-bogglin' instances by puttin' it into her blog. i.e., This story of Ms. Anni just bloggled the mind!! circa. 2007


  1. Woman! I think you got yore HEAD stuck in that kettle of moonshine! LOL!

  2. LOL!!!! This is the reason I am a dog lover. Wait...dogs licker...erm, never mind. :)

    Can I have what you are drinking? (grin)

  3. Well that could be a good new flavor butt...Oh I mean but where would they get that flavor from..well lets not go there.
    Glad you liked my folding sheets thingy...I was just showing you how on the floor(which was at Tootsie's and she has no furry animals)...just a husband!! smile. I love hanging my sheets out too but we live in an association now and it is not allowed!! Stupid people!! Thanks for stopping by. Sandy

  4. Oh, this is great! I definetely want to add you to my blogroll...please say you dont mind?

    Dang, I KNEW my flowers looked drunk this past spring ;)

  5. Hi hootin'annie ~~ Nice to meet you and I am glad you liked my site. I hope to be able to post normally soon
    as I have been having trouble getting
    a post on the last few days. Thank you for your sympathy and kind words about my cousin and my site. I, too,
    get sick of hearing and reading about Angelina and as for making her into
    a virgin, that is a laugh. I hope to see you again. Take care, Cheers, Merle.

  6. I know that I sure could use a little tip to keep me standing straight! :)

    BTW, thanks for the email. However, I almost couldn't find you, cuz there are 2 hyphens in your blog name. Did you do that on purpose to keep me from finding you. :)