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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It's raining.....
It's pouring.....
the old man is snoring!!!

Boy howdy, the rains are heavy this morning.
It's a good day to keep the computer off for power surges
(ya, I know I have a surge protector, but even with them,
I lost 2 computers that way in Arizona's electrical storms...
I'm not taking any more chances!!)

So, I started a new crochet project that I've had in mind to begin now about a week or two, and it's flowing along nicely...
This is what I've accomplished in the last hour or so.

Now keep those moisturizing soaking rains a 'coming!! We need 'em so badly!! I'll not complain one iota!!

It will be a vest!


  1. Oooooo! PRETTY! What's it gonna be?

    Got your comment in my blog! And I DO agree -- comparitively speaking I would definately "enjoy" the busies more than you would! I can't even stand the thought of ALL my kids living away from me! I can stand the thought of NONE of them living in MY house though!!! ... and ... I would never in a million years have thought you WOULD be racial ... or ... prejudiced, I guess. NEVER. Nope. Woulda never entered my mind! Do sOMe people THINK you ARE?

  2. No, not that I know of anyway. I just had a difficult time thinking of something that no one would KNOW --those who knows me. And racial came to mind first. LOLOLOL

    AND it's gonna be a vest.

  3. Lovely color. Wish I had your energy!!! I used to crochet years ago....I should get back to it. I love handmade things.

    Gotta go look for something for PhotoHunt tomorrow...

    Have a wonderful weekend..This one came around fast, didn't it?

  4. I should get a surge protector. I would hate to lose a computer due to power surges.

    That looks like a pretty project. Very creative. Have fun!