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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

When I was a teen, in my youthful days (and I might add my ornery days!), I was told to do certain things and NOT do certain things. Especially while attending school.

In school, unlike home, I could be a rebel. Ya, mother had many meetings with the counselors, I admit. Like I said....a rebel.

And this school tower was off limits!

Of course, back then, when the 'autorities' told us kids we weren't allowed up there, naturally.......we found a way. At one time, an old school bell that was from a one-room prairie school was moved to the 'brand new' school and placed in the tower. Somehow in days before I attended, the bell was stolen. How and who, I don't know --to us kids, it was never revealed. In fact, now that I'm older could it have been a 'prank reason' to tell us that no one is allowed up there? I don't's all history now.

Anyway, a few of us, found a trap door above our lockers and stairway. We knew that that was the entry way to the bell tower!! It just had to be. And only inches away from the top of the metal lockers that were along the hallway walls.

And our school always had extracurricular activities goin' on after school and nights after big games held in the gym or on the football field.


This was our chance to explore. Since the halls were vacant and open during games -- and at that time, no patrolling 'cause we were trusted----a bunch of us had made plans to climb up to the tower.

With our permanent markers and pocket knives in our jeans on top of the lockers ---Larry was his name(really cute!!)...he was the tallest of our 'gang' and could reach the hatch! And with no lock on it, he got it opened for us---each of us was either hoisted (some of the guys got up on their own) up the lockers and pulled up by Larry---into the tower.

A few steps on the stairway, and we found ourselves on the platform--looking up to the spot where a bell was either once hanging---or an area FOR a bell!! Looking through the gables we could see forever above the treetops into the night---stars everywhere. If we weren't up to mischief, it really could have been a romantic spot. But no---------

We were there to leave our mark. But wait, don't panic. It was nothing like 'gang graffiti' or anything like that. We just wanted to put our names up there. Ya know, like carving initials in a tree to announce your love for one? Very small and hidden under crevices to remain unnoticible to the human eyes.

Whispering and giggling at the same time, and one keeping an eye on the opening below us, we scrolled with our knives and marked over with the thin tipped felt pens to darken the names, climbed down, shut the hatch, went out into the dim lighted hallway and into wash our hands of evidence of where we had been!--------------

All without being caught. And as far as I know our names are still there!!!

NOW---at my age, I wouldn't dream of marring such a beautiful structure. But in a way, I'm still proud to know my name is permanently scrolled on something historic. Like JOHN HANCOCK!!! And who knows? The kids that 'stole' the bell coulda easily been one of my brothers since they too were rebels away from the home environment!!! But, they'd never tell me even if it was them!!!

(the school is 120 years old this year!!!) Still in use by the local school district.



  1. I never did anything like that. I guess you could say I was a good kid all the way around. Never did TP anything but really always wanted too. I knew that I would get caught. Never skipped school. But your adventure sounds fun. Glad you did not get caught though. My Monday Memory is up..go check it out if you have the time. Samdy

  2. Hootin&#39; Anni1/08/2007

    I was, let's put it this way...a LOT more adventurous when I was a teenager than I am now. And like my mother always said ---"What goes around, comes around"....BOTH my kids were pistols in school too. So I got 'paid back' raising ours. :o)

  3. I've never been that daring...but, when I first met my husband, we went to a park near his house in Kentucky and he carved our initials into a tree...that was almost 6 years ago. When we went back to that same park last thanksgiving, someone had chopped down the tree, but not all the way down, they cut it like 2" above where hubby carved our names. I took that as a sign to mean that we'll be together always :)

  4. Wow - this sounds so out of "character" for you...LOL...I must admit I was always afraid of getting in trouble at school. Not because I didn't want to be adventurous at times, but because I feared my mother. She was the disciplinarian at our house and I still try not to incur her wrath even today....(just kidding!) She's mellowed ALOT with age - or maybe I have????

    I was a "studier" in school...I was always an overachiever and used to vie with another girl in my class for top grades. She ended up being the salutatorian of our class. I graduated 20th. Out of 525 kids, I don't think I did too badly.

    I'm glad you had fun in school. Being a kid is the best part of our lives, for once we grow up we have no excuse to act stupid!

    Good post!
    Hugz to ya...

  5. Anni! You are ALMOST as bad as me with my hood ornaments! Almost...
    LOL! Your brothers STILL would not admit to it -- even TODAY??? Oh, in MY family all the mischief came out when we got to be "up in years" -- my brothers were demons! And one sister had her share of harmless mischief... she liked to go crawling through sewers with HER friends! YUK! But these are the stories that are TOLD when we all get together! Nothing is hidden at THIS stage of the game. ... i don't THINK! LOL!

  6. not YOU! *gasp* I can't believe you did that. :) But then, I won't be telling you all the stories of the crazy things I did. :)

    Thanks for the Hawaii tips. I'll never get all the things in I want to do!