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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

courtesy of Yahoo News© 2007 January 11, 2007

An associated press writer has issued a story on Yahoo today.
Espionage coins?

I admit, I'm a down home country gal who will admit that all things going on in land security and issues of our safety these days just bloggles* the mind. I once again must ask what it's all about. And how, if there IS such a thing (which I'm not doubtin') --how on earth are they being used? I mean really, if the carrier is not aware he/she actually has a coin (be they contractors or not, like the statement reads)...I'm thinking, first of all: Dollar coins in the USA are rare anyway. (and the article states they are in fact, Canadian coins, but the photo clearly shows us UNITED STATES OF AMERICA). And another thought here---first of all, there has to be someone MINTING these coins to get it the correctness of the metal along with getting it the same weight. Hmmmmmmmm. But, secondly, if one is in ownership of such a coin, it's all that possible that they can go to the corner Circle K and buy a cup of java with it!!


Or, if it isn't the case, what do these spies do? Put the coin in the federal contractors' pockets or hands and tell them it's a special coin----don't use it? Huh? *scratchin' head in confusion*

So, here the coin is sitting in the cash drawer at Circle K and someone buys 4 dollar lottery tickets...hmmmmm, the clerk not liking the idea of having to count the odd coin when he closes his register to leave from his shift---he asks if the store patron would like a silver dollar.

"YES! My kid collects coins"...

Okay, so in the pocket it goes, on it's way home to some unknown child who has a spy coin? And it will track the actions of his play time, study time, school time, or going to visit the Lunch Lady Land around noon.....

What does this all mean? How would it be efficient for the Canadians to spy on American contractors, if it's a spendable American coin?

I don't get it.
*explaining my "bloggles" verbage linked above.


  1. Well ... as the spokeswoman says ... it IS a sanitized version. I have no doubt that the coins exist -- but how they're being used once distributed ... I have no idea. It does seem like they would have a HIGH chance of falling into "innocent" hands -- unless someone is following the coin to make sure what happens to it -- but that sort of defeats the purpose of the coin - huh? I dunno!

  2. I have not the slightest???? Thanks for stopping by!! Thanks for your comments...I have always had a very low self esteem so for me to be happy with myself is something that is so wonderful in my life!! I have come a long!! smile..Sandy

  3. i would think that the inherent "Canadian" would explain. :) ha ha. just kidding. Happy Friday!