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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

....and speaking of roses(below in my not so wordless wednesday), I love to garden. But this ground here in Texas is just soooooooo odd! Really clay-like and when it's dry like this past summer with the drought and all....hard as a rock!!!

I've added sand to the soil in the flower beds which seems to have helped some. But oh, what weird stuff. And the earth shifts in Texas. No, ya!!! It does. And it seems to do it in 'seasons'.

We have embedded a soaker hose around the entire perimeter of the house's foundation. And we turn on the soaker hose twice a week, to keep the ground around the foundation from pulling away from the house. If not done, the foundation will eventually 'settle' and then the whole house in the area the dirt pulls away---well, the house will 'crack'!!! Yep, boy howdy, I've seen some really bad foundations around here. You go indoors and the walls are pulling apart...toilets are lop-sided and we all know that water seeks it's own level...y'all don't wanna flush if the john is tipsy!! No sireebob!!

So---to get back to my joy of gardening. I just finished cleaning out the one rosebed and it looks super good. Until the gulf winds begin to pick up and more debris flies in from the neighbors. Then, it's back out and with my trusty pitch fork...pokin' away at papers and plastic and who knows what else will show up.

I will have to go out another sunny day and clean out my hibiscus garden too...get them trimmed down some and allow them to get a bit more 'bushy'!!

I noticed the fire ants are coming out too!!! Goody. They're nasty boogers. And I swell like an ocean toad if one deems it necessary to bite off a chunk of me.

I'd sure hate to be staked on an ant hill and left to die. What torture.


  1. Wow, I got in some kind of loop trying to get to comments, and now I'm tryin to remember what I wanted to say ... Oh yeah, about the Texas dirt and "shrinkage". I grew up in Dallas, where it's really bad. I live outside Houston, and the soil is better ...comparatively speaking. Your rose is beautiful. Antique roses do okay for me, but anything with a pedigree does not thrive in my yard. And as for the fire ants -- I have a place on my wrist that has been swollen for 6 months from an ant bite. The dermatologist tried to fix it, but failed. Nasty little creatures, aren't they!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. AAAAGH! What would even make you THINK such a thing??? How awful!

    Yea... we've got really CRAPPY soil around here too... it's clay ... and it's like living in a rock quarry! I think this is part of the reason I've never gotten really IN to gardening -- cuz I can't get ANYTHING to grow for more than ONE season! (if that!)

    You could (or I could) always pay somebody thousands and thousands of dollars to come dig up your whole yard and replace it with a good fertile LOAM type soil! You could always do that! :-D