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vote for best "sports" "news" and "space" photo for 2006

Agassi's Farewell, Blue Ribbon Biceps, and When Galaxies Collide (all property of MSNBC News ©2006 - used for providing voting link) I do this every year to participate.


  1. Love these - especially the one of the galaxies. So beautiful!

    Hubs and I decided to brave the mall today and see if we can score some bug discounts (LOL)...not that we need anything, but we got a bunch of giftcards and I want to use them before they either expire or start accruing monthly fees...that happens in PA....

    Wish us luck! Hopefully we missed the crowds!

    Stay well, my friend!

  2. Of course I meant BIG discounts...need to proofread alittle better..hehe....

    BTW, I posted something for WW today too.

    You'll laugh!

  3. Great shots! Thanks for sharing the link and I'm happy a tennis player was displayed.

  4. Hi, belated Merry Christmas, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I'm enjoying yours.

    Ann (aka granny)

  5. this ia a HOOT

    Thanks for stopping by, and for making my day!

    Happy New YEaR

  6. Hi! Very interesting blog you have here. Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary and guessing about my sculpture. You correctly identified the place so I gave you a link in my explanation post.

    Have a great New Year!

  7. The boys picture is great :)...Thank you for sharing.

    And again I am sorry I didn't stop by Wednesday...