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Cosmic Crisp and Completed Crochet Craft

... finished the gnome...

Two days of rain and below normal temperatures kept me indoors for the most part.  I crocheted.  It was more difficult than it looked on the pattern website. In fact, I followed the directions, and found there were several errors and the individual rounds didn't come out. I ripped out my stitches and began again, making sure I did the stitch count according to the instructions. Still, it didn't work out. I tried again, and a 4th time, then...gave up, and using the photo of the gal's finished gnome, I did my OWN pattern stitches and it worked. Just okay, but it worked. I also added arms and mittens, plus inserting a thin wire in the hat to make it 'bumpy-bulky' and bendable. It's done. Honestly, I'd much rather BUY them already made. lol

 * * *

I also played my own personal allotted  hour on the laptop, designing a new blog themed wallpaper/background and header for 2020.  Will put it up after Christmas of course.  I'm hoping to go for a more simplistic photo frame and a more monotone [black and white] theme for next year.  Perhaps it'll be less distracting with a too busy header and photo frames.  Waiting to test it out and see if it's a visual improvement.   Bud and I also worked on a new jigsaw puzzle now that the extra bedroom has been set back to normal after Erik's visit....we were able to set up the puzzle table this week.  The puzzle is Thomas Kinkade's Nativity [1000 pcs.] and we have 872 pieces yet to 'patch' together to complete. 

* * *

A couple of weeks ago, on the national news, there was a segment on a NEW variety of apple. From Washington state. It has taken twenty years of research and developing the fruit. And it's exclusively exported from Washington for now. I imagine, eventually, the trees will be grown elsewhere. Anyway, I've been waiting to see them in our local produce at grocery stores around town. Wednesday, I had to stop at the store on the way home, and was picking out a couple of bananas and noticed THE apple! They're huge!! About the size of a small grapefruit...supposed to last in the refrigerator for a year, crisp and juicy, tart and sweet. I haven't tried it yet for a taste test, but the apple seems like a perfect specimen. I do like the more tart, tangy apple instead of the mealy, sweet. Only time will tell. Oh and by the way...for now at least, they ARE expensive. Here in Texas $3.67 a pound. My two apples I picked out were nearly $7.00!!!  The name, which is the blog title today, Cosmic Crisp, is reportedly ...

"Out of this World" good.

ADDENDUM:  Bud and I split one apple in half Thursday for lunch.  I must say I've never tasted an apple so delicious.  The meat is white and remains so without "browning" after it's cut like most apples do.  The flavor is like a fine wine...seriously.  And ever so juicy and crisp.  More on the tart side without much sweet.  Awesome.  It's gonna be the only apple I buy from now on for snacking.  [too costly for pie.  lol]   Did I mention that the apple will remain refrigerator fresh for up to a year?

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  1. We must try this apple! But being in a small town, we tend to get new things much later than most other places. I love your gnome! You apparently have much more sense than whoever wrote the pattern. We don't even attempt 1,000 pieces, we would never be able to do them.

  2. Your gnome is so cute. That's frustrating when a pattern doesn't work out and you have to keep tearing things out and starting over.
    WOW on the price for that apple but impressive that it will last up to a year in the refrigerator. It's also impressive that it doesn't get brown when you cut it. That is pretty expensive for an apple but since it's good then its worth it

  3. Hello, I will have to try this apple. So far, my favorite are the honey crisp.
    Your gnome is cute. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  4. I've seen the hype over this apple. We usually buy Galas or sometimes others, but that price tag sounds prohibitive for the Cosmic Crisp! I'll have to try one, though, now that you've made me curious. :-)

  5. Your persistence to produce the crocheted gnome with cute hat is admirable! Well I'll be long gone by the time our local orchards will have trees mature enough to produce those apples. We'll stick to the Apple Crisp and Macoun varieties because I would never pay that much for an apple, even though it would last long time. Cosmic Crisp is not for us. Glad you had the experience of enjoying it, and have told us all about its deliciousness and other features.

  6. the gnome is cute and I would agree if it were me, that buying is better than making. mother would love to try the pattern.. I did at one time learn to make a chain stitch, but never was able to make anything but a potholder and can't remember how I did that. I love crisp tart apples, but don't like the fact it will last a year. that is not natural and man is always trying to improve what is natural. we have tomatoes that last 2 weeks and do not taste like tomatoes. at least this apple taste good, so that is a good thing. I once paid 7.00 for a bag of grapes, so would have no trouble with that part. I mean people pay 7 dollars for a half gallon of ice cream so why not apples. mother once put a head of lettuce back because it was 99 cents. I pointed to here 3.00 box of ice cream and said what? that was many years ago and if she saw the prices now she would faint

  7. Good for you for persevering on the gnome, and making it work. I wouldn't have a clue!

  8. The size of the apple put me off unless I save it for company but your description of the taste has me curious. If I see one, I will get it. Thanks.

  9. I think your finished crochet project looks good. No I'm wondering if I can find that kind of apple around here.It's doubtful, but I will be keeping my eyes open for them.

  10. Your gnome is so cute!
    The apple sounds amazing. I'll be watching for them.

  11. Well, he is awfully cute! Even if he was "a pain" to make! -smile-

    A brand new apple. Hmmmm.... Guess I am too old fashioned to like something, which took so many years, of lab research, to produce. Just doesn't sound natural. Even all the "perks" of it, do not sound natural.

    But that's just my view!


  12. Well done!!! I look forward to you new format! Have a wonderful week!

  13. That apple sounds delicious...I will be watching for it. Right now I would give that for some good Jonalicious...we had some at work that were just sooooooooo good...They were so crispy, more tart than the sweet. And they kept good. But I never see them anywhere....and they cut the trees down cause they were getting old, and even when I worked there, they did not produce good but about every other year. Yet you can see Jonagold everywhere here...and I wouldn't take 3 Jonagold for one Jonalicious.



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