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Sunday Morning Breakdown....Part II

To continue with my Sunday walk along the city's seawall, I stopped in the previous post. when I mentioned the church bells resonating through the area. Tho Corpus Christi is a bit farther south than the "Bible Belt Region", there ARE a lot of churches here.  All kinds of denominations...Christian and otherwise. Along the  stretch on the bluff, from where I walked, I stopped and took photos of the spires and steeples seen through the treetops...

Ironically, along the shore, looking toward the bay, I spotted this. I don't think it's a cross per sé, but most likely constructed for a fisherman's rod and reel. Being on a Sunday tho, I thought 'cross'. Besides I liked the lighting behind the subject; almost poetic...

Okay Sunday is a day of rest [and relaxation]. What better way to relax along the bay than preparing to go out on the water for a leisurely trip in your yacht or fishing on the jetty shaded by the aircraft carrier USS Lexington?

...or sitting on one of the dozens of benches, looking out to the horizon, watching the eternal [always without a beginning or end] motion of the sea breaking only to be swallowed up with the currents and reappear before your very eyes.  Maybe, perhaps,  the activity near the port itself; the shrimp boats, the barges or tugboats?

...and the birds [especially the pelicans] waiting for the return of the shrimp boats for the shrimpers to haul their morning catch back home and dump the netted, unwanted, fishes back into the water for the awaiting clean-up crew?

Of course there are plenty more shorebirds [and grackles and doves] around:

Adult White Winged Dove above, and a White Winged Dove Fledgling.

...I've reached the end of my walk! And depending on how you look at things in life, this is the beginning [or the end] of the interstate highway 37. I take this exit and head back home...

PS: I added the Wedding Kiss photo of my grandson, Dillon and his new bride on my sidebar.


  1. The steeples are all beautiful, especially the last one, with the beautiful tiles. I love the pelicans. And there is even a surprise. The White winged dove. To me, it looks nothing like a dove (long thick turned down beak!). It does not look anything like our Mourning ones. Which Phil calls Doodle Heads. So of course I do as well now.

  2. It's been so nice walking along with you and seeing the sights. I love the one of the boats with the cloudy sky behind.

  3. Hello, great post Anni! I love all the birds. The pelicans are one of my favorite along with the cute baby dove. Congrats to your grandson and his wife. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Such beautiful sights on your walk. Always love your bird shots, and such diversity where you are!

  5. my favorite is the sail boats with the sparkling water, I could sit and stare at that for hours... that is one big mother of a ship....and I like the photo of it... I love doves and pelicans always..

  6. When I read your journal I can feel the ocean breeze.

  7. So many beautiful pics today! And that includes the one of the new couple!

  8. I love walking along the shore and waterfront. I came to find out on my recent trip to the coast that pelicans are big beggers.

  9. Lots of very interesting things to see. Thanks for sharing these views, which I will likely never see in person.

  10. I am honored to be able to view all of these photos and to better understand your interesting locale.

  11. I just adore joining you on your adventures, such lovely captures, and I like the gent sitting in the one photo, caught without knowing it! Best kind of photos! Pure life.