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Come Saturday Morning....

I attended the annual Hawk Watch on Saturday Morning. For three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday [Sept 23-25th] Corpus Christi holds a special event. The Hawk Watch Platform is open year 'round, but the daily count of Hawk Fall Migration begins in August and runs through November 15th. The count this year is up in the thousands. Of course they count ALL birds, but hawks are the major interest.

Saturday's featured talk and exhibit was from Sky King Falconry. And, not ALL were hawks! We had live bird demonstrations....too bad they were cut short and condensed by the threat of heavy rain. Some of the live birds were a Harris Hawk, a Barn Owl, a Laughing Kookaburra, a Falcon [I am waiting for the ID from Sky King to help me before I share the photos I got of the falcon], and yes, even a trained Black Vulture.

Harris Hawk

Barn Owl

Laughing Kookaburra

A couple of times I walked over yonder to the Hawk Observation Platform. In the sky, several Crested Caracaras did a fly over, once at a very long distance, a White Tailed Kite, and several other migrating birds. At ground level, I saw sparrows, hummingbirds, mockingbirds, a green jay, a female cardinal, several doves, kingbirds, kiskadees, woodpeckers, ducks and sandpipers on the pond, and a surprise visit from...

Mo, Larry, and Curly....three Javelinas. [pronounced HAH va LEEN ahs]

- - -

Then, afterward, I got back in the car and since the area of the park was cordoned off for pedestrian traffic, I took the back, circular drive to the river and the two ponds to have a quiet walk around the area...along the river...

...I kept my eye on the storm clouds...

Altho the clouds were ominous at times, and thunder and lightening was close by, only sprinkles came. It felt good. And besides, I enjoy a stormy day. The hot temperatures are much more tolerable when there is cloud cover. After walking as far to the River Kayak/boat ramp, I did a full circle and walked back to where I had parked the car...the Scissortailed Flycatchers lined the power lines and sang their song. At the end of the trek along the river banks, I called it a morning and left with this view in my rear view mirror....


  1. Attending a Hawk Watch is pretty exciting.Those clouds look awesome as well.

  2. Have you read "Wesley the Owl" about a barn owl raised by his special person? I loved it! :-)

  3. Love that ow. The laughing one I've never heard of before. Interesting looking.

    Oh and by the way the vehicle that I climbed into had to have been unlocked. I just assumed when I hit the key I unlocked the door but obviously since it wasn't my vehicle, that wouldn't have worked

  4. Very cool! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The Kookaburra has a crazy laugh. Kind of creepy!

  6. Your Bar Owl photos are awesome! And I love the Kookaburra! Did you hear him laugh? I have never seen or heard of a Javlina. They remind me a bit of warthogs or wild boars.

  7. I loved all the photos! You do such interesting things. I think it's cool how you know your way around the back roads when things get crowded.With all the visitors, you still managed to have a quiet walk.....

  8. That quiet walk sounded so special. Love those shows with the hawks, owls and eagles.

  9. I want to see those Javalinos.. I love anything with 4 feet like you love birds. the owl is amazing and love that laughing kookaburra to. our hawk was around yesterday, I heard the birds all screaming, and then his shriek

  10. That was a very nice and peaceful walk. I did see pink around the barn owl's beak. Never knew that area was pink on them. Please be careful with lightning in the atmosphere!

  11. Wow - amazing shots of the birds!

  12. How wonderful, Anni! Absolutely love the photos of the birds on display, especially that gorgeous Harris Hawk! What a fantastic day!