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If ever you experience this in your lifetime, I hope the best outcome for you!! I'm sure you've read by now that when a woman experiences a heart attack, the symptoms are very different than that with a man's symptoms of doubling over with chest pain. That is correct. At least it was in my case. And I thought I'd share it with y'all so you can be a bit informed from me, one who paid attention to the symptoms, and hopefully, maybe, I can explain, in a layman's terminology, for a quicker understanding...

It started with a bit of tender, worn, muscular tension. Within a half hour the dull, tight-muscle pain radiated to the back, lower-left ribcage. It wasn't excruciating, it was just uncomfortable, like pulled tendons from overworking the area. Before the night was over, I had no chest pain, but the lower back pain, between the bottom of the ribcage and the left hip, remained. Then, more distressed areas...but, still just offensive, nothing like a bending-over, debilitating, pain....the left side under the the left breast...they became tender. And, with massaging, I felt a bit of relief. My upper left arm from the shoulder to the elbow was like sore muscle. No spasms; just felt strained.

I always assumed, wrongly, that if a heart attack is coming on, the pains remained constant and steady...persistent. That's untrue. It will, and can, subside. I went to bed. The pains I had early Saturday evening, around midnight, they returned. Still, it wasn't, at least to me, startling. More or less a bit disturbing. I couldn't get into a comfortable position. Tried going back to sleep on the couch; even the floor. Nothing worked. But, I musta dozed off once again, only to be awakened to a very frightful situation. Not only did the same back, shoulder, arm and front breast pain return, one more symptom was now added to the recipe for heart failure....a cold, clammy, sweat. I tried to dry myself off, and NOTHING would take away the damp, cold skin.

I knew then, a heart attack was coming on...if not coming on, I was perhaps in the middle of HAVING a heart attack!! I woke Bud up, he called 911 - fire truck and ambulance arrived shortly. Within the hour after Bud called, I was informed I was in the middle of an attack, and wheeled into the Cath Lab for the stents to be placed. The particular artery that was fully blocked is dubbed the 'widow maker'...or so I was is on the back of the heart, unseen without the proper instruments of modern technology---yet the EKG performed in the ER showed the cardiologist the blockage.

Now my experience in the Cath Lab...

Heart Artery with partial blockage and stent placement
COLD!! Icy room!!!! The x-ray slab placed under my body was even colder if possible!!! I was freezing, but 99% aware. I stayed awake during the operation for the most part...from the get go of taking the guide wire up through the groin, to the heart; following the 'balloon' that opens the artery and the stents placed on the monitors. I must say, when the last of three stents was placed, the soreness and discomfort WAS GONE...instantly.

Tho, even today, the groin is heavily bruised by the catheter, I feel very well.  I'm sure there will be bouts of anxiety in weeks, months to come.  But for now, the worst is over.  I HOPE!  The road to recovery is a long one, but I pray, with no speed bumps and valleys I can't climb.

Thank you all for the comforting words and prayers extended to me and Bud.  I feel loved!!  By my immediate my extended family - my blogging buddies!!!

I am being cautious for now, taking life easily for a week or more.  I'll be back - God willing.


  1. It is a relief to hear from you Anni. This is a very informative post and will help to understand what a heart attack for a woman is like. Bless you for passing this on as soon as you have because I am assuming you are still in hospital. Thank you so much andI am sending you a big hug and all the healing energies I can muster are heading your way. Please also thank Bud for letting us know what was going on with you. Wishing you good health and a speedy return home.

  2. Hello Anni, I am so happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. This is a great post to help us all to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Now it is time to follow the doctors orders and take good care of yourself.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery..You will be out there birding in no time.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I'm pleased that things are looking positive for you.
    Thanks for this informative post.
    Take care.

  4. Thank you, Annie!!! Wising you the very best and a speedy recovery!!!

  5. You were fortunate. I would not have realized it was a heart attack from those symptoms. So glad it is over and everything went well. Give yourself time and rest. Will be thinking of you and we will be looking forward to your return.

  6. Anni bless your heart for taking the time to post....I am so glad you are on the road to recovery! You take care of yourself...we'll all be here when you are 100% or at least 99.9%
    better. Thank goodness you were at home when all this transpired and not alone....
    God bless you and we''ll keep you in our prayers.
    Love and hugs Cecilia and Madi

  7. Oh gosh, Anni, I am so glad you are ok! Thank you for posting this- a friend of my son in laws just had a heart attack and he went to the hospital, only to be sent home with a diagnosis of GERD! The next morning, he experienced the same symptoms, only worse and he was rushed to a larger town's hospital..Heart attack! I think the symptoms are so hard to diagnose sometimes, for everyone, but especially in women. You are in my prayers, feel better soon!

  8. First of all, Anni, I'm so very happy that your heart is "happy" again!! AND thank you so much for the information! I do admire your courage and wonderful attitude!! Take care and I'll be sending good thoughts your way for a complete recovery SOON!!

  9. So glad you are doing this well and wish you to recover fast. Take care.

  10. Hello Anni!:) What a relief to know you are OK. You have been in my thoughts and prayers, and it's so good to hear from you. Just rest and get better soon. Also thank you for the informative post.
    Take care.

  11. Dear Anni, I am so glad you are recovering. Thank you for sharing how a heart attack may present in women. So many times we just ignore symptoms and try to carry on as usual. I'm thankful you recognized what it was in time. Best wishes for a steady recovery.

  12. It is such good news and I'm so glad I checked in before leaving tomorrow for SC. I have been wondering how you were doing and now you have enlightened not only me, but all of your other blogging friends. Men need also to know about this. Carry on and recover as quickly as your body allows. Thank you very much for this important information.

  13. Oh Anni, I am so glad to hear that you are the mend. Rest up and get well dear lady.

  14. I am SO glad to hear from you! You had me plenty worried! But now here you are back posting, you are a strong woman! I have been praying for you. My heart just sank when I read Bud's post. I am SO glad you are home and doing better! I was so surprised by this, because you are an active person!

  15. SO glad you are doing well enough to post, and sad that you've had to go through this; thank you for sharing this info. with us.
    Take good care of yourself for us, k?

  16. Anni - it's so good to hear from you. Glad you are doing better. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll keep praying for your recovery.

  17. I am glad that you are recovering. What an ordeal you have gone through. And hear you are blogging about it within a few days.

  18. God bless you Anni. I had open heart surgery in 2010 ... triple bypass. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care and take it easy. John

  19. Absolutely wonderful to hear from you so soon Anni. I am thankful for your awareness and all your teaching here. I have felt the cold, clamminess when sick and only once when I was near death due to a bleeding ulcer I did not know I important we listen to our bodies. Take the time you need to heal....

  20. This is just the best news! I am so glad to hear you are going to be all right. And thank you so much for writing all this down. You may save another life through your description of what I would never have recognized as being a heart attack! That cold sweat sounds really scary. Keep on getting well as you are definitely important to a whole lot of people, including me! :-)

  21. Please carry on and get well. Thank you fir sharing your experience. That's a lesson anyibe could learn from.

  22. So glad to hear from you!!! I appreciate you sharing your experience/symptoms. Heart disease runs in my family, though it seems to only affect the males, but you never know. Wishing you a very, very positive recovery.

  23. so glad that all turned out well. One thing is with women that symptoms of heart attacks are often not the usual that you might expect. So glad that you acted on this right away! Hugs from Dallas

  24. Bonne chance et bon courage!

  25. Dear Annie, I've been thinking of you. We now share more than a love of photography and Nature. I only had one stent placed, but my symptoms were also different from the typical. Rest and repair - we are all thinking of you.

  26. Praise God for this post!!! I have been thinking of and praying for you!!

  27. I admit that I came here from a link to your blogt from anther blogger with a bit of morbid curiosity but have left with a wealth of information and respect for you. your attitude should help you mend even more and I am so thankful you are back!!

  28. Am I glad that everything is OK now for you, Anni!
    Yes, please, take your time, take it easy for the
    upcoming time. This was a severe warning, please
    listen to it.
    And thank you for the description about how this
    happened to you. I've heard many different ones, so
    it is always good to know as many as possible.
    I'm not 20 anymore myself ;)
    And now Anni, please go and play couch potatoe,
    you need it and you deserve it!
    Wish you a real quick recovery and many more
    aktive blogging years :))
    Have a slow, but wonderful day

  29. I'm so happy you are home now and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  30. Oh, so good to see this glad you are home. I hope for an uneventful recovery for you....

  31. I am stopping by from Denise's blog. I'm so sorry to hear about your heart attack. I just lost my aunt to a stroke that also subsided so she thought she was OK. I'm very glad you could be treated in time. Thank goodness! I wish you good health from this point on.

  32. Such news to discover as I decide to start visiting blogs again. I'm so glad all is going "well" for you now and you are cautiously improving. I will keep you in my prayers and visit much more often for updates.

  33. Oh Dear Anni, I am so thankful, very thankful that you listened to your body and the warning signs. How frightening, and yet it sounds like you held it together beautifully. Hugs for a very quick and full recovery~

  34. Praise GOD!!! Louis Dean said to tell you that you did a GOOD job explaining this!!! He knows. He has had an experience similar to yours and I am so grateful you both had a good outcome!!!! I have been thinking about you non stop!! THANK you for this blog post!!!
    Just for the record - Louis Dean and I feel like we know you and Bud and I hope you know we love and pray for you guys!!!
    Continued prayers for a FULL recovery!!! The very best place to have a heart attack is in the heart cath lab!!!!

  35. Oh wow! It is so scary that the symptoms are confusing. Thanks for sharing this and take care.

  36. So glad to hear you are doing better, Anni! Having a heart attack must have been very scary. You're in my prayers for a quick full recovery!

  37. Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for posting this info, I am sure it will help someone.

  38. I want to apologize, firstly, because I just read this (March 14th) and realized you have been very unwell! I got behind with everyone, and when I went to connect my post to Bird d'Pot, I saw the heart symbol you placed on your blog, and clicked on it! Thank the good Lord you are all right! I know women have different symproms and I've often wondered if I would realize I was having a heart attack. My son-in-law's mother died in her late 40s from having heart attacks that the Dr. kept assuring her was a pinched nerve in her shoulder! He lost his mother a few years before he met our daughter. It was a senseless loss of life!

    My hubby had a heart attack in 1999 when we were in Texas, and he has four stents. This was probably one of the most frightening things I have ever been through. It changed our lives, since he was allowed to fly anymore after that, and the thought of almost losing him was terrifying to me, and it deepend his depression (already PTSD problems) and has made him have no joy in living. It has been hard for us both, especially since Agent orange has also given him other health issues that he deals with...but it was the beginning of a downhill slope for him when he had the heart attack. Stay active and be thankful for every day you have! Every day is a blessing and a gift! I am so glad they got you to the hospital quickly once you realized what was happening. God bless you!

  39. WASN'T allowed to fly....sorry.

  40. Hi There, I had no idea this had happened to you until I read it on Marie's blog... I am so sorry... We haven't communicated in awhile --but I always enjoy your blog posts. My love and prayers are with you. I'm sure that was a very scary experience for you. Glad you got to the hospital in time.. We women need to learn what to look for when it comes to a heart attack. Continued prayers.


  41. Oh how frightful. I had no idea this happened to you just weeks ago. Take care, recover and best wishes and prayers go out to you. I'm so glad you had someone close by to be with you too. Carol

  42. So scary and so good to hear you are feeling better after the procedures. I appreciate reading what you felt prior and the information you have shared. Hoping your recovery is a quick on!

  43. Oh Anni, I didn't know you had a heart attack until today. That must have been really scary.
    I am so happy you are recovering. Praying hard for you.

  44. Hi Anni, I came over for a visit and saw this link on your sidebar. First I am so glad you caught this in time and on the road to recovery. It must have been so scary to realize and then go through the procedure. I know many who also had this and thank God for this medical procedure that saves lives.
    God Bless you and take care as you improve each day.
    Prayers for you.
    Hugs, CM

  45. Anonymous4/15/2015

    I am so sorry to read about this. How are you doing now? Thank you for sharing this important information.

  46. Oh my I had no idea and I am so sorry this happened but so relieved that you knew to call the EMS and get the help in time. Thank goodness they were able to help you and that now you are going to be good as ever or better.
    Strange I found out on March 8th that I have Congestive Heart Failure and my life has not been the same since that day as I know yours has not either. We both have to take care of ourselves and I will add you to my prayer list.
    Love ya

  47. Anonymous1/08/2017

    First, thank goodness you're okay! Second, thank you for sharing this in terms we can all understand. I've often wondered about heart attacks in women and the info out there is either too generic or medical jargon I don't completely understand. - I found you via Dora. Didn't mean to be nosey but this caught my eye. :) - Happy New Year!

  48. Anni, my symptoms when I had my heart attack was much like yours. I'm glad they were able to correct it. I had my heart bypass in April 2010 and my symptoms were much like yours, only on the right side. The Dr. kept telling me there was nothing wrong and then ended up in the hospital and had 3 arteries 90% blocked. I was operated on a week later. Quadruple bypass.

    Glad you are doing well. Take care, my friend. Sorry it's been so long since we were in touch. Drop by my Writing Nook if you have time.

  49. Excellent public service announcement!

    At my age (66), I need to be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Like most women, I ignore little pains.


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