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The Shadow of YOUR smile...

Searchin' for Kibbles and Bits, as its shadow washes ashore...
[there are hundreds of different species of sandpipers...since this one has dark legs, I think it's the Solitary Sandpiper but, not sure]

SHADOW QUOTE: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"
Orson Welles
"The Shadow"
Old Time Radio Show

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This is somewhat a repeat of what I've been posting about over the past few weeks/days. Well, as of Wednesday, we have no more cable television. I am sure I mentioned here before that the monthly charge for watching commercials the few programs we ever watched went up by $30 per month, and we then contemplated stopping the service. Well, we got our statement for February last week, and it not only had the $30 more, but it went up again by another $8!! And then, there is the continuing dispute between Time Warner and the NBC affiliate here in the city. Since December of 2011, we have not been able to view any regularly scheduled programs [on NBC] over the tv. If we missed something, we tried to catch it on the internet. It worked out okay. I guess. But thing is, I can remember back in the mid 70s when cable was first introduced to subscribers...withOUT commercials. That's why you paid for subscribing to be hooked up. Lo and behold, they realized they were losing revenue and changed it all to commercialize it...and now-a-days, a LOT of commercialization. I called, and cancelled it upon opening the monthly statement. Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we're free at last. No more TV. We only watched sports mostly, except for NCIS and Grimm...that's about all ---we can get them online the following day and over our smartphones.

It finally rained last week...or to be more specific, it sprinkled. I was elated to go out and enjoy the freshness of the moisture on the land. As of 2011, the area was 20" in deficit; so far this month, we are a shade over 1.5 inches behind already.

On Monday and Tuesday, I spent most of the day time hours either just lounging on the sofa or actually going back to bed...I felt misery. Wednesday I felt super. Thursday too; I put on my sweats and hoodie, and went out in the sunshine and enjoyed a few hours outdoors in the fresh air.....but then, Friday afternoon, the cough came back with a vengeance!I -had one coffin [misprint intended] spell I thought I was going to keel over....the doctor told me it's [virus] going around...just to get bed rest and take things easy. She told me over the counter meds would calm the cough, but to let it run its course. I tellya, it's been a lon-n-n-n-g course running. rofl I really really hate just laying around. I need to be doing something. Even in my weakened condition, I was thinking of days to come, and looking forward to getting outdoors, working in the yard before it gets hot. I also noticed looking out the window, that the barren trees are faintly showing green growth...the dormant season doesn't last but about a month here before Spring arrives in mid February.

Since Christmas I had in the refrigerator an uneaten bunch of apples...that's long enough for them to be stored, so I asked Bud to peel them and slice them, I made the crust and we together made four large apple dumplings. It was delicious warmed with a scoop of vanilla yogurt...the icy yogurt felt good on my raw throat.

After finishing the last book I was reading [The Secret Confession of Anne Shakespeare - read my personal review here], I began reading The Windows of Heaven by Ron Rozelle. It's another historical novel [my favorite genre] about the Great Hurricane of Galveston, Texas in 1900. So far, not half bad. In fact, it's beginning to become a VERY GOOD read!!! Of course, I must realize that this book is again, fiction, and written from the actual events, and to point out that there was no way of any hurricane advisories used back then as there are now.

screenshot image of NCIS intro courtesy of CBS online TV
I ♥ Special Agent DiNozzo [far right] lol


  1. Nice photo - always enjoy you!

    Girl, we are more alike than I thought! I absolutely love NCIS, and VSA Anthony DiNozzo...but I also like Gibbs, and Ziva, and McGee and Abby and Ducky and Jimmy...wait, that' the whole cast! Anyway, I think I would have a hard time getting through many weeks of no NCIS! I haven't seen it in an entire week because I am visiting my Mom...having serious withdrawals!

  2. Dear Anni ~ thank ou so much for your comments on my brother's updates on my health. I am so glad to be home after over 6 weeks in hospital, but still weak,but
    getting there.Slow and steady wins th race !!
    Thanks for your comment and good wishes. Love, Merle.

  3. I like sandpipers!
    Sorry you are feeling crummy. We've had that bug in Michigan too and I know several people who are having a hard time getting over the cough.
    I remember cable with no commercials too. Sounds like you made the right decision there.

  4. Sounds like you have a version of the horrrrrible bronchitis which I had last year at this time. All the first 3 months of 2011, actually. AWFUL!

    I'm trying so hard, to nip any coughs in the bud, this year. So far so good.

    Good luck with yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you made the best decision for you, about cable!!!!!!

    NCIS! Yessssssssssssssss!!!

    You asked if I did that pretty pink rose with what looked like pearls on it? NO. I always give the Source of my pics, under them.... A click-able link to the source. I did with that one too.

    "Stories never really end…even if the books like to pretend they do.
    Stories always go on. They don’t end on the last page, any more than they begin on the first page."

    - Cornelia Funke (Inkspell)

  5. Morning Anni...we hope you are on the upward swing of becoming well!
    Nasty bug going around for sure.

    Love that big smile on the gull.
    We have some around here called Laughing Gulls.

    I'm playing a game with our TWC company. Our bill went up to 105.00. AT&T has Uverse (cable service in our town now). We get flyers daily about Uverse and what they can offer. I called up TWC told them I was thinking of switching they said oh we can beat their Uverse's price. How about 79.29 for a year. I said SOLD to the lowest bidder.
    Hugs C

  6. I am an NCIS fan, too. Now I also watch NCIS LA. Isn't it great that you can get what you really want to watch on your computer or phone these days? Congratulations on getting rid of your cable.

    I started watching Downton Abbey and am getting it on my local PBS station on my computer. I really enjoy watching it like that, since the computer screen is big and it's almost like watching it on my TV.

  7. Oh I remember sitting in front of a big radio and listening to the Shadow! So fun

  8. love the sandpiper photo

  9. So sorry you haven't been well! Lots of coughs and sneezles going around here too - although it's summer and the weather should be warm, we have had some serious rainstorms (which are normal at this time of the year), but they have brought with them really chilly weather, which is unusual!

    Do hope you feel perfect soon! Have a lovely week!

  10. Anonymous1/29/2012

    Love your description of..."Kibbles and Bits". :)
    Always fun to watch them doing just that!
    Hope this week you will be feeling better.
    I am a fan of NCIS too!!

  11. I do love your sandpiper! Perfect shadow shot for the day! I haven't watched anything but a couple of doses of news every evening for years now. I was never a TV fan and from what little I've seen lately I'm really glad -- I'd hate to be paying money for what I've had a peek at! Hope you have a great week!


  12. everything cost more, greed, greed, greed. don't see it ever stopping. good for you to take some control back. love your sandpiper and the roll of the water in the foreground. have a good week. hope you feel better.

  13. Hmmm..I'm surprised you didn't get more rain last week. I guess it was north of you because it sure looked like the Dallas/FW area got hammered!

    I love how you described the bird's shadow as getting washed ashore. :)

  14. Such a beautiful picture of the sandpiper.

    Isn't it ridiculous how expensive cable tv has gotten? I don't blame you at all for giving it all up. I don't know if I could give it up completely but I could certainly do without some of the packages we now have. I'm going to have to look into that since we don't watch much tv at all and certainly not all the channels that we're paying for.

    Do hope you're feeling better as each day goes by. That flu/cold is really going around here as well. xoxo

  15. Wow what post! The shadowy touch round the sandpiper is simply lovely!
    And thanks ever so much for taking the trouble to get a shadow quote immediately! You can post one any Sunday for SSS2! I'll always be searching!
    Don't know anything about NCIS, but appreciate how bills seem to rise but the service involved seems to slide backwards!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. Lovely! I remember seeing that film "The Sandpiper" whose theme song was "The Shadow of Your Smile"...

  17.'re the only one so far that 'got the connection' to my blog post title and the kind of bird!! High 5!!!

  18. I remember The Shadow!! Way back when, there even used to be a weekly T.V. show. I'm so sorry you have been sick so long, same with me! Since before Christmas!! am still on steroids, and had two different anti-biotics. Bronchitis is really going around. Try honey and lemon. We have Direct T.V. they have a real good package, and the whole thing is under $29.00!!! The picture on satellite is so much better, because it is more direct than cable, and it is really cheaper!

  19. Well, you made ME smile.
    Sorry you've been sick. So have I. Not just my ordinary everyday chronic botherations, but coughing, snizzling, headachey, sinusy, the whole shebang, and my husband has been away. When he gets home, I'm going to bed and he can chop veggies for the dog. She's a good, sweet, lovable, adorable animal with an insatiable appetite for green things. And she pouts when her daddy isn't here. Makes me feel like the kitchen maid.
    There. Now you know I'm sick, when I grumble about Lindy. LOL
    By the way, spring doesn't arrive here until the third week in May, so I envy you your month-long winter, but not your hurricanes.

  20. The Shadow of your Smile I recall from when I was kid (Al Martino??), my parents liked that song...Cable companies have that monopoly over every area, it seems. The price increases and bad service seem to be what you get from monopoly suppliers of anything. Competition (true) in cable would be most welcome by me!

  21. I always enjoy your beach photos. I like the way your name is on the wave, cute...
    Our cable/internet bill has gone up also. Not as much as yours, only $11. My husband could never go without cable. He loves controling the tv.

  22. So sorry you have that creeping crud as I call it! It's going around here too and I am holding my breath hoping I won't get it before our trip to Florida on Thursday! We even have the hand sanitizers set up in our church and this morning when I was taking the offering someone coughed in their hand and then passed me the plate! Yikes, I almost ran to the machine to get some sanitizer!

    We have cut back on our cable too and it is still way too high! As you said it is mostly commercials, it drives me bananas as they seem to be every six minutes and then there could be up to 7 at once! We should all cancel our cable and see how they like that but I like my HGTV and a couple others.......not much on the regular channels one Dancing With The Stars is over! ha!

  23. All decked out for Valentine's Day I see :)

    I love you sandpiper and the placement of your signature!

  24. Man Anni, I had to hunt all over to figure out where I could post this comment! Finally found it.

    The sandpiper SS is great. Now, about the cable. We don't have it up north, and I don't miss it at all. Down here we have to have it to be able to get any reception, since we are in a condo. It's basic cable, though they keep trying to get us to go beyond the bare minimum cost of $21, which we won't! We LOVE NCIS too. ANd I am a big fan of Grimm and another new one called Once Upon A Time. All good shows (for a pleasant change!) Have a good week.

  25. Sorry to hear you've been 'coffin' up a storm. No fun! Hope you're health is improving and you'll get your strength back! Love that sandpiper - could sit all day and watch them at play! Have a great week!

  26. Very nice photo.
    I also plan to cancel cable television because there's nothing interesting to watch. The Internet is enough for me.

    Regards and best wishes

  27. Love your flowers posted to day, but where was the commment section?? Could have been me! Have a great day

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