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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men....The Shadow knows....

Haunted House and Haunted Tree. Found 'em this year at the Dollar Store for decorating our entertainment center. Perhaps the shadows are haunted?!!? By the way...the post title, remember these words from decades past? An old radio program? From the 1930s? No, I wasn't born back then [close!]...but, my parents were avid listeners. Back in 'their day' radio was a means of communication...the only means, electronically. And they had records of these programs on 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records. Remember records? Now those I can remember. LOL
    from wikipedia
    Even after decades, the unmistakable introduction from The Shadow radio program, long-intoned by actor Frank Readick Jr., has earned a place in the American idiom: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" These words were accompanied by an ominous laugh and a musical theme, Camille Saint-Saëns' Le Rouet d'Omphale ("Omphale's Spinning Wheel", composed in 1872). Stories were narrated by Orson Wells.


The weather has been superior this past week, and Bud and I are taking advantage of it. Working!! Outdoors. One day we trimmed our three crepe myrtle trees and then, worked on our Esperanza bush. The Esperanza [photo] can become quite invasive if neglected. At least in this part of the country. It's a continual cuttin' back on it to control its growth. For the remainder of the week, it's only been doing ONE project. It's really been nice and cool in the mornings. Perfect temps for this chore. We only work in the mornings while it's cool. 'Cause the job is a long piece of work!! And we're doing just a couple a day. We're doing WINDOWS!! But, reason it's taking so long is...we have to remove the hurricane shutters and then tear the screen off to get to the outside glass. So far, it's the front entry door, and the two huge windows off the living room porch. That took about four hours one day...two hours for each window job o' work. Seriously, about 2 hours per window. The hurricane shutters are awkward, heavy and nearly sealed to the window frames. Then, from the inside of the house we have to have one hold the shutter still in place while the other goes indoors to remove the shutter's opening and closing mechanisms. The shutters remain open except for a threat of a hurricane approaching our area, then.....we use the indoor knob to crank 'em shut. After the windows and screens are scrubbed, then, replace the screen and rehang the shutters. Bud's holding them [they're heavy] while I replace the hardware around the entire frames. Yes, I really REALLY like having clean windows!!! The most difficult one is the patio's two huge patio doors. That shutter is all one piece and humongous!! It's more than a two hour job on that one; and still on the 'to do' list.


  1. Oh, terrific shadow shot for the season and Halloween approaching! I love it! Hope your weekend is going well!


  2. Oh, just reading about all that work makes me tired, Anni.
    As soon as my windows got cleaned this year, birds started to fly into them, and I have teeny tiny windows, except for the one onto the porch, which is always curtained, and "Lindy's window" which is right here by my computer. Thwump! And I look out to see a bird quivering on the cement below. But they all managed to fly away. Now there are plenty of dog-noseprints on the window again.
    I'm not old enough to remember "The Shadow" either, but my father made sure my brother and I were "taught" all about old music, old radio shows, old comedians: Everything he liked, he told us about.
    However, I beg to differ with you on one small point, if that's okay: the 33and1/3 records were the LPs we had when we were young people. Our parents were of the 78rpm era. Yep. First the 78s, then the 45s, then the LPs.
    Before the 78s, there were cylinder things, and before that: piano rolls. Now there was a great invention: the player piano. I've always wanted one, never had one.
    Great seasonal shadow shots this week, Anni.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Hey Hootin!
    Where's the fun comment area rollover for Halloween?
    I'm not just praying for your son, I'm also praying for a certain Texas baseball team! ha ha

    signed....lonely cubs fan....

  4. The spooky house and tree are col - a hint of scary and a lot of disarming! The decorations were always a big deal when the kids were little, but not so much now that the have grown. But hope exists - Patti is carving a pumpkin at this time!

  5. Anonymous10/22/2011

    Anni girl it doesn't matter where the Halloween decorations come from I love them all !
    I have to admit my Halloween spirit is not up to par at all .. it has been a sad bad month (of course my birthday has to be in it .. but it was good!) .. the weather sucks BIG time .. no show of beautiful trees .. rain gray skies .. just nothing to make me feel that twinkle I feel this time of year .. but I am glad you have the spirit girl : ) keep it up !
    PS .. could you guys come over here and help us clean our windows and screens ? LOL

  6. Anonymous10/22/2011

    PS .. your blog won't let me post from my Google account .. it is me .. CanadianGardenJoy!!

  7. Yard work can get to be a real chore...Sounds like the cooler weather has given you some energy to get some things done! I work much better when its cooler too!

  8. Love your shadow shots, have a great week.

  9. Annie, our Yankees sucked this year. Oh well they will come back next year!

  10. Really, really love clean windows! Fortunately for us we don't have to deal with those hurricane doors! The last few years I've hired someone to do our windows - we're on the 9th floor and have a balcony of windows! Could never bring myself to do them and hubby no longer can. Not too expensive either!

  11. Love your shadow shots.

  12. It HAS been perfect yard working weather-even here. Your house must be such fun for the kids to come trick or treating at!

  13. Love the decorations - they sure do make great shadows!

  14. Awesome shadow shots. You found some cute Halloween decorations.
    I hate cleaning windows and if I had to go through all that you do to clean them I am not sure that they would be cleaned very often. especially since I seem to be the only one in this house that cleans Anything!
    We too have been enjoying some nice fall weather. A few days of clouds and rain but, great temps.

  15. That's a lot of work. Take it slow and easy and don't hurt yourself with those heavy things. we had a new roof put on this week. I enjoyed standing on the lawn and watching.

    I screwed up the first link I used on Hey Harriet today. I reposted the correct link. Have a look if you care to.


  16. Hi there - your blog is a real mixture! And that's not a bad thing at all!

    Thanks for visiting my photo-blog. If you get time you may enjoy my wordier "other blog" - hope you can visit!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  17. That sounds like a tough window job - I couldn't do it. We don't go in half as much for Halloween decorations here as you do in the US. Not that I can answer for 'everyone' but judging by what's on sale in the stores and for how long!

  18. your decorations make for spooky shadows anni!! nice job!!

  19. Anonymous10/23/2011

    I always think of A Christmas Store when I read about radio shows. I don't remember what Ralphie and his brother were listening to though. I guess that scence just stuck in my head. LOL
    Yay for great weather! I remember having to put on and take off storm windows each year in MN. Window cleaning is not at the top of my list, so that would be one job that would get me to clean them if I had to do this here in CA. Ha!

  20. I love the little spooky tree! How fun!

  21. Hi Anni, wow, you have been so busy all week! I bet that your yard and windows are so nice, and I enjoyed reading about how you got your book all printed out ... very nice.

    Hope your week is great,


  22. It's fall here!

    Coffee is on

  23. Anonymous10/23/2011

    Love your haunted house and tree!

  24. LOL Anni when you finish with your windows...I'd appreciate it if you and Bud would take a magic carpet ride up to Raleigh.
    Since all the power washing and painting ours need it too but the house is two story and we don't do ladders. I have the Window Gang on speed dial for the spring.
    Hugs C

  25. Love and Hugs!!! and as always--GREAT PICS!!!!!!!!

    Get's me in the BOO! mood! Great job Sweet Anni!


  26. Great spooky shadows for today.

  27. Now those are some awesome shadows!!!!

    Rainey @ The Project Table

  28. The crepe myrtle looks beautiful. We just had 5 trees pruned and shaped this past month - EXPENSIVE, but necessary - and they'd gotten way too big for Dwight to do, as he has all these years.

    The shadow pix are great. I love the Dollar Store.

    The window washing sounds brutal!!

    I'm playing catch-up again.

  29. Great, spooky ShadowShots! Glad you had nice weather...ours has been rainy and foggy...perfect for this time of year. Not great for exercising the pooches though. Have another great week Anni!

  30. Esperanza--my favorite. I just grow it in containers on the patio. Cleaning windows is a "huge pain"!!!!! I work diligently on one pane, think it is good, and then when the light shines through it later on in the day, I find it has streaks--so frustrating. Your haunted house makes a great "spooky" looking shadow. Have a great week. Mickie :)