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Seaside Shadows - Sunday Summary

- - -


Well, not much going on here. Last week I mentioned we trimmed back plants and bushes - all drought damaged. I noticed Friday when we came home from the beach that the crepe myrtle that was dried up and so highly parched - after trimming it back last week, there is now a bunch of new growth on all of them. Nice!!! Walked the beaches a while... while I only took my cellphone with me while walking the shore, I had in mind to hunt and capture an eclectic array of shadows for today. Also, wanting to try the picasa software for making collages....I've seen so many 'cool' ones on others' blogs! I installed and made these two collages above. Now, tho it's a real nifty free software from Google, after working with it to make the two above, I explored a bit on the program. I realized that it actually COPIES EACH AND EVERY IMAGE ON MY COMPUTER! 1000s!! Which in turn uses a lot of memory and I saw no option of preferences. I have a paint program I have had for years, and will use that. Seems quite redundant that picasa copies and uses so much space of the same images that are already ON the hard drive being run in the program. But, one thing....I learned how to use picasa this week.

I made some Halloween Ghost cupcakes for Bud. [and] White cake, white frosting and mini marshmallows shaped into tiny ghosts...using the black icing tube I purchased to make tiny eyes and mouths on the marshmallow. I didn't get any photos of them...they were consumed already before I thought of the camera.

I took my car in to have the oil and oil filter changed and get an inspection safety sticker. Seems the government has their hands into just about everything....can't get car insurance renewed if the safety inspection isn't updated and proof of it. Yes indeedy. But, that 'chore' is done for the year. Someday, if I remember, I must have our mechanic check the fuel injectors.

Three NEW Super Center Walmarts opened in our city this past week. It's not one of my favorite stores to shop, but plan on checkin' 'em out soon. One is near the JFK causeway - en route to the island...that'll be the first one I go to I'm sure. Make a trip to the island then, stop on the way back. Thing is, they're all the same no matter what part of the country you live in. So, it's not a big deal to get there and thinking I'm missing out on something grand.

Found the book I was looking for...The Voodoo Queen - A novel by Richard Tallant. I started reading it nearly as soon as I got home. The author lived in New Orleans from childhood [I'm not sure, but I think he's died by now] ---I read so many great reviews of this book. And since it's a subject I like to know more of...and the author also wrote a NON-fiction book of the same voodoo queen, I was hoping to find one. So far, the claims of it being a great read is true. Almost 'deliciously so'. While at the strip mall checking for the book, I stopped to get some cat food at Pet Smart...they handed me a couple of trial sized cat treats...a new Friskies...called Friskies Crispies. Both cats, especially Winston went bonkers over 'em....

sorry for the quality of the images
cellphone, no sunlight - dark room

We watched the movie "Secretariat" this week. It was one we have not seen in the theater or rented before. Really a good family story. Loved it. Also, speaking of entertainment...Bud and I made sure we didn't forget to watch the new program on television...."Once Upon a Time"....where fairy tales come 'true to life'....suspenseful and promising. Hope the next episode tonight is good as the premiere episode. Oh and on Friday, the premiere of GRIMM. Now that one is excellent. I am looking forward to this one again.

Well, that about sums it up for the week...


  1. I haven't learned Picasa yet, or any photo program for that matter, except a few free ones on my iPad. I love your collages, they are really beautiful and artistic. And I love that crab hole, I have never seen one before. It looks like a big ant hill. I didn't know they mounded up sand around the hole. I wish I could have seen your ghost cake so I could have COPIED it!! We just got our oil changed, too. And we watched "Once upon A Time" and liked it!! I,too,hope the next one is just as good. THREE Wal-Marts!!! You must live in an enormous city!

  2. Hi Anni boy you had a busy week..don't you often wonder how you ever had time to work?
    It is almost your favorite day of the year.
    I've been going through my Picasa file deleting lots of duplicates. I have Madi's pics filed by year some have been moved to my thumb drive.
    Have a good weekend

  3. PS I'll have to look for those new treats for Madi. Every night just before I sit down for the evening Madi gets 4 or 5 Sensation treats...she loves them and expects them.

  4. I always love reading your week's summary. you're one busy gal. and I do like your collages. I worked with them once, but since have lost the website of preference for putting them together. the one's I find now just aren't the same. happy Halloween to you Anni. and have a great week.

  5. Great shadow shots for the day, Anni! Looks as though you're ready for Halloween! I'll have to check out the book by Richard Tallant -- sounds intriguing. I lived in New Orleans for over a year a long time ago and it is a fascinating place. Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy! Oh! and I couldn't get along without Picasa!!! Love it!


  6. Great shadows all over

  7. Nice blog Anni, lovely collage fotos seaside shadows,have a nice sunday and happy Hallowen day, greeting from Belgium

  8. Interesting finds at the beach and all those interesting shadows! You've had a very busy week. Hope you'll have a day of rest tomorrow! God bless!

  9. Love your shadow shots, Anni. Isn't it amazing what litter can do? The shadows cast by the plastic cup are gorgeous even though the cup isn't. And finding a knife like that on the beach is scary. I can't help thinking about barefoot children. Or homicidal maniacs.
    Wild imagination.
    Too bad about the collage software. Most annoying.
    We loved "Secretariat"!
    And I wouldn't drive anywhere for a new WalMart. There's one not far from here and I've never seen it, don't care if I never do.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. Love your seaside collages! Nice work!

  11. Even the shadows of the discarded plastic cup are intriguing!


    Shadows creeping through the land,
    Shadows dark on every hand—
    If they should begin to glow,
    You had better run, you know!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows here and here

  12. Great seaside ShadowShots! I taped Grimm...thanks for the reminder. I think I'll watch it tonight. Happy SSS.

  13. Love the beach collage, but anything beachy trips my trigger, bummer though we have to put up with the trash that washes in, but it made cool shadows regardless...have a sunny Sunday!

  14. It sounds as if you had a very productive week. Just love your shadow images. :)

  15. Love your shadow photos.

    I stay away from Walmart as much as I can but you know, I do what I have to do.

  16. You did have a very busy week. I think this is our first visit here and we are so glad we came. That is interesting about Picasa picture stuff. I sure don't want something to take up memory on my computer. I am interested in doing collages too. Have you tried Photobucket??
    We will have to try those new treats here too. Good to meet you. Take care.

  17. your seaside shadows are great and I love the way you arranged them

  18. Anonymous10/30/2011

    Great collages!
    I have yet to see Secretariat. I have heard from more also that it is a good one to see.
    I love picasa too but I know it has slowed up my computer.

  19. love the seaside shadows anni. wonderful collage collection!! i heard grimm was good. i will have to try and catch that this week!! have a great week ahead!!

  20. Great collection of beach shadows!

  21. Anonymous10/30/2011

    So many fine shadows, you bring this Sunday ;-)

  22. Good morning, Anni
    Thanks for the treats. I'm two behind but will try to get them up today.
    I guess Walmarts are the same in some ways but they do not carry the same items at each store. At least not the food but other grocers are that way also. And some of them have their set up reversed with groceries on a different side. Some of ours have pet supplies and bird seed near the garden section while others have them in the middle of the store behind the cards and school supplies.
    I like to go to Walmart at least once a month to stock up on cleaning supplies, cat food, bird seed, and paper products. Right now, I'm needing a furnace filter.
    There are 3 within a 10 mile radius of me and they are building another one about 6 miles away. Why do they need so many?
    I know what you mean about the photo files. I used to have picasa and noticed every time I opened it, I had to wait while it updated.
    Happy Halloween,
    Mama Bear

  23. What a great array of beach shadows! I especially like Mr. Seagull.

  24. very cool shots; esp the bird and shells!

    coming from SSS and happy halloween, My Third Eye

  25. Lovely beach shadow shots. You actually found a knife on the beach? I like the shells. If I lived near the beach I would have such a collection of shells. I am not a swimmer and not fond of being IN the water. I love the sound of the waves and watching the sun rise and set over the ocean. My favorite thing to do at the beach is to look for shells. I can walk and spend hours looking for shells.
    Glad you found the book you were searching for. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  26. Wish there was no trash like that plastic cup on the beach but you sure caugh a great photo of it with the reflection!!