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An old photo of my paternal grandparents...
shadows of late afternoon

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First I would like to add a response comment to those that have visited here with me in the past week. I HIGHLY APPRECIATE AND VALUE YOUR VISIT AND LEAVING A COMMENT. Tho, I've not had online time this past week to reciprocate with a visit to you. Soon, I hope, I will be back to regular blogging on Hootin' Anni's. I've just not been working on my personal blog. Instead, if you follow me, you'll know of my newest project I'm working on genealogy blog that I have the idea of having it published in hard cover book form when it's complete. In all intents and purposes, I've been working day in [nearly sunrise to sunset] and day out for the past week scanning, editing, and resizing old photos and documents that I have collected, researched, and saved for the past two and a half decades or more. Actually, the scanning is fun. The research that I was involved with over the years is showing up in my face and I find myself stopping to read and have revelations of some such happening [as with the post below this that explains how I came about being named Anni]. It's grueling, tiring, tedious, work...but quite a lot of fun. There was one day, thumbing through many things in my collections, that made my researching come to a halt. I found, in my many boxes from the attic, an old, old auction sale sales slip that was advertised in newspaper. A full page add. Dated 1905. It's Bud's side of the family. I felt like an historian with a highly valuable document. hehehehehe Anyway, when Bud received it from his parents, just after we were married some 40 years ago, it was in bad deterioration. You can imagine, being stored in an envelope, all folded up, just how badly it was decomposing still. I mentioned to Bud that we frame it...seal it in glass...and get it up on our wall of family photos and memorabilia. So with the two of us cleaning a frame, and washing glass and trying to save the piece, we got it up and on our wall collection. It's huge, and it will take me some getting used to it being in the family "hall of fame" [our hallway] 'cause it's size is massive and quite startling when a once blank section of wall is now covered with this. With that project taking up nearly half a day, I didn't do much else so I took the rest of the afternoon off that day, and just enjoyed my time away from the computer/scanner. Besides, after a week of sitting on my derriere twelve hours a day, the body got to stretch out and unwind. Of course, there's more work ahead. There are still hundreds of photos to edit.

For the Canadians and Americans stopping by, hope your Labor Day Weekend is safe and happy. To all....enjoy the weekend, and have a super week ahead of today.


  1. What a wonderful project to be so invested in, sounds so interesting! I've tried looking in to my family history but sadly my father was such a private soul we can't find out much! You seem to be having much better luck, have a lovely weekend.

  2. I was wondering how your project was going. Glad you are still making progress. It's such a worthwhile job!

  3. Sounds like your making lots of progress on your latest project!!! It is quite the job getting all that info n pics together and listing the history behind each item. I only have a few items from my Grandmother n I cherish them very much. You n yours also have a wonderful Labor day weekend...its going to be rainy here on Monday!!!

  4. I love this old black and white photo. I know you are excited about getting your geneology research all together in one place.

  5. If you are still watching the Astros, we will be at the game this afternoon seated in the doggy section. Have a nice Labor Day..PJ:)

  6. Keep having fun and enjoy your week-end!

  7. What a wonderful photo you chose for your shadow shot this week!

  8. LOVE the photo Anni... she has the look of love in her eyes!

  9. As one with a degree in history, I highly commend all who spend time doing genealogical research. I may even do some myself someday. [:-)

  10. Anonymous9/04/2011

    Alot of work but it is so interesting to find out all kinds of things. Fun!
    Love the vintage photo.

  11. What a great old shadow shot and I'm sure it brings back memories! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  12. I may have already mentioned that my uncle (one of Dad's brothers) has research that side of the family and is coming down in a few months to help me do Mother's side. I am gathering information from the elders of the family and Uncle Oliver is going to show me how to do the online and library, etc. stuff. I'm way too excited about this!

  13. I'm glad that your project progressing very well.

    Regards and best wishes

  14. Your grandparents look like a fine couple, proud but not too much. The salt-of-the-earth types, they look great together!

    One of my sisters did such a genealogy of our family back in the early 1990s on a primitive DOS program. I may need to scan and convert into a more readable format. Ours went back to France, England, SW PA and West Virginia. I have got to take it out of the filing cabinet and look anew...

  15. Hi Anni! Thanks for explaining, I wondered where you had gone off to!! Such a good picture of your grandparents! They do look a bit alike. I'm sure that document looks out of place because you were so used to the blank wall, but if the wall hadn't been that blank, you probably would love it there! Just takes getting uses to the change!

  16. The shadows of the past live on and on and on in that old black-and-white photograph!


    I love my shadow,
    My shadow loves me;
    We chat together
    And don’t disagree!

    My shadow and I
    Prefer not to shout
    As we go walking
    And rambling about.

    My shadow’s so wise,
    I ask what she thinks;
    She’s happy to share,
    And then nods and winks.

    My shadow and I
    Are best buds, you see;
    That’s why we try hard
    To always agree!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Subtle Corn Shadows

  17. What an interesting project! And an important one at that! It's so important to keep these records up to date for generations to come! Good Luck with getting it all together!

  18. It's fun to imagine what our descendants will think of the "stuff" we leave behind, isn't it? I wish I had the patience (and time these days) to scan old pictures - or at least put some in albums! You must feel so proud of yourself!

  19. Anni this is so cool and you it bums me that I have not saved the history of my life as you have yours. My mother has tons of stuff from my dad's side of the family when they got their citizenship coming from Denmark, his WWI records of HIS dad, and stuff when I was young. You have got me interested to fill in the gaps.

  20. What a great project of love! and worth every minute spent :-) Love the picture!
    Hugs, antonella :-)
    I followed your link from Shadow Shot Sunday (I am #65)

  21. What a cool story. Nice old picture too.

  22. You go, girl. I have been at it for 10 years now and have stuff all over my office room upstairs. Files and more files. Camped in the New Orleans Public Library genealogy department for 2 weeks researching my dad’s French side of the family. What I found was so depressing I had to stop for a bit, but am at it again. I am excited about your finds and the idea that you might publish a book. That is great. Aren’t the old photos wonderful? The old ones form WWI of my dad are just the best. Adore the photo of your paternal grandparents. Wish we lived closer so we could share what we are doing. Two nights before Buddy came home from the hike, I made my guacamole hamburger dinner and thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was divine. I actually took a photo of my plate and will post it later this week when I make the final post about Bud’s crossing the Canadian border. I cannot believe we both have Bud’s in our lives. Have been offline for 2 weeks because I tore cartilage in my right knee. Could not hold laptop on lap because of the pressure on my knee and I could not sit at the table with it bent. It is a tiny bit better so am trying to get back up and running. Take care ....genie

  23. great old photo giving you a shadow shot annie.