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Poetic...justice? LOL

How 'bout a bronze statue today? Some macro/close up shots representing Texas, you say? Okay...well, here is something that was once indigenous to the ranches of this state---the longhorn!!

THE EYE, THE HORN, THE NOSTRIL and THE FULL BODY [The full-body photo I have for my cellphone wallpaper now...what do you have for your cellphone background? Anything special? Inquiring minds want to know, y'know!!]

macro monday graphic link found on my sidebar


'Tis time to sit and write a bit.
At the keyboard I've lost my wit...
A troublin' task; beseechin' fer sumthin'.
Challenging m'thunk cells; "commence a'pumpin'"!!
Cells that course thru each; my every vein
scamperin' up... up to my lonesome, empty brain.
It's like a cavity, an empty pit -
Today, there travels ...g'all darnit...

To mind, comes absolutely nuthin'!!!

...and since I'm at a loss for words today on my Monday 'bout we make a batch of cookies!?!! You ask me "How hot is in in Texas, Anni"? Well, I'll tell you with this video. It'll open in a new window for you....



  1. Cool looking statue, Anni! Have a great week!

  2. Anonymous8/15/2011

    I really love the look of your blog. Very, very nice. I knew you were a Texas girl by the first image, even cropped I knew this was a longhorn. I am going to have to look around your site, you have so many interests that are the same as me.

  3. Anonymous8/15/2011

    You did a nice job on the statue. Wonderful deail, the hand work was so evident in the sculpture. Thank you for stopping in to my blog. To answer your question, the bee was enjoying a monkshood.

  4. Love the longhorn... such power!
    I have my garden in full bloom on my cell.

  5. Oh Annie...I especially love the eye! Great macros!

  6. Nicely done! He is a handsome fella isn't he? Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by! Cathy

  7. Now that's hot! I really like the statue too!

  8. What an awesome statue. That bull looks like he is ready to charge right at you, with his nostrils flaring and anger in his eyes.
    The dashboard cookies are a good way to have cookies and not heat up the house. Might as well get something from all that heat. We have cooled down a little here. Actually have temps in the upper 80's to low 90's. Just a sprinkle of rain though.

  9. Mari....yes, I've heard of frying eggs on concrete, but never ever heard of baking cookies on a dashboard before.

  10. I almost forgot....My cell phone background is a beach scene with flip flops and a towel lying there.

  11. You mean the longhorn is no longer indigenous to your state? It's a wonderful bronze statue of one. I have this super basic cellphone and my background was one of the few choices: a dandelion seed head.

  12. Love the bull and that's no The poem was well done today too! Thanks for the fun post!!!

  13. It was sculpture show week-end here in Loveland - I always tend to stay away from the crowds, but it's a good financial time for the town.

    Oh, my, dashboard cookies - incredible! Has the string of over 100 days broken at all yet? I heard some parts of Texas and Oklahoma have had some rain. Any down there?

    Stay cool!

  14. Love the Longhorn images. Also, your musing about a loss for words came up with some pretty good ones. ;)

  15. Excellent photos..isn't a longhorn some sort of a symbol for Texas?

  16. Anni - I just did the post last night, but had loaded the pictures a week ago - forgot to change the date!

    The mornings are cool and the geese are honking overhead - can autumn be far behind??

  17. This morning was almost pleasant here--for the first time all summer. And I would send some your way but I'm feeling very stingy with it. LOL

    Hope y'all get some cool down and rain soon!

  18. Oh I love the detail of the bronze! My cellphone wp is a photo I took of a baby mouse.

  19. The statue is wonderful. Nice shots.

  20. Creative, I wouldn't have thought to use something that large for a macro shot.
    As for me, my cell wallpaper is a picture of me holding our precious grandson. Though it wasn't my choice, it was once my Hubby's phone, I enjoy seeing Michael cuddled on my lap.

  21. Wonderful detail! Great and cool shots!

  22. LOL Rising Star Ins. has a great sense of advertising. Now I want a chocolate chip cookie.
    We hope and pray your horrible heat spell will eand soon. Today was the first day in months that we have awakend to temps below 77. It was 65 at 6 am and absolutely delightful
    Happy Monday Madi and Mom

  23. Wow - that's rather wonderful - and I do like your macro details! Brilliant!

    What do I have for my phone wallpaper? Why, Johnny Depp, of course! ;)

  24. what a great capture!!

  25. Texas dashboard cookies...ROFL! That was awesome, the cookies actually did bake!! Yup, that's pretty hot and with no end in sight I'd be ready to move into my freezer! lol

    Such wonderful pictures of that statue, your macro shots turned out really well. On my cell phone background I have a picture of some of my flowers:-) xoxo

  26. Love your blog! Please take a look at my blog and follow!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana

  27. Love the bronze longhorn. Nice macro. Let's see, my cell phone has a moving picture. It looks like I'm driving down the freeway with large buildings moving by. Reminds me of living in Dallas. Loved the poem!

  28. Lol! Now, that's a bull. I have a picture of Cary and Kylie right after her graduation as my wallpaper. It is an awesome picture, but now she is staying with us and if I take it off I think that I will hurt her feelings ... so it will be there for a while.

    Off to watch those cookies bake; have a wonderful week!

    Kathy M.

  29. Watched the video... enjoyed the poem! Thanks for dropping by my Macro Monday post. I always get a kick out of yours... and quite possibly would get a kick out of that Texas Longhorn!

  30. Great sculpture!!!! Baking cookies on the dadhboard, huh. Well, I hope they are chocolate chip!! Kansas has been way too hot too--I'll be glad when Fall and cooler weather gets here. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  31. Wonderful shot of the longhorn! And fabulous macros too!
    Thanks for sharing:o)

    ¤ Have a nice and happy weekeng ¤