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Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

As y'all know by now, we oftentimes stop at the book store after we go out to lunch once a week...well, I found the most fabulously illustrated children's book of The Wizard of Oz. That story is a favorite of our two kids...has been for years. This one just blew me away!!! Naturally, since these books are half price or less, I had to bring it home. The introduction pages tell a little about the artist and how he came about making the fantastic images. He, at first, never read the book...nor did he like the 1939 movie classic. Once he began reading the original story, he tried to follow it and began his work in art....
    [there are bound to be 'ruby' colors in my post for today]

    PICSTORY TUESDAY challenge:
    *I just wanna see *some green*!
    [what better way to show GREEN than Emerald City]

    [text borrowed from online site] Philadelphia artist Charles Santore is a world-renowned children's book illustrator whose professional career began in 1956 as a freelance illustrator. For nearly 30 years, he worked for select advertising agencies and magazines. In 1986, Santore was offered the opportunity to illustrate his first children's book, The Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories. Santore said the experience was an artistic revelation because he no longer had to create an immediate message as required by advertising. Now, he had the luxury to pictorially develop the characters and scenes over a series of images just like the narrative journeys themselves. Since then, Santore has worked full-time illustrating children's books that include Aesop's Fables (1988), The Fox and the Rooster (1988), The Wizard of Oz (1991), The Little Mermaid (1993), Snow White (1996), Paul Revere's Ride (2003), The Silk Princess (2007), and, most recently, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (2009).
Needless to say, I'm going to be searching for his "Life and Adventures of Santa Claus"!!! So, I took my cellphone camera while reading the pages, and thought I'd share this tremendous talent [in no particular order]:

Dorothy and Toto - Kansas Tornado

Meeting the Good witch of the North - Meeting Scarecrow

Tinman - Off to see the Wizard

In the Poppy Field - Arriving in Emerald City

Illusion of Wizard - Wicked Witch

Dorothy & Witch - "I'm Melting"

Magical dress & slippers - Wizard of Oz

Cowardly Lion - Wizard


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  1. The illustrations are amazing, he really brought the story to life. I would love to find one of his books, perhaps Aesop's Fables. Thanks for sharing Anni!

  2. I only first read this book one or two years ago, bought a paperback edition with a selection of the original illustrations. Sort of ironic isn't it that the magic slippers in the book are silver and not red. ;)

    Thanks for pointing out that my Ruby Tuesday link was wrong, I have corrected it now (I hope).

  3. Vivid illustrations. I love beautiful picture books.

  4. Wonderful illustrations these are. :)

    Thanks for visiting and appreciating my blog.

  5. What a magical green. Thanks for joining us on *PicStory* :) LG Tina

  6. Great art work...really makes the story pop! I love the "I'm melting" of my faves in this story! My two youngest grands (7n4) will watch the Wizard of Oz over n over!!!

  7. You are right ~ Fantastic book! Wonderful photos !namaste, Carol ^_^ from (Share the Creative Journey) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  8. beautiful artwork
    the Wizard of Oz movie has always been a favorite of mine

  9. Your pictures look fantastic.

    Warmly ♥ Marianne

  10. I LOVED the illustrations in the book.... so old fashion!

  11. Wow! These are just amazing! The pictures bring the story to life!

  12. Beautiful illustrations indeed! Love the sleeping lion with the poppies. Fantastic post for today!


  13. Some of the book covers are really scary !

  14. One of my favorite to read. Thanks for sharing Anni I am going to visit the library to see if they have some of the old books. ^_^

    Red gems

    Some green

  15. oh, wizard of oz! read the book a long time ago...must reread! ;)

    Do check this out. I think Georgy is done. What a sad time for the Yankees. He wants to be out there, but with a 230 average, and not hitting all that well lately, JG is strickly going for winners. Jorge has been there for so many years and has given of himself in so many games, I like you would think JG could come up with something, but then again Jorge just doesn't seem to be able to get into the routine of the DH. Then what about A-Rod. That's another fiasco!

  17. I've seen this on TV only and it looks like the books has more than just what the film tells. Great deals and finds indeed

  18. What a delightful book with great pictures.. Wizard of Oz was a favorite here too. Our first pet was a mini Dachshund named Toto.

  19. Wow, he is a talented illustrator! Lucky for you to happen upon the book.

    Thanks for sharing all those pictures. The wizard looks just like he should.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday, Anni!

  20. oh my! what a beautifully illustrated book! I've read Wizard of Oz several times but this one I will be savoring more because of its illustrations. Happy RT!

  21. Lovely post!

  22. I am used to the 1939 movie of the story, the views being either B&W or technicolor. However, this illustrated book is beautiful. the artistry so soft and elegant. I like that the cowardly lion is not human sized - but a bigger coward...The last view of Dorothy back in kansas is great. Such as artistic tome!

  23. What a gorgeous set of illustrations....unbelievable. I know you were thrilled to find the book. Your photos of the pages are great. I felt like I was actually looking at it on my computer screen. Hope you find the other book/ Genie

  24. my daughter had this book when she was younger and I used to read it to her. But, I like the movie better.

  25. Such beautiful illustrations. Nice photos.

  26. nice! very classic...I saw the movie but haven't tried reading the book...thanks for sharing.

  27. Anonymous8/10/2011

    Another great post. This is Denise

  28. Anonymous8/11/2011

    Charles Santore really makes the book to a movie, and I do understand why the publicers choose him ;-)
    ...and yes, the book has lots of ruby colors!
    Have a great thursday :-D



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