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Last week, on Monday, the winds were high, bringing in a cold front along the coast. We bundled up in our sweats [early morning temp was 50 degrees...which is cold when mixed with humidity and sea breezes], and took our walk along the beach anyway; instead of indoors at the mall. As we neared our mile mark to turn around and head back to the car, I noticed how the sand had blown around some sea weed giving off an eerie appearance; like landscape of an uninhabited planet. The deep crevices cast dark shadows even without the sun!!

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Well, this past week there isn't much 'summarizing' to be had. It's been a busy week, and the days have been very cool the first of the week [a bit under the normal temperatures for this time of year], so we've been working outdoors mostly - we're taking advantage of the 50 degree mornings; cooler working. And while it was much cooler, I could have the windows open and no air conditioning, I took the liberty one morning, early, and made a large batch of homemade flour tortillas...from scratch! After they're rolled out flat, they need to be browned on a very hot cast iron skillet---which makes for a lot of smoke in the kitchen, thus having all the windows open. But...I tellya, if you've never tasted a homemade tortilla, you don't know what you're missing. They are a lot of work, but oh so worth the extra time because of the extreme tenderness and light fluffy texture and wonderful homemade taste. I froze half and I made my famous taco filling and a batch of margaritas for Cinco De Mayo. Okay...back to the rest of the week...there is always yard work to be done, but during the hot, hotter and hottest days not much gets done and when it DOES cool off some, we have tons of work piled up for us. Mowing grass, edging, cleaning up. Anyway...we have been fixing fence, irrigating everything because of the severe drought, rearranging some of the figurines and statues, repairing soaker hose, trimming back the rose blossoms that are nothing but the rose hips, etc. etc. I have been keeping up with the hummingbirds and their feeders also---we have about a dozen hummingbirds in our yard each and every day, from before sunrise up to sunset. Boy howdy, do they ever go through the two cups of sugar!!! Before the yard work is even begun, I do my blogging while Bud is feasting on his two cups of coffee. By that time, we head out for our long walk somewhere. This, as you know if you've been visiting and keeping up with my entries here, is drift seed season. The end of March thru April the sea beans are found in abundance. And I love to search for the heart sea beans while we're traipsing along the shore. This week, we've hit all the beach access areas except for one. We'll try and get there in a day or two. I do not have any inkling as to what type of seed pod this is; my research online has been in vain...I find nothing as to the species. Also, I've been trying to keep up with the Pakistani news and the demise of the terrorist leader this past week!!! I will try and take time later today or late tonight to finish composing a post of my views on the whole situation. I feel a need to get some thoughts I have about this off my mind. I'll be adding opinions on my Monday Morsels; tomorrow. One more thing...this past Thursday, Irene attended an Awards Ceremony for Academics at her youngest son's high school. You see, Dillon, our grandson was to be an honored recipient of achievement in History. I think the interest runs in his blood...his two grandfathers [Bud and George---Dan's father] both LOVE history and Bud especially interested in Civil War. Dillon and Bud text a lot about Civil War books they read and share the interest. Anyway, Dillon received a 'highest achievement of academics' in Civil War. Irene texted me a photo of the paper award. And of course, I felt a little boastful myself!! I did, upon request from Irene, pixelate his name and school. For security reasons.

PS....I emailed for identification assistance on the large hand-held seed pod I found [photo above]...sending a request to the National Seashore National Park and Research. They were stumped. I then tried emailing another website author and he gave me a name!! Receiving his email this morning, he noted that it's possibly known as a porcupine seed from South America. And would you just LOOK at the beautiful flower from where the seed came? Gorgeous. Of course, keep in mind, that this may not be the particular seed pod from this very kind because what I've read now that I know what it's called, there are 15 or more known species of the Porcupine Tree. I'll keep on keeping on in my searching.

Tree blossom photo granted by permission from HERE


  1. ummm. we love flour tortillas...I made homemade sopapillas for Cinco de Mayo morning. Sure enjoyed them. For dinner that night, I made tacos and we didn't even have stuff for a margaritta.:)
    Happiest Mothers Day, bj

  2. Oh, I like the bizar sand. Great shots.

  3. nice posting- love your sandy shadows and I'll have to try making fresh tortillas once it's warm enough to open the inwdows! hahah Cheeers and happy mothers day!

  4. your posts are the most interesting to read. I just love them. I suggest you take the pod to your county extension office. the Master Gardeners there will do their best to I.D. the seed pod for you. that's what they do. unless you've already tried this. But I can't imagine that they wouldn't eventually have an answer for you. it's really difficult when it's not a genus or species that is from at least the U.S. It's exciting when something exotic from a foreign land washes ashore! your shadow shots look like snow drifts. it's a good thing you told us it was sand-soaked sea weed, otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue. very nice Anni. happy Mother's Day to you, and I hope you have a really fun week!

  5. Hi from Finland and thanks for your visiting at my site. Just like snow in your SSS photos. ;-)

  6. What a pretty flower! Isn't it amazing to think that seed pod traveled all that way?
    Congrats to Dillon! He would get along well with my family. Bob and Heather also love history - especially the Civil War.
    Your tortilla's look so good!

  7. If I'd only seen your first two pictures and not read the comments I would have thought they were snow! - You'll have to plant that seed and see what becomes of it!

  8. Anni... First CONGRATULATIONS to your Grandson!!!

    Loved all your photos this morning... that seed was a great find for sure!!! And I love Mexican food so would love your recipe for tortillas... YUM!!!


  9. Happy Mother's Day to you Anni!!
    You have had a very busy week and we hope today is full of nothing but relaxation!!Congratulations to Dillon on the academic award and may there be many many more.
    Madi and Mom

  10. HI Anni, thanks for dropping by.. wow, I can feel the cold getting through my bones right here.. hahaha.. thanks for dropping by... btw, love the shadow effect of your photos.. lovely.

  11. Very interesting post - with the sandy shadows looking like snow drifts, and seed pods from exotic places landing on your shores! Just too cool! Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Mother's day!

  12. Hi Anni,

    Wow! I love you shadow shots and enjoyed learning about what you did on your busy week. Your homemade tortillas sound delicious, and I'm glad that you got your question answered. I wonder how that seed made it to Texas?

    It is so neat to read about you and Bud and the everyday things that you do as you enjoy each other's company.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Kathy M.

  13. Sand and beaches are great for shadows, nice contrast.
    I've never tried making homemade tortillas but I keep meaning to try making pita bread, I suspect that is easier. Some of the neighbors made tamales for cinco de mayo, lots of other food and margaritas, of course.

  14. Anonymous5/08/2011

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog for my Sunday shadow shot! If you hadn't I might not have found your wonderful blog (I must admit I don't always make it around to everyone's shadow shot). I just became your newest follower and will look forward to your enchanted blog posts from now on!
    Happy Mother's Day,
    Beth P

  15. These are great shadow shots - very unusual and at first I thought they were under water. Great!

  16. Anonymous5/08/2011

    The sand looks sooo smooth!
    Thinking about making some flat bread today. Never tried it but thought it would go good with the taco meat I made. Wish me luck. :)

  17. Thanks for explaining your photos, I would never have guessed! I thought they looked somewhat like snow drifts, and I guess that's not too bad a thought, but I knew I wasn't looking at snow...

    Good luck at finding an ID for your seed. Have you ever planted any of the seeds you find?

  18. Yeha! I am back on line so I can comment again! Congratulations to Dillon! My hubby has a keen interest in history too! I do love your photographs - and home-made tortillas - never tried that - they look yum!

  19. Great, mysterious shots!
    I'm so full of Mother's Day - ate too much! :)
    Have a good week ahead!

  20. That seed pod looks so interesting and what about those hummingbirds - what a sight that most be - I have lots of blackbirds waiting at all times of the day for me to top up their sultana dish - please call by if you have a moment I would love to hear from you x

  21. Your sand photos could almost be snow photos!

    (With apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

    I had a little shadow
    No bigger than my thumb;
    I took him to the meadow
    And there I gave him rum.

    My drunken little shadow
    Did weave and bob and pitch;
    He stumbled from the meadow
    And fell into a ditch!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Schoolyard Shadows

  22. I like the absence of color in your beach shots.

  23. love the beach shadows. (Sorry I did visit earlier but I got confused on how to leave a message. ) Charmaine

  24. Beautiful shadows Anni!

    My shadow shots, please come and see. Thanks!

  25. The sand looks akin to drifting snow, which Gulf Texas does not have. The description of your weather seems cold to me up North - the 50s seem too low for May, and in your least is is not snow!

  26. I love the way the wind can shift the sand around in such an artistic way--better than an artist could do! Sounds like you had a "grand" Cinco De Mayo celebration! Good luck with all your yardwork--it is never ending sometimes. Have a great week. Mickie :)

  27. Sandy shadows and a mystery seed. How fortunate you are to live where you can walk the beach. And homemade tortillas? I never would have thought to make those, but I'll bet they are delicious.

  28. Great shadow shots! If you didn't explain them, I'm not sure I'd know what us was! Lol! Have a great week.


  29. Anonymous5/09/2011

    Never tried making homemade tortillas - but they do look & sound yummy. I really like your sand shots - the texture and contrasts are beautiful!

  30. Great shadow shots! The black and white is really effective!
    Have a great week!

  31. Anonymous5/10/2011

    Nature makes changes all the time - great shots, Annie, and I too find it looks like landscape on a planet ;-)
    Have a great week and enjoy the anniversery tomorrow :-D

  32. What an interesting shot. I think I'll hit the beach myself for my next Shadow Shot.



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