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This past week I realized that this year was the 6+ year period we've lived in Texas so...I needed to get my driver's license renewed. And since the state law says you need to renew it BEFORE your birthday [Feb. 9th in my case], I had to go get that chore done this past week. That is a bummer, when we lived in Arizona the driver's license is good for life. Driving is like riding a bike, in my opinion - once you learn, there's no forgetting how...why is there a renewal? Maybe it's to get a photo updated...or maybe it's to collect more moneys since Texas has no income tax [they need to get funds somewhere, right?] Had the eye exam and my eyesight improved over the last few years...I no longer have the corrective lens restriction on it. I don't have to wear my glasses driving!! And then, get my mugshot photo taken...they won't see me again 'til 2017. In all fairness, I really didn't have to go physically, I could've done it online since nothing in regards to any stats on my history has changed, but I wanted a new photo. The old one was when I had long, long hair. [I don't like the NEW photo I look like a hag that's been cooped up in a desert hideout for decades] By the way, at $25 a shot, and nearly 13.5 million drivers registered in Texas, that rounds out to roughly $337 million over a 6 year span. That's a lot of mullah. Now I'm wondering just how much revenue from all the stuff the citizens of this state has to dish out...what Texas has in one year total?!! LOL

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The city has started a new recycling program that I'm excited about. Well, as excited as one can get about 'garbage'. In the past month the entire area within the city limits has received a new and huge recycle bin. And it's triggered by a computer chip! It will weigh your recycling refuse when picked up every other week, and with the weight...they will then record your points to the recycle bank. In turn you can redeem the points to any of the participating local retailers for 'cash credit' for purchases. I think it's a great idea. Altho Bud and I have recycled plastic mostly, this will be an incentive to put more in the bin and get rewarded!! Too bad all cities don't do this! Recycle Bank Dot Com

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Who is this doing a Chinese KFC Commercial?!!

CLICK LINK HERE -it's less than 30 seconds long, and do turn on your volume---he even sounds like our Prez!!!

Obama it's not...maybe Faux-bama?!!!!

photos courtesy of Texas DMV and KIII TV

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I think anywhere around the country this past week, there was snow, sleet or ice. Maybe in some places all of the previous mentioned at once. If you were visiting with me Friday, I had several photos posted of the ice storm we had. We didn't get the snow that was predicted. Of that I'm very happy. Now the weather is going to be back to more normal temps. With highs around 60 and 70. THAT I like!! Tuesday, we finished all the Spring Cleaning. I had plans of being outdoors doing yard work which came to a screeching halt because of the Arctic weather for the entire remaining week. That's fact, I was more than happy to have the cold air come in BEFORE we worked. Now, we can do it all at once. But there is another cold front moving in by the end of this coming week....who knows when the yard clean-up around here will begin. The photo here to the right is after the storm moved out and the skies cleared---before the ice melted.


  1. A lovely beach scene,Anni! I think I'll join the gull!


    Shadows may or may not be
    Patterns of urbanity.
    If a shadow threatens you,
    Here, my dear, is what to do:
    Grab the shadow by the throat,
    Toss it to a billy goat,
    So the goat can chomp and chew,
    Keeping it away from you!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Chiseled Shadows

  2. I do love your seagull and his delightful shadow! What a fun capture, Anni! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!!


  3. I enjoy viewing the gull as he reflects at low tide. Not a fan of gulls, but his shape and classy pose under the sun may prompt me to change my mind!

  4. thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. i always go to the dmv to renew my driver's license. always i hate my photo and my weight amount stays the same after all of these years. take care rose

  5. Such a lovely picture, glad you finished your spring cleaning.

  6. What a picture perfect shot, wish I lived near the ocean again...sigh!!!

  7. Love your seagull, they make great subject material don't they. I know what you mean by those horrible photos, I reckon they wait till you've got the worst expression then shoot. Happy Birthday for next week. (Mine's on the 11th so I'll almost celebrate with you!)

  8. Lovely shadow of the bird.

  9. Nice shadow shot, love the glow from the sunset.

    Congrats on getting your license renewed, funny how we never like the photos that are on our licenses and passports.

  10. I hate getting a new license... I look older in each one! LOL LOL

  11. I loved the shadow shot! The new way of recycling is a great idea. I bet it will really increase what's recycled.

  12. The shadow picture is wonderful - just lovely.

    I have two driver's licenses. I lost mine and had to go get another one. Then I found it in an envelope from the bank - when I went to the drive-through, I had to send my license in for identification. I liked the old picture and hated the new, so I've been using it. But the nice picture will expire this year on my birthday, and the other one is good for 5 more years.

    I wish I could get in the mood to really clean deeply!

    The icy picture is neat too!

  13. Me again - Loveland has been in the frontlines of recycling for years, but they could learn something from your town with that chip - awesome idea!!

  14. Happy SSS to you! That gull shadow is so sharp. They make us retake the driver lic. test in AZ now...depending on our age. Mine is up in 2015 when I turn 65. Ugh. I hate tests of any kind so I'm with you on this! We had some freezing temps here in Phx this past week too, but it's warmed up again.

  15. Glad the sotrm moved out. I wish you warm days, and that's a great shadow shot.

  16. Beautiful shadow shot of that bird!

  17. Gorgeous shadow shot Anni, I love it! My favourite so far this week :)

  18. new follower..lovely blog..looking forward to more posts!!

  19. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Happy birthday, my youngest son shares the same day! The shot with the gull is excellent with the shadow. Oddly enough, I photographed some gulls yesterday, 30 Deg F and raining :-(

  20. I love the gull shadow and the sun and its reflectioniss very beautiful . The environment there sure bests our snow covered lsndscapt that we have here! Have a great day! Ann

  21. Great shadow shot!

    I like the look of your new recycling program.

  22. Gorgeous shadow of the seagull!!!! I've been to Corpus a few times. Once for a week back when I had a "real job" as a court reporter we were taking depositions for a week. Seems like another life ago. Now I just dig in the dirt :-) Don't miss reporting AT ALL!

  23. that sweet lone gull is so regal :)

  24. I love your seagull photo-it looks like an advertisement for visiting the beach!

  25. Sounds like a busy week!
    Nice shadow shot, I love when wildlife cooperates! The ice cubes are neat, also!


  26. Hi Anni,

    Love your seagull and his shadow!

    AND-Your blog is looking very cheery for Valentines Day! I'm always delighted when I visit your place! :)


  27. Hi Anni, it sounds like you had a very busy week. Happy early birthday. I noticed that when I commented on your freeze post that I left out a very important word. I meant to say that "I hope your plants are not goners."

    When we were in KS, I didn't notice any recycling at all. In OR we have had a can and bottle bill forever, and recycling is a pretty big deal. I thought, man, we are working so hard on this, and they are throwing EVERYTHING away. I'm glad that your town is moving forward and with rebates!

    I added a slide show and a link to my post on the Museum of World Treasures, if you would like to check back. Thanks, and have a wonderful week!

  28. Beautiful shadow shot Anni!

  29. That's a beautiful shadow shot! Really lovely.

  30. contented bird enjoying the scenery!!!

  31. Anni, what an amazing shadow shot. Makes me long for a walk on the beach. ~ Sarah

  32. What a perfect shadow shot!

  33. I love the seagull "shadow shot" ---right place at the right time with a camera!!! Mickie

  34. Anni, what a great seagull shadow! He looks so nice in the setting sun on the Gulf! So glad that you didn't get snow! Ice is bad enough. San Francisc area weather hasn't been bad and today was glorious. I went over to the beach while my son ran. The surfers were out by the dozens - clad in wet suits because the ocean temperatures are 55 degrees.

  35. Love your shadow shot, Anni. Beautifully captured.

  36. Sweet gull shadow, Anni. I love your rants!

  37. Hello Anni,

    Thank you for visiting my shadow shot!

    Am trying to calculate the amount you mentioned and yes that's a huge money !

  38. Love the seagull shadow. Sounds like you've had a busy week.

  39. This is such a beautiful, warm photo! I missed it before....I was swamped and am now finally getting caught up on visiting everyone!




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