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Since our honeymoon and a gift from my new husband, Bud bought me a ruby red dish [not this one shown] when we were perusing a tourist sight...well, that has blossomed into a small collection of ruby red glass items throughout the house [mostly, now, the glass collection is in my dining room hutch]. But, I brought out a piece for Valentine's Day that I plan on filling with candy hearts for a bit of the 'romance touch' this year...

The 'bowl' part of the dish, I think anyway, is almost HEART shape. Do you agree?


  1. that is a beautiful bowl!

  2. Hi Anni ~~ I love the beautiful dish with the
    swan neck. Lovely for Valentine's Day.

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow
    on the 9th February, my friend. Have a lovely
    day for your special day.

    Happy Valentine's Day too to you and your
    husband. Take care, Love, Merle.

  3. An amazing shade of red ~ and a definite heart shape :)

  4. Oh, darn! I thought you had discovered a swimming red swan! Oh, well, this one is ALMOST as good! :-)


    A damsel who loved shades of red
    Discovered she’d been sore misled;
    She had no more rose,
    Nor blush for her nose—
    If she finds the thief, the guy’s dead!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Poinsettia and Fountain

  5. hearts everywhere...beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful dish....will there be Hershey kisses in it or the little hearts with message on them?
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. What a sweet idea! I love the piece--my favorite color is red!

  8. That's beautiful !

    BTW I have tried to get 2 years of my Cat blog printed as a book. Today I got the book and it is just great ! I feel like a writer, lol !
    Now I am encouraged to also have my other blogs printed as books. So my little grandson can read later what kind of woman I was.

  9. I agree and it's pretty!

  10. What a beautiful dish. It is funny how a collection can get started.
    Thank you for the Valentine, I am going to put it on my post.
    I hope that you are staying warm in your area.

  11. I agree! It's very pretty!

  12. Cute Blog! I am a new follower! Happy Tuesday! I'd love a follow back if you get time! Http://

  13. Anonymous2/08/2011

    A swan in love must have candy hearts these days up to Valentines :-D
    Rimkogeren, my husband, always gets a kind of present from me on the 14'th february, 'cause it's his birthday ;-)
    We don't want to be blamed by Al Gore, so I drop the 70 candlelight monday next week, and besides Rimkogeren like sweeties lots more *LOL*
    Great RT-shots and text!

  14. This is a beautiful bowl! I love the shade! Happy Valentines! And I read tomorrow, Happy B-day! Enjoy

  15. Oh Anni, it's such a beautiful bowl and yes, perfect for Valentine's Day:-) I had a friend who collected ruby red glass dishes and I remember going to her place and admiring her collection. She's since passed away and her daughter sold it all...sigh.

    It's -11F here right now and even colder with the windchill...wanna come over???? lol xoxo

  16. Love your background and the dish.
    Mama Bear

  17. I am your newest follower!
    Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
    Quick Tattletails

  18. Gorgeous!

    Hope you can still take a peek at my Ruby Tuesday, thanks in advance!

  19. Very nice. Very RED. Mickie