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This beauty was near the loading dock [the walkway plank] to 'board' the Seafood Restaurant at the Marina...Landry's Seafood House. The photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, and I'm sure it didn't survive the harsh winter weather from last week. What a shame. But, as an added note, I always stop and have to get a close up look of pansies and linger by them...they were my father's favorite spring-time blossom. He was an avid gardener...I think it rubbed off a little on me.

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I ask with a bit of dismay: "How is trademarking the name S@r@h P@lin feasible; what is her purpose in this whole idea?!!!" This past week, there has been light given to us readers about the attempt for our Queen Political Spe@ker and EX v!ce-pres!dent!al c@ndidate of the Republ!c@n party regarding that she and her daughter have applied for registering their names. For the fact that in just a short couple days since the article, the two were denied the trademark. Well now...that brought a burning question to me. Why the two are trying to 'protect' their names and giving them a realm of opportunities to sue those who speak their opinions against them [as she has many times in the past of others: i.e. "0b@m@ palling around with Terrorists"] ---or another incident that I recall was SNL and T!n@ F@y....well, it's totally absurd an action if you ask me, and I sure hope my assumption of any hidden meaning to this action on her incorrect. Sure, I can probably understand the fact that issue of 'trademarking' your name, for protection, such as some celebrities do because of those cashing in on the name when it's not their name, or using it for fraudulent actions, but is this action for the true meaning of protection or is it just a ploy to have the opportunities, if they arise, for slander law suits in the future? I can't help thinking this; with her past actions. It seems that she can dish it out, but if anyone were to slander her or her registered daughter's name...whoa. America, look out!! And Tina Fay? I'd be hitting the high road outta here!! Then, on the other hand, it made me wonder just how many S@r@h P@l!ns there are in the world? I ventured further into the me, there are tons----IGI [International Genealogy Index]. Hmmmmmm. The woman from Al@sk@ is getting on my nerves more so each day.

And on another note, this all brings to mind the way of life these days, with everything being online through the internet. Are copyrights really 'safe'? Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that also reminds me. Have you ever heard the term: copyleft? Well, in today's times of the internet, there IS such a term and it's being used these days. Yep, copyleft. And the symbol is like any other. Yes, it's a reversed © symbol...
    "Copyleft type licenses are a novel use of existing copyright law to ensure a work remains freely available."
Read all about it here! Well, I never thought I'd live to see the day. Will wonders never cease? LOLOLOL


  1. from the ridiculous to the insane if you ask me. self-importance, that's what it is. i wish 'people' would just come back to earth instead of living on that imaginary cloud of theirs....

  2. I love pansies! They are so cheery and unique!
    Copyleft? I'd never heard of it before!

  3. OH! Spring where art thou!!! Your pictures are grand and cause me to wish even harder for Spring! Well done! Cathy

  4. Anni what beautiful pansies. They are my favorite flower such happy faces.
    Madi and Mom

  5. Gorgeous flower....

  6. The pansies remind me of spring... Thanks! (Just now it's snowing outside my windows again after a week of thaw)

  7. That was interesting reading - learn something new every day - even as old as I am!

  8. I like Pansies too and as a rule, snow doesn't bother them too much. I've had mine covered in it but still they survived. So-o you did get snow? I told Honey Bear it was predicted..he was in Corpus Christi during his Naval the way, snowed in Memphis today...I hope it doesn't show up here as predicted...I've had enough of it for one winter.
    Thinking on you,
    Mama Bear

  9. And what a beautiful face it is!

  10. You'd be surprised how hardy pansies are considering they look so delicate. Before the snow is even gone, I always have pansies growing at the side of house, in the gravel even! lol

    Sarah Palin and her daughter wanted their names trademarked? Rolling my eyes here and shaking my head. Why does nothing surprise me where that woman is concerned? Ugh!

    Too funny about the "copyleft"...who knew! lol xoxo



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