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Being only one month until Valentine's Day, I've been thinking love stories. LOL I'm not much on romance novels at all...especially the current romances out on the bookshelves these days. Only 'cause they're all the same ---only the characters' names are different and filled with all kinds of sexual stuff. That's not my kind of romance. [Altho, I do have to admit when I read the very first novel by Jean Auel, The Clan of the Cave Bear...I DID get all hot and bothered. rofl] Anyway, only three true romance novels come to mind. They are love stories where the main character can't have the love in return. One is "The Thorn Birds". A second one, is "Gone With the Wind". But, many, many fact way back probably close to 50 years, one of my cherished reads was Leroux's Phantom of the Opera. In fact, the book left such a memorable mark on me that I vowed to name my first born son, Erik...the male dominate character from the story. And I did; to much chagrin of our son when I told him who he was named after....he thinks the Phantom is a monster, but to me he, Erik, is the epitome of a devoted musician and composer along with possessing a deep devout love of one much so that he gives her up to another man in spite of his deep, deep lust and wanting to be loved himself. A man of heart and admiration of those who really 'know and understand' the story as a love story instead of the Hollywood's version of horror and wrath. The other morning, I took out my sketch pad and began this piece. Drawing and painting is a great relaxing way of dealing with times when I have nothing to do and try to keep from getting on the computer and sitting way too long at a time. I can draw a bit, walk away, look at it at times what I've done so far, then go back to drawing or stay away from it for a while while doing a chore here and there, only to come back to it in time. It too is one of my favorite works of art...that is, the most recent poster of the Broadway's Playbill; both the rose and the partial mask are significant props/costumes in the modern movie and the Broadway play...

Once this piece was done, I thought I give a go at attempting to draw the Phantom himself. The one of Gerard Butler...we'll see how he turns out, I may be sharing that one too sometime soon.


  1. this one promises to be beautiful. i so wish i could draw...

  2. you are doing a great job. I can't write my name neatly so you are amazing to me! lol
    I loved this opera. I got to attend it one year when I was just a girl in college...It is soooo beautiful! good luck with the phantom!

  3. How clever you are at sketching, what a wonderful way to relax.

    Your choice of novels brought back memories, I have also read "The Thorn Birds" and "Gone with the Wind"both great reads.

  4. I love The Thorn Birds and Gone with the Winds. I never saw or read the Phantom of the Opera. Is it only on stage, or is it in book form?

  5. Mari As I posted, it's one of my favorite reads!! The book came out LONG before the Broadway show or the movie. Long, LONG before.

  6. The minute I saw your heading I knew what it was about. One of my Favorite plays.... I have seen it several times and even bought the movie!!! Beautiful work Anni!

  7. I agree, Phantom is a most wonderful story and I love all of the characters too. It has a timeless appeal. Perfect sketch and one that will bring you much joy in creating and enjoyment

  8. I haven't read Phantom of the Opera but I've read the other two. I've seen the movie though and would love to see the play! My favorite romance book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I love your sketch! I've always wished I could draw! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! :)

  9. That looks great. My hubby is a sketch artist too. I have the HUGEST crush on Mr. Butler!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my jewelry! I DO sell them!

    Also, did you know your a noreply comment blogger? If you didn't email me and I can help you fix it! amiallison at yahoo dot com

  10. Lily I never post my email. It has nothing to do with privacy or spam issues, it is mainly the time I allow myself online during the day. I also don't take time to go back to the bloggers I left comments for...again, no time. I also feel it's more courteous to respond with your visitor by paying THEM a visit.

  11. You are so talented girl.
    I love the story about your son's name.
    I also like the new heading that you have.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Your sketch is coming nicely -- you are very talented! I love the Phantom of the Opera, too. It is a very romantic story.

  13. Hi Anni...I love both The Thorn Birds and Gone with the Wind, but my all time favourite love story is Wuthering Heights. Wonderful tale of passion.

    I love your art are very gifted, so I'm looking forward to seeing your next work.

  14. Hello Anni, You are very talented! I love stories on who kids are named after! All 4 of mine have a reason! I've read 'Gone With The Wind'. Have you ever read 'Pride and Prejudice'? That is one of my all time favorites!
    Love the new Valentine look!
    P.S. Lubbock is starting to warm up, slightly!

  15. Thank You for stopping by. Have a great weekend.........Julian

  16. Hi Anni! Lovely sketch!
    I too loved The Phantom of The Opera. As well as The Thorn Birds and Gone with the Wind. Love and longing...Gets me every time. The music to the Broadway Phantom is magnificent! It's running through my head right now...And I probably won't get it to stop! And it's all you fault *winks* Vanna

  17. Hi Anni, thanks for stopping by to join us for Tea! *wink* Yes, I did participate in Show And Tell Friday over at Cindy's... I find the Linky's help with connecting with so much more of this wonderful community in Blog Land! Love your Phantom Of The Opera sketch. I'm an Artist and initially sketching was the first medium I enjoyed... as I discovered more and more Artistic outlets I'm having the time of my life... right now Fabric Art is a passion I'm pursuing, making Bohemian Treasures. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. PS: Had to smile about your Johnny Depp comment... if he indeed did show up for Tea I doubt I could concentrate on playing Hostess!!! *swoon* I'm sure he'd be the life of the Party though and we'd have a mad rush for the Tea Party!!! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Wonderful choice to draw for Valentine's day!


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