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I had mentioned yesterday in my Sunday's Summary a small tidbit about the pecans and squirrels in the 'hood!!! I thought today, I'd expand a little on the story....

For the past month it's been quite a competition between the heavyweight, Anni, and the featherweights and lightweights...the birds and the squirrels!! I really can't tell just who's winning the bout for the title, but I do know after my cardiologist appointment today, the two of us, Bud and I, will be breakin' a few. Getting 'em ready for the freezer and future baking.

In this corner, we have the squirrel-----

---as they have acute hearing sense, and probably excellent sight, she saw me and my camera from the garage window. The pecan tree is just a few feet from our garage door. Anyway, she spied me and took offense...

- - -

...and in THIS corner, I'm now armed and ready!! Got my pick, got my cracker and counted 'em. Yes, counted 'em. Weighing in at 266 pecans to shell so far. There are several still hanging on in the tree branches; depending on who gets to 'em first!!!


  1. Way to do it, Anni!! what a beautiful pecan harvest!!

  2. well I hope you win the battle but I do hope mr/s squirrel gets a few too

  3. You better get "crackin"! :)
    Hope your appointment goes well and then you can get lots of nuts stored away.
    PS - Glad I can comment today. For some reason, I couldn't yesterday. Everytime I hit post comment it took me to some blogger page. I see others were able to so who knows what was going on!

  4. What a tasty snack! Love it.

  5. *lol* I hope there are Pecan´s enough for both you and the Squirrels :)
    Great shots !!!

  6. When we lived in Oklahoma Ron would go out and pick up all the pecan that fell off the trees. I guess some people weren't interested in them. At any rate they were so tasty. Can see the squirrel is lovin' them!!! Thank you for y our visit! Wishing you well! Caty

  7. oh how sweet!!!! i don't think anyone will win here, sharing's probably the way to go. i still want to plant a fig tree, but when i see the lengths my neighbour has to go to to prevent the birds from getting them first, i shy away from it.

  8. LOL, I love your commentary on the Squirrels, we don't have pecan trees but we do have the squirrels..everywhere.....and they just love our pear trees, heck they even love our blueberries, as does the birds.
    I really like your marco shots of the pecans.

  9. LOL Annie!! How cute is that squirrel, I love you gurl!! But I am betting on the squirrel

  10. Good luck beating the squirrels at their own game!! We hope your appt. goes well today leaving you full of vim and vigor.
    Happy Monday
    Madi and Mom

  11. LOL, gotta keep ahead of those little creatures, hope you win! Love pecans

  12. I like these nuts, but even more the little squirrel, it looks so cute !

  13. I have done the pecans picking and putting in the freezer. I was lucky to get a big sack full of them from my sil from OK that have several pecan trees. They sell them down there.
    It is tiring work but love having them in the freezer now for baking.
    Good luck to you and Bud.

  14. Anni vs. Squirrel is like Pacquiao vs Margarito. Will you be Pacquiao in this battle Anni? :-)

  15. ooh, pecans, i would fight for them!

  16. Love this post! Your squirrels are so cute and the pecans look delicious.

  17. Enjoyed reading the post about your walk and the joke about pecans....Hope all went well with your checkup.
    Mama Bear

  18. Must be a good year for them...I had a friend in Memphis who had a grove in the back yard...perhaps 10 or more trees, the houses backed up to this and there was a walking trail and benches...Each year, her husband sat on the deck and decimated the Squirrel population with his pellet gun.
    Mama Bear

  19. ooh pecans! In my part of the world we don't grow pecans... but we do enjoy pecan nut pastries (presumably imported from where you are)... Yum!

  20. Love the photos of the squirrel and the pecans... looks like there were lots for sharing...

  21. Hello dear Anni, I'm finally back to blogging after a break to renovate my living feels so good to have time to come visit again:-) I've never had pecans straight from the tree before, how awesome to have them right in your own yard. Hopefully the critters have let you get some more! lol xoxo

  22. FRESH pecans! Good luck, Anni!

  23. Anonymous11/15/2010

    You can't get any more fresh than that! Squirrels are tough, they don't have to go to work during the day, so they can feast at their leisure.


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