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Wow, I can't believe I haven't shared these photos. I completely forgot about them until I went searching for an image for Ruby Tuesday and spotted these that are still in my album folder on the computer!! Several weeks ago, [I think sometime in September] our local art museum had this Artists' Show. There were statues and art...all built from LEGO™. And as always, ol' Anni tries to tempt fate and break the rules. Y'know, the certain stipulation at the museum that no cameras are allowed. I arm myself with my cellphone for just the occasion. I have it ready and primed for shooting; in a hurry while the museum security cameras and guards are not aimed at me. Of course I always work alone. Bud refuses to be part of the scheme of things. Which is okay...I need someone to bail me out if need be. Now, granted, the photos are not that good because of the fact that I have my weapon camera hidden in my pocket and have to take it out and shoot from the hip!! Okay... the first one is a LEGO™ heart!! That's where the Ruby for Tuesday comes in. Boy howdy folks, has LEGO™ ever advanced since our kids were young some 30+ years ago. All kinds of color! It's super. And I hafta tellya, I was astounded by the art. And craft. The next photo isn't a 'complete' photo 'cause of the fact the security camera was swingin' my way and I had to shoot in a hurry!!----A T-REX!! I was flabbergasted at this feat. And as near as I can tell, it's very close to the real filled an entire section of the room. I'm trying to remember a bit of what I read about the construction of this...something like---it took the artist 6 months to complete and some 5000+ LEGO™ bricks. Not sure on the stats, but It was amazing. I feel compelled to tell you here and now I took this because of one simple fact. Our son, Erik, when he was pre-school age, was hooked on the toy. He used to build ships mostly and war stuff. But he was also very interested in reading and collecting posters of dinosaurs, so tying both interests from our past, I had to take a photo of the dinosaur just to show Erik.The next two are one I took from my hip...AND the other is from the museum's website. Since I had to be too crafty at shooting some photos, I didn't get a good aim on the entire piece of work. I call this one "Spilling My Guts"...but to be honest, I really can't remember what the artist titled it. LOL

This smaller image was borrowed from the Museum's Site © by artist

I must admit that it was a fun, fun exhibition. Kids of all ages were speechless at all the work involved and all the hundreds of exhibits! There were entire human bodies, wall art [like framed paintings/portraits], I remember a colossal lead pencil [even with 'writing' in black brick on the yellow pencil]. A New York Skyline was another [at night---the buildings were black brick with small yellow brick here and there for lights in the buildings]. If you happen to know this exhibit will be at your local art museum, trust me, you won't want to miss this phenomenal show!! I hope I'm not infringing on any copyright by showing the photos I happened to, in a way is free advertising for the artist. Nevertheless, his work is outstanding. I was so very impressed.


  1. yeah, lego's aren't what they used to be. and i too spent many happy hours, first with with my brother, then with the bean, building stuff. but nothing like this! love that yellow dude spilling his guts, heee hee heee. and i saw a james may show, where he built an entire house out of lego. human size. BIIIIIG. can you believe it?!?!?!?!

  2. Lego art is amazing. The heart is perfect for a Ruby Tuesday. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I always love seeing these Lego creation's.
    Just amazing to me.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday-Fall Lazy Flare

  4. wow, a humongous t-rex indeed! i remember i can only make a simple tower when i get to play my bro's lego when we were kids.

    the ruby lego heart was amazing. glad your phone "escaped" the security:)

  5. Amazing! I never would have thought a museum show would be made up of legos. Love the heart!

  6. Very nice Lego, good thing you captured it all, hehehe KUDOS!

  7. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Fantastic Lego art, especially the heart! Thank you for stopping by at my RT!


  8. Wow! Legos have come a long way since I was little. That man with his chest open is amazing!
    New follower, please follow back.
    I like your blog!

  9. WOW....Anni you keep on taking illegal pictures like this. I'll bail you out anytime any day. My phone number is 1-800-HELP-ANNI!!!
    Hugs Madi

  10. Oh my..... I would have loved to have seen that.. How creative..I love to go to art shows...... My brother is getting in more and more galleries..... He needs to be in some in Texas......

    Have a happy Tuesday.........

  11. I have to laugh at the thought of you trying to sneak these pictures. I would do that too, and Bob would be like Bud - taking no part in it!
    Looks like a great exhibition. I'm glad you were able to share.

  12. Great show!

    Happy RT!


  13. That was so neat. I can remember those legos from the boys and the grands. I also remember stepping on them.
    I loved how you told the story.
    Great stuff.
    Have a great Tuesday.

  14. Oh wow, that is a really neat exhibit. What a silly rule not to allow photographs. I can understand it in an art gallery when they say the flash is bad for the paintings, but lego? Oh well! Glad you got some photos ;)

  15. You rebel, watch out for the museum police!! The Lego art is amazing but due to the cost of the stuff, the most my sons and I have built was a small garage...

  16. I would love to see a Lego art exhibit. the pictures look so interesting and creative.

  17. The nuts look really cool up close.

  18. These are all excellent exhibits! The heart, dino and guts are imaginative ways to work with that great artistic medium, LEGO! Excellent captures, even if illegally gathered!

  19. Pretty impressive - most museums will have pics of exhibits on their web site so I think you are legal. They don't want other people to copy mostly.

  20. Those are amazing lego art!

  21. Wow! What a fun exhibit and amazing talents. Who would have thought? Keep that weapon handy at all times -- I thought the photos got the feel of the exhibit across just fine.

    I always wonder about those 'no photo' rules -- how could they hurt anything.

  22. Great shots. It is amazing the things I have seen build out of legos. I just hate to think of what the cost would be for the number of legos needed to build some of these sculptures.

  23. Amazing what can be made out of legos! That is so annoying of museums-- at some galleries will let you take photos without flash.

    Thanks for the visit!

  24. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sneaks photos where I'm not supposed to be taking them! hehe I'll never forget this one time when Shawn was about 5 years old...we had brought him to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and one of the displays was all about dinosaurs. Shawn being a true dinosaur fanatic, I just had to take out my camera and take pictures of him standing in front of them. Well, I got caught and the security guard came to warn me...once he was gone, I took another picture...and another...when I saw him coming again, I ran out! lol

    Those Lego creations are absolutely amazing, I'd love to see something like that. Actually, in Niagara Falls there is a Lego Museum now that I think of it...will have to go in it next time!! xoxo

  25. Finally made it over here to visit and follow! It's amazing what people can do with LEGOs! My favorite is the spilling of the guts!

  26. :)
    It looks inetresting!!
    thanks for sharing


  27. That is too awesome! I love legos but only made crappy houses lol

    Following you from FMBT! Hope you stop by and follow us as well! We have some great giveaways going on now and every week until Christmas!

    Mommy Misc

  28. These are great, I love the heart!

  29. Those are amazing creations! I played with legos, but always just followed the instructions - like a good little worker bee! Thanks for visiting me! Enjoy the week.

  30. OMG, what an awesome Logo structure! I haven't seen such intricate ones like these.

    My Yellow Monday post

  31. Wow these are awesome!!! I wish I could build something like that. All I could ever manage was a square house.

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)


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