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Green Green Grass of Home

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Well, it's Thursday and time for Thursday Theme Songs. I put this one together in a hurry this time....using a lot of photos I've already published at one time or another on my blog. I'm still on a blogging break for the most part....

As for the Cold/Flu, both Bud and I still have it. Altho the cough has become a productive cough now. Eventually we will feel better. Hip hip hooray!! Yesterday afternoon I finally finished packing away all things Halloween. Put out just a few for Thanksgiving. I'm satisfied with the scant amount this year. LOL

The mid term votes have been counted for most part, and our President now has a lot of work ahead of him...and he's been humbled by the disgust and somberness of the voters' calls!! America is no longer a Democratic run government! Which is the way it should be...I don't like huge majorities like it's been for two years...NOTHING gets done. Maybe now, the health care reform will get a 'new dress'...if not completely overhauled OR dumped all together. I never was for that to begin with, but again, it's not up to's up to the people's voice!! And they [the voters] have spoken!!! As for the local government [state and county] I'm very pleased to say I'm happy with the outcome of that also...we need NEW BLOOD in our system.


The old house is still standing,

[Fulton Mansion -Rockport Texas]

though the paint is cracked and dry

[an historic home in Corpus Christi Heritage park]

And there's that old oak tree that I used to play on

[Live Oak tree on Nueces River]

Yes. down the lane I'll walk...

[driveway of friends' horse ranch in CO Springs]

...with my sweet Mary
Hair of gold and lips like cherries
It's good to touch the green, green grass of home

SONG: Green Green Grass of Home
recorded by many, the link is one of Tom Jones


  1. aaaw, anni and bud, get well soon now!!!

    i love these 'picture' songs of yours. you never disappoint, even when in a 'hurry'...

  2. Wow I like the blue page cover! Nice TTS post dear Anni!

  3. Glad to hear you and Bud are beginning to feel a little better, take it easy.

    Wonderful photos as always and I love this song.

  4. Do you suppose our president is wishing yet, for the "green, green grass of home?"

  5. I've always liked that song. It was a fun one to see pictures with.
    I was happy with the election results in our area too.
    Hope you and Bud are soon over this bug!
    PS - I love the turkey!

  6. Great post Anni!!!
    I'm glad to hear you and Bud are hopefully at the end of a long sick tunnel...
    This is one of my favorite Tom Jones songs.
    Madi and Mom

  7. It's good to "see" you today, but so sorry you're still feeling punk. Take good care of yourself!!

  8. Enjoyed this and I love that song. Now it will be in my head.
    I totally agree with you on needing a new dress on Health care.
    I hope that we will get one now that truly works for us seniors.
    have a great day
    Hope that you feel better soon. Hubs is still coughing and feeling a little poorly yet also.

  9. Lovely choice of pictures to go with the song, Anni. I love that old house, wow!
    I'm really enjoying this meme, and hope a few more people catch onto it soon. Would hate to see you give it up.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. I love this song, I think I was in High School.

  11. Get well soon, you two!! love the theme song!

  12. hello dear Anni dropping by to check what your posting!

  13. sorry to hear that you both have a cold ! Hope it's far better now. I got my tank full of sunshine and am back from Egypt. Being not American and seeing it all from outside, I honnestly don't like the speaches of the Republicans. They seem so fanatic. But maybe both together is a good solution.

  14. Hope you can participate in Weekend Funnies. Shakira handed the meme over to me, because she has not enough time anymore.

  15. Our family might be spending a few nights in Corpus over Thanksgiving! Either there or some place in Houston that has a nice indoor pool.

    I have been to Colorado Springs, it's very lovely.


  16. I like your pictoral Green Green Grass of Home song. I remember the Fulton

    Did you know that this is National Peanut Butter Month?

    I'm not doing the meme's that you are right now so we don't have an excuse to visit.

    I just needed to procrastinate a bit on my Sunday school lesson (I'm teaching tomorrow) so I decided to do my blogroll that I had been missing lately.

  17. Well, that's a fun idea, to illustrate songs with your own photos! Very creative!