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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Left Behind....[not the book series]


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Thursday Thunks below my theme song


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All alone am I ever since your goodbye
All alone with just a beat of my heart
People all around but I don't hear a sound...

- - -

Photo: When I saw this, "All Alone Am I" song, sung by the late Brenda Lee, came to my mind immediately. A lonely, very 'sad' turtle [and photo op for our themesong this week] that some child left on the many people all around, walking the shores, but it's all alone now with no one to love it anymore! And only the ONE PHOTO was/is needed.
Taken: on Aransas Beach Port Aransas, Texas

...and speaking of "Left Behind" -as my blog title states for the day-, [by Tim LaHaye and some other dude] the book series of the Earth's Apocalypse...I think there were something like 15 or 16 books in the series, did anyone read the entire group of books? I started reading them long ago, they were pretty good until about the 4th or 5th book, and I came to a point of view for me personally that this is taking too long...just how long does it take for the 'world to end'? Never did go further.

- - -<><><>- - -


1. It's election time. The moon is currently waxing crescent and is 37% full. What do you do to decide who to vote for? Usually try to attend campaign rallies, or now that I have the convenience of www...I usually get my bearings through being online and researching what I want answered.

2. Everybody is afraid of something. Do you play a musical instrument? A couple...guitar and piano. Altho, it's been a long time. My guitar just sits by idly...and I sold the piano when we relocated.

3. Everyone loves some kind of music. What is an irrational fear that you have? Most would say it's irrational...but I fear water above my head, and looking DOWN from heights.

4. Back to politics. Who do you think will be next president after Obama whether he gets a second term or not? As long as it's NOT from Alaska...I'll be okay. Unless it moves to another state...then, wherever it calls 'residence'.

5. What is the most unusual piece of furniture that you own? A beautiful eight foot high hand-carved liquor hutch from Old Mexico that we towed home from Nogales, Mexico. I now use it for knick-knacks and books.

6. Everybody gets angry at times. When was your last time and what did it concern? Not really angry. I rarely get angry [it takes forever for me to get that perturbed on something]...but I did get upset with this scenario: I talk, Bud ignores, I repeat my talk, still ignores...then, I hafta scream to be heard...he doesn't look, but will reply "I Guess". Slap him across the head!!!

7. Do you have cousins? If yes, are you or have you been close? I couldn't begin to count how many cousins I have [Irish and Catholic y'know] ----but I have remained close to my favorite [now deceased] aunt's three boys...all my age.

8. What was the last song that you sang in the shower?
Lenny White's "Away Go Troubles Down the Drain"?!! I really don't sing.

9. What question would you like me to ask next week? Speaking of foreign you speak any other language besides your native tongue? Speaking of tongue, are you signed up to be an organ donor? Do you have high arches or flat feet? Who knows----these just popped off the top of my head. Speaking of head....well, we won't go there.

10. What's in your left pocket right now? Nothing...empty, zilch, nada.

11. When was the last time that you laughed till you cried? Taking pictures of Tahoe our cat....she and the upcoming saga of my vodka gimlet [you must return on Saturday for my Camera Critter blog to see]

12. What song would you like played at your funeral? I don't want a funeral. The cost of that is silly if you ask me...doesn't make sense when I wouldn't be there alive to enjoy the, absolutely no funeral, no music.

13. How did you discover Thursday Thunks the first time that you played? Someone's blog. Funny questions, funny answers!!== ones that made me think...guess that's why y'all call it THUNKS.


  1. Enjoyed, as always.

  2. You know I've never ever heard that song and I really liked it. The picture is just perfect. You do such a tremendous job with this. Reall enjoyed this weeks. I'm as broke as you LOL Happy Thursday.

  3. Aw, the poor little turtle. At least he is preserved forever in your photo.

    I always love reading your answers on Thursday Thunks. On #4, as a former Alaskan, amen!

  4. Anni, I love your watery shots! Especially the show with the birds flying around the boat. Even though slow it sounds like you got a nice bird.

  5. I bet that cabinet from Mexico is gorgeous. Pictures??

  6. Hey Annie
    I have the whole left behind series!! It is long and drawn out. If you go strait to the Bible you will get a shorter version. LOL

  7. It is the perfect song for the photo.

  8. Love that song Anni. A local radio station has just switched to playing hits of all genres of music from decades ago. We recently heard this one by Brenda Lee....
    Love your thunks!!
    The most unusual thing I own is a very old iron frame of an old Singer pedal sewing machine. My son in law made me a beautiful top for it. It sits in our dining room.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Oh, that sad little turtle! And some sad little person out there missing the pink turtle! Love the song, too.

    I did finish the series - it was quite gripping and I did a lot of reading in Revelation to see if what they were writing was based on scripture for real. It was.

    Oh, boy - talking to hubby and not having a response. Drives me nut! I know I talk too much, but this is ridiculous. Especially when we're driving and I say something (very important of course) - I look over at him and he's just staring straight ahead (he has hearing loss of late, so I'm never sure). I ask him if he heard - he did. I say, "So at least say Hmmm so I know you heard me!

  10. Awww, Anni. Why didn't you 'go there' with the head question?!? LOL. And your description of a conversation with Bud is very close to what I go through with Mr. Bears. At least you get an "I guess." But I save the head slapping for our son, a la NCIS. Around here we call that a DiNozzo.

    Happy Thunking Thursday!

  11. I read the entire series of Left Behind...they were published over a number of years so it wasn't like I read them all at once, one after the other...When I started the first one, I became so depressed that I had to stop for a while...the series certainly made one think about things.
    Mama Bear

  12. Alaska? hhmmmmm.....

    Have a great Thursday!

  13. I've always loved that line "all alone with just the beat of my heart" although Brenda Lee wasn't my favorite, I always remember that line, it sounds SO alone.
    I agree with you about deep water and looking down from heights!

    Kay, Alberta

  14. We are all alone now as our gorgeous grand baby has gone back to Sydney. Love your shot of the lost turtle.

  15. Enjoyed reading this as always.
    I loved #6 I don't get mad easily but I also know it does upset me a little when I have to almost scream to get hubs attention sometimes.
    have a great day.

  16. My lady wanted to get on a chair lift recently in the Berkshires with me. She had no idea how high we were and had a very funny "panic attack" So heights are that way...

  17. That is a sad little pink turtle. The song is perfect for it!

  18. thanks for the visit - glad to be here

  19. I soooo agree with you on the Left Behind series. I actually got up to book nine or ten and gave up. Ridiculously long and slow and the writing was baaaddddd.

  20. I just posted my first entry on Thursday Theme song. And I am enjoying the meme. I am so glad to be a part of this fun. God bless you! :)