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On a walk in the park, I happen to notice you see what I see? A serpent in a tree? Probably not...but I did, so I had to click away.

A Gnarly Mesquite Tree along the pathway

Upon closer look, I happen to notice TWO FANGS at the end of the snout! Along with the two eyes watching me---

You can skip the rest of my Monday post if you'd like---


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As I stated in Sunday's Summary, I planned on completing the posting of the rest of the photos from the "haunted" cemetery here in town. I have nine other pictures to share. Before I get to the photo posting, I have a bit of my thoughts regarding the 'burial' of the mine cave-in that took place over two months ago, in Chile. And how the miners survived the ordeal. The media is likening this trauma to it being like 'living on the space station'---small surroundings, cooped up for months, and little air space. Well, I think not!! Not even close. The space station has windows to look out, sun -night and day...different 'surroundings' through the windows, etc. I just can't think how in god's green world this is even 'remotely' close. They, the ones in the station, have a bit of serenity... of knowing they are not [at least highly unlikely barring a catastrophe] doomed. I couldn't help but think while the miners were trapped that just one speck of earth could begin to fall....burying them for an eternity. THEN!!! The most profound thought, that kept returning to me, the one most deeply imprinted in my mind I have had with this ordeal...why on earth, with American corporations so prosperous through history, and humane through everyone's eyes with the help of labor laws and labor unions --why do 'we' not build a secure room in OUR mines/for our miners for such mishaps? A place the miners can go to survive and wait out the time for rescue? Is it all because of the almighty dollar? Is it because the owners of the mines have no feelings for the hard workers that in turn make the huge profits for them? Why, oh why? Our country, it seems so these days, is built on greed, with absolutely no indulgent and unselfish efforts to save the 'little people'.

Okay, I got that off my's been bugging me since day one of this ordeal!! Now for the rest of the story on the cemetery---

From reading online, the history of this particular cemetery, once known as Mt. Calvary---
"Located at Up River Road and Palm Drive just off Leopard in Corpus Christi. Mrs. Katherine Bray, who is buried in section K, donated to the Catholic Church 10 acres of land which she had purchased from H.L. Kinney in 1851 for the price of one dollar. In 1866 she deeded two acres to Rev. John Gonnard and the Catholic Church, then in 1869 she sold the remainder of the property to Right Reverend C.M. Dubose, Bishop of Texas.(Deed Book I, pages 289-290) The oldest part of the cemetery was known as Mt. Calvary. It is now included in, or known as, the Old Holy Cross Cemetery. Some older cemetery maps show that it was closed by law at one time due to a yellow fever epidemic. Many of the tombstones bear record of tragedies in the local history such as diseases, the Civil War, and the hurricane of 1919, and reflect birthplaces of England, Ireland, and Mexico. The names of approximately 6450 people buried in this cemetery were determined. The earliest birth date found on a tombstone was 1797, and the earliest death date was 1855."


  1. Again - I enjoyed the tombstones. It's the oldest cemetery I've seen in some time.
    I'm thinking about your idea for a secure room and wondering if they don't do that because you don't know where the cave in would be and if the miners could get to the room. It seems they are often stuck in one small area whenever there is a cave in. Does that make sense to you?

  2. Love tree captures! Very cool.

  3. Wonderful post. The snake in the tree is really a fright! And the cemetery photos are very good and enlightening! Wishing you well! Cathy

  4. Mari Ya, I thought of that scenario also, but it seems that we Americans never look out for the workers like the 'foreign' countries do.

  5. I do see the really is real looking.
    I am so happy that the miners were rescued. Seems to me, I did hear something back from another mining incident in Va. that they do have a room they can go to. Guess it depends on the company. It should be mandatory!
    Love the cementary tour. Its such a fascinating look into the past!

  6. Janis That piece of information regarding VA.'s safe room in a mine, I didn't know!! Yes, I think they should be mandatory!!

  7. WOW...what a terrific find!! I get a kick out of it when my eyes focus in on something like this.

  8. I saw the serpent - terrific picture!

    Your comments on the mine tragedy are right on - I hadn't thought of those things, but it is so true. I always marvel that there are people who are willing to go into the bowels of the universe to make a living - what a dangerous job. I am so thankful they're all safe, but what a horrific experience for them.

    I love the cemetery pictures - you know me and cemeteries! I didn't post any of my close-ups of the one in Newburyport - they go back to the Revolution. So fascinating to me.

  9. Oh do we agree with you on the Miners. It is amazing the opinions that are given by those who know nothing about the real ORDEAL of living there for all that time. Oh my word I would have been stark raving crazy after day one.

    What an interesting Cemetery...very stately entrance too.
    Madi and Mom

  10. Wow! That tree is very interesting/mysterious and unique!! But thats what also makes for a good challenge entry too!! Great macro!

  11. cool pics! Just stopping by to say BOO

  12. Thats quite a tree all knarled like that. You've got quite a new layout here since I last was over - that pumkin just popped up when I hit the comment button lol

  13. How did you see your tree serpent so quickly? I needed the second picture because I was focusing on the left side of the first picture too much.

  14. Bom Well, it probably helps by being there instead of lookin' at a photo. Besides, I hate snakes, and when I saw that 'face' looking at me square in the eye, it made me take a 2nd look!!! LOL

  15. That tree serpent is really is the cemetery. I love walking through old cemeteries and reading the gravestones.

  16. That tree certainly looks spooky enough for Halloween!

  17. Spooky!yet interesting

  18. One of my favorite things to do is visit graveyards for photo inspiration. Its amazing how much beauty lies in death.

    Great shots!

  19. I so agree with you about the mine story.
    I do also think that this country is now all about the all mighty dollar no matter who you have to step on to get it. It makes me so mad!!!!
    Thanks for the history lesson today on the Holy Cross cemetery it was so interesting.

  20. I see the serpent in the tree!

  21. Anonymous10/18/2010

    Thanks for Treat #4 WOOT!!! You are so clever. That mesquite tree is something else I tell ya. You can see those fangs and eyes. So appropriate for Halloween. :) Excellent photos The cemetery photos...excellent. I can't believe I forgot to say this yesterday but my mom would take all of us kids to a cemetery for kicks when we were kids. We had good times there :)

    I'm not so sure a safe room would work in a mine. If something happened how could you make sure that all the miners got there. What if one area of the mine collapsed and the miners were in a total different area. It's a great idea if you ask me but I just don't know if the cost of adding it would make sense working in conditions that you never know what is going to happen.

  22. I like snakes, I think they are interesting, real or sculpted by Mother Nature. I don't want to play with them just observe. Have a great Week!

  23. i love wandering around old graveyards... great pics!
    and yep I can see the snake...his head arching up and coming down in the shadowy bit ~~~~:~

  24. Hi there Ms. Hootin' Annie....Thank you SO MUCH for your visits to my blogs and for your supportive comments. I LOVE your serpent. I always get a kick out of posting something and asking folks “What is it?” It took me a minute to see him, but when I did, I really did see him! I like this blog so much. Your great sense of humor tickles me to death. Just keep those posts a’vomin’ and I will be one happy camper. Will be back to see you VERY soon. Genie

  25. I didn't see the snake at first and then it jumped out at me, DUH, I can be a bit slow on these things...

    I so agree with you on the mandatory safe rooms in the mines. I think it is the almighty dollar in most cases why they don't have it. Glad to read that they have one in VA. My heart goes out to those men. They are now being inundated with press and cameras. If being in the mine that long didn't do them in the paparazzi will. :o(

    Great shots of the cemetery. Great post!!

  26. I wish I can find these people that mess with people like that, and just shake them, and tell them to get a life for pity sakes. You see I got hacked so please be aware that somebody is going around tagging something on to our Posts. Love your Post. You really did some research didn't you. Very cool, and thanks for sharing on this Halloween Season.

  27. interesting but had some dificulties seeing this. roseit could be my glasses

  28. Yes, I saw the serpent and hoped it wasn't really there.
    One thing that bugged me about the mine rescue was how they seemed to forget the 5 rescue workers who were still down there after the 33 were brought up...I know they continued to send the capsule down but on the surface, all was celebration...I think they should have waited until all were out, something still could have gone wrong...You're so right about the lack of protection for the miners, seems to be so backward for such a time as this.
    Loved seeing the cemetery photos.
    Mama Bear