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This year, for some reason [maybe it's because I have so many now the way it is], I did not find any new and worthy of bringing home witches for my collection. The cloth one Bud found for me, and the little ceramic one is from my sister in Colorado. That's it for this season. And that's quite all right by me. As much as I love 'em and how fun they are sitting out and making the home all creepy and crawly with creatures and sound...they all have to be packed away each and every year. Right? So the less I buy/receive, the less of a job I have come November 1st. Tomorrow I plan on tearing everything down and begin cleaning and dusting and then I'll begin putting the small amount of Thanksgiving knick-knacks out that I have. Once that is over, then, it's Christmas Santas that'll keep me occupied for a week or two. As much as I love the holidays, and as much as I love decorating, I WILL be glad when it's over this year. I think a lot has to do with all the other stuff that'll be going on in November and December. I have the cold I'm still fighting with, then I have several doctor's appointments scheduled in November. It's decorating and baking and cooking and cleaning that I think will slow me down this year. The week past has been nothing but a T B-like ward here within the compounds of our 'prison of a home'...I say prison, because we've been locked in for days it seems. I don't like not being able to get up and go out when I want. Yet, I don't like to spread the cold and flu germs either!! I just wish others felt the same way and stay home when they know they're contagious. It just doesn't seem right. I did have to go out to the Pharmacy and pick up a refill of my heart meds, and I tellya, that was an effort. I knew I'd collapse by the time I got back to the car, so I used the convenience of the drive thru this time [no tiring getting out and walking to the back of the store...AND no spreading of the germs as much]. Bud didn't go with me either....he was home in bed with the creepin' crud too!!!

Before we contracted the cold, we did go walking along the Park...this is on the North side of Corpus Christi, beyond the Corpus Christi Bay, and Harbor Bridge, and causeway. Looking across the bay, you can see the city's skyline [which I share a photo]. Again, this is a 'selected' place to go birding. We saw a few, but I was amazed at the oyster beds!! Tons and tons of oyster shells...everywhere you look! There were some beauties. Bud collected a few of the flat ones, while I preferred just looking at the oyster clumps. They are so artful in how they grow together. A wonderful place to visit and spend a few minutes there in solitude. Altho the very same evening after we walked the area, the local news reported someone getting bit by a rattlesnake! Ewwww....that put the hipper dipper to my enthusiasm!!! I posted some birding photos on my photo blog....HERE and HERE. And I have several more photos that I'll share at another time.

Corpus Christi skyline from Indian Point Park

Oyster Clump --along oyster bed...Indian Point Park

- - -

After posting this post, I will be taking a few days' break from bloggin' since I'll have tons of Halloween stuff to clean off and then pack away 'til next year. It usually takes two or three days. I'm not sure I'll even be in costume this year since the nasty cough refuses to leave my system. But if I do get a bug up my pants and decide to dress in my costume of choice this year...I will have Bud take a picture.

HAVE A SAFE HALLOWEEN if you celebrate.

oh, and GO RANGERS!!!!!!!


  1. Hopefully you will start feeling better soon.Do take care of yourself.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your break and get lots done!

  3. Praying for you and the hubby to feel much better very soon, love you.

  4. Anni,
    I'll add you and Bud to my prayer sorry you caught this thing...thank God for drive through pharmacies..I know what you mean about the work involved in decorating for the seasons and holidays..the older I get, the less I want to do it but then when I get it all put out, I enjoy it so there....I just have a few things which don't cross over from Halloween to Thanksgiving so I'll swap those with my turkeys and pilgrims...the scarecrows and pumpkins can stay.
    Feel better soon.
    Mama Bear

  5. Halloween

    The night is dark
    and the goblins are out,
    and the witches and black cats
    are prowling about.

    And costumed creatures
    the strangest I've seen,
    are knocking on doors
    'cause tonight's Halloween!

    Happy Halloween dear Anni:-) Oh dear, I do hope you and Bud recover from this bug sooner than later!! As you say, wish people would stay home and not be so generous with sharing their germs! I hugged and kissed so many people at the funeral these last couple of days, goodness knows what I've brought home.

    I haven't been able to decorate much with the living room renovations still ongoing. I miss having all my Halloween stuff out!!

    That would be fascinating to see all those oyster beds. I've never seen anything like it.

    Take care my friend. xoxo

  6. Hi Anni
    Sorry to hear about the cold. I finally got over a 3 week cold myself - and it wasn't fun at all.
    Hope you have the strength to give out candy to all the tricker treaters!
    Check your mail for Halloween cards!
    Happy Halloween my dearest witch-in-arms!

  7. Sorry you're feeling so awful - you definitely deserve a break - as much as you put out every day! Take care of yourself.

  8. Hi Anni we'll be here when you well and do try to get over that nasty bug.

    Love your new header!!
    Madi and Mom

  9. Dear Anni,
    Take care....I have accepted the fact that I do not have the energy to do lots of decorating any more and the day after Christmas is so nicer!

  10. I sure hope that you get over that cold.
    My hubs has come down with the crud and cold.
    I wish people would stay home when they are sick too.
    Hugs and hope you are not gone to long.

  11. Hope you have a good break and feel better soon.

  12. Spain has gotten more and more Halloween accents but mainly for the very small children.
    Enjoy your blogging break!