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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A yarn of a tale...


Yikes!'s Friday! The Thirteenth...hope you're not superstitious. I'm certainly not. [throwing salt over my shoulder]----

With the new couch just purchased this past month, I have been thinking of another project...a crochet project. Yep, another afghan. I'm going to try and make it multi-colored like the stripes on the sofa and loveseat. I started with the pastel green. It's all going to be done in the pineapple stitch since it's a very easy pattern to do. I will eventually have a darker turquoise blue, a light and a dark rose color, an off white and a gold/tan strip of the same pattern. Here is the beginning of my work...

Since I took these photos of the beginning, I've completed the green and started working on the dark turquoise row. Actually, I have more projects going right now than Carter has little liver pills [If you're not my age, you'll not understand what I meant by that remark - hehehehe]. When Bud and I went perusing the Antique mall, I found stuff in the back of one store that had "Free" sign posted. I picked up and old ratty lookin' picture frame that was in dire need of repair work and a wrought iron planter that I promoted Bud to fixing up. I'll repaint it when it's repaired by the more mechanical one in the house... LOL ---So, I'm in the middle of refurbishing the picture frame [it had glass in it -intact]! The afghan project, started working on a Halloween wreath for the front of the house, and for times when it's raining and I need to really stay indoors, I started a pencil sketch of the main characters of "The Wizard of OZ" - the witch, the tin man, the lion, the scarecrow and Dorothy. All of which I'll show sooner or later here on my blog.

- - -

...and just for fun, I thought I'd zoom in on the 'drunken sailor'. Don't touch...there is 'hot ash' in his pipe! He tends to snort when loose women come around...insert wink here...and blows ash all over the table. On second thought...maybe it's just dust bunnies I see.

Oh, and regarding Carter's Little Liver more


  1. How cute. Happy Friday the 13th. :)

  2. I remember the radio commercials for Carter's little liver pills. I wonder if they were kosher????

    I haven't crocheted anything for years, or done any knitting or sewing either. Your afghan is going to be beautiful I can't wait to see the finished item, the colours sound lovely.

    Good luck with all your projects. I'm having difficulty finding the time to plant four little strawberry plants at the moment...they've started to flower in their little seed beds.

    Take care.

  3. Friday the 13rd, I almost would have believed it today.

    I need my alarm clock to wake me up, and usually, I turn on the radio as I lay for more shut eye.

    Next thing, my husband says, it's 9 am, my clock set 20 minutes early. My 14 year old had left, fixed his own breakfast and lunch.

    I jumped out of bed, quickly changed and brush my teeth. I didn't stop to have a hot drink.

    "Oh no, today, my deputy principal is mentoring me, and taking my first class."

    Luckily,it was green light all the way, and I managed to get to school just in time.

    Friday the 13rd, I am back at home, 6 more hours to go. The wind is howling, and squalls blowing. My husband is not back yet, and my son has gone to a church Friday teens activity. Please let this 6 hours pass without event. LOL

  4. Sadly, I know what Carter's Little Liver Pills are. ;( Love the afghan. Hopefully you will post a pic of the additional colors as they are added. That sailor...Anni, you had me Hootin'. ;)

  5. You do have lots of projects - but you somehow get them all done!
    I love the little sailor!

  6. I laughed when I read Carter's Little Liver Pills. Do you remember after a while, they had to take the word "Liver" out as there was no liver in the pills. They were marketed as Carter's L:ittle Pills for a while. I remember them, but now I can't remember what they were good for!!
    What makes you think the sailor is drunk? As I was a pirate in a former life, that's just the way seafaring men looked! Put smile here---->____

  7. Spadoman Drunken Sailor? Well, most of the time, when I walk by that table and see the little sailors, that song "What do you do with a Drunken Sailor" comes to mind....

    Pirate in another life? Cool!! I always fantasized of being abducted by a suave pirate and he'd carry me off to the life of no-good and riches! roflmao

  8. I also remember when they took 'liver' out of the name of the pills. I thought it was because it couldn't help your liver!

    The afghan will be gorgeous - can't wait to see it. You sure do stay productive! I can't even keep my bathroom cleaned!

  9. awesome little sailor, i love your pictures, thanks for sharing!!

  10. I love crocheting and i love green. I crochet scarves and just give them away. A person can have only so many scarves.

  11. ooooo, i love your drunken sailor!!!! as for friday the 13th... i'd have to go with "i'm not superstitious, but i'm not taking any chances either, heee heee heee". i hope your friday's been GREAT!!!

    the practicing is hard and furious. and the nerves... well, the less said the better! anyway, i'll be playing toto's hold the line, joan jett's i love rock 'n roll, johnny cougar mellencamp's hurt so good, tom jones' delilah, michael buble's quando quando, and yes, that's it i think... do hold thumbs. i'll see you piccies once it's over.

    lots of love to you my dear, very missed friend!!!

  12. Wow, you take pictures plus crochet...a very talented lady! You are off to a wonderful start, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    I love your drunken sailor too...what a hoot!

    Where in Ne are you from? I live in Papillion (Omaha) and the hubby is from North Platte!

  13. I can not wait to see your projects.
    I also get things and then promote hubs to fix them. I think it makes him feel needed.(WINK)
    I understand that saying, as I have used it several times. How funny.
    I used to have a sailor smoke stand and I thought it was ashes too, I always thought it was ashes now I feel bad to find out it could have been dust bunnies.LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog...

    Beaver Crossing is a little over an hour from here...way back when, my brother went to Milford for college and he has a good friend from Beaver's a small world!

    My husband and I are always saying once we retire we want to live in Estes Park (although, I'm not so sure we would love their winters) LOL

  15. That is so beautiful and my favorite color! (typical auburn-haired-preferred color) I'd love a vest made in that pattern and color!
    Looking forward to the finished product.
    Oh damn - there went a black cat!
    Here kitty kitty............*S*

  16. Hi Anni, I admire your crochet work, one thing I never had the patience to master. Love the color and look forward to seeing the finished project. As usual you are nice and busy and since my life goes that way also I can relate. Have a wonderful day!! Barbara

  17. It's so funny you should mention throwing salt over your shoulder because the other day when I had taken mom out for lunch, something happened (can't remember what it was now) and she threw salt over her shoulder for good luck...not remembering that there was a person sitting at the table behind her! lol

    How very neat that pineapple pattern is, I've never seen that before. Your afghan is going to look gorgeous and I really love that green!!

    Getting something free at an antique market is great:-) Looking forward to seeing the frame and planter once it's been worked on!

    I remember my grandma having to take Carter's Little Liver pills:-)

  18. I haven't taken part in a meme in so long, I'll have to keep this one in mind, sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Perfect pictures you chose to go with the song titles and words!! xoxo

  19. Annie I love your nautical guy!! He reminds me of my hubby....LOL

  20. Have never seen the pineapple before - that's gorgeous!

  21. You are special my friend.