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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out you recognize this man?

Height: between 5'3" - 5'5"
Dark Hair
Blue Eyes
Donning a 'toothbrush mustache' [Hitler style]
Seen wearing hobo cloths
carrying a crooked cane

- - -


Lately, the theme of Gone With the Wind of the master bedroom decor---has expanded to MOVIES galore! In the last couple of years I have received gifts and purchased other items such as the new Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland, Casablanca ink sketch, Corpse Bride dolls, Titanic's Rose Doll, toys from Shrek, Cars, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Even gone as far as Kung Fu Panda...well, my last item pertaining to the cinema is none other than an additional doll. This time it was in a clearance bin at the used book store we frequent at least once a week. Truth be told, I've seen this at the very same store for months and even tho it was priced 'half price' I thought it was still kinda costly at $25. Never to buy it, but always wanting it. While Bud was over at the history books, I scanned the DVDs that are discounted and found nothing...walking back to collect him and his 'finds' and get everything paid for and move on to the next store in the strip mall....I spied this coveted item for....get this...ONE DOLLAR. [enlarge the first photo...check out the price tag] And it wasn't damaged; still packaged in its original case!! One dollar!!! I could NOT not leave without it. I was literally like a kid in a candy shop toy store!!!

Charles Chaplin was a silent film legend. This doll is a depiction of his infamous character "The Tramp" [1915]. Chaplin was honored at the very first Academy Awards; back in the year 1929!! He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in 1975 at the age of 85. He died on Christmas Day, 1977. At one time, he left Hollywood for a vacation and J. Edgar Hoover would not allow him back in the USA, declaring him 'communist'. Seems back in the era, if you were 'anti-Hollywood', you were considered communist....for some reason or another. While in England, Chaplin's home country, Hoover used the immigration and naturalization laws...denying Chaplin's return to America. If you click on his name at the beginning of this paragraph, it will take you to his wikipedia biography - scroll down about half way... There you'll see the reason I wanted this doll so badly...the replication is so 'life-like' from the movie, "The Tramp". [by the way, the movie: has a running time of 32 minutes!]

You Tube...The Tramp [part 1] over 10 min

You Tube...The Tramp [part 2] over 10 min


  1. It's lucky you happened in that day. From $50 to $1. Wow! I always enjoy a Charlie Chaplin movie. Enjoyable post.

  2. You got a great deal! Hard to believe that movie was only 32 minutes. I'll have to check the clips.

  3. Amazing find! Your bedroom must be a fun little museum to visit!

  4. Hi, Anni - me again. I added something I have been meaning to post - come over, if you have time, and read the haiku Care Bear wrote in second grade!

  5. What a fantastic find! I have always loved Charlie Chaplin. I used to put in his silent films to play during the nights I was really sick and couldn't sleep. No sound to wake Scott, and I could still be entertained.

  6. What a bargain and it sounds like it will go great in your bedroom! When I have time I will have to watch the movie...this brings back memories of hours worth of charlie w/my grandpa! :)

  7. Yeah, I think I saw him in WalMart just a couple of weeks ago, sugar. Hmmmmm, I remember his movies, but that's gonna date me :-( !

    I don't think I've ever been here before, chickee, but being a senior like you (and I don't mean high school/college) how CAN I resist?

    Nice to meet you and I'm now a follower.


  8. What an awesome find and the price is okay too.
    I loved his movies.
    Have a great day.

  9. What a great doll, you have quite the celebrity collection going on there!!!

  10. Hi Anni!!

    Wow, I would have bought that too, and a dollar? Great buy. My dad is a huge Chaplin fan.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and taking the time to comment. So nice of you!! I

  11. Hi Anni, Thanks for leaving me a comment about my long marriage. I've followed you some on Show & Tell many months ago.

  12. What a great find! He's adorable!

  13. I have seen very few of his movies...but would recognize him instantly. He is, indeed, a legend....

  14. Wow, I never knew he was knighted! What a bargain you got! Thanks so much for visiting!

  15. Anonymous8/20/2010

    What a find that was I tell you. The videos were great. I really liked those. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great weekend my friend :)

  16. That is a very good replica.

  17. That is such a happy song.

  18. Wonderful find, Anni! Dolls based on our favorite cinema characters are such fun to own..I have a couple small ones of Jack Sparrow, a sexy scoundrel created, as we all know (!) by J. Depp. And Chaplin created The Tramp who touches our hearts with his wobble-walk and cane. Really great artists.

    Have a good weekend.

  19. Oh, Thank you for the post!
    Over the years, I have seen some wonderful
    Charlie dolls!
    It is nice to see one again.