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On the patio, above the picnic table
and near one of the three dining
room windows, hangs a potted
bougainvillea plant. I love seeing this
as I sit at the dining table, looking
out and watching the world go by!
Most times, with the constant sea
breezes blowing gently, it sways and
turns to a gentle rhythm. Also, at
times it attracts a humming bird now
and then.

- - -<><><>- - -

Monday morning early...even before Bud was out of bed, I went into the garage and began setting the program on the sprinkler system since I shut if off for all the storms we've had recently. As I walked out there, I could see something was amiss. The driver's side of the car was off kilter. Walking around the front end of my baby, sure 'nough. A tire, flat as a pancake! Dang. When Bud got up and filled himself with his caffeine fix for the day, I told him he'll need to get the spare tire out and change it so I can get it to the tire shop and get the flat tire fixed. I love this place...they found that the tire was cut near the wheel rim . Instead of keeping me there for who knows how long, they just replaced the tire for free!! Sw-w--e-e-t!!! Now for Tuesday, it's getting the oil changed and the transmission fluid flushed. THAT won't be free. And then Wednesday, hopefully, I need to have the door panel removed at the body shop...the automatic window is clunking and sounds like it's off the track!! I'm not even going to begin to ask Bud to mess with the wires and such in there. Cars! Expensive toys sometimes. But at our age, it's a necessity. Just need to remember to call the body shop and make an appointment. ::sigh::

POSTED [early for]: Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  1. Anonymous7/12/2010

    Beautiful picture my friend. That was nice to get a free new tire. You sure it wouldn't be less expensive to just buy a new car ROFLMAO!!! Have a great Monday :)

  2. Your bougainville is absolutely stunning and I don't blame you for loving to sit there and admire it. We just had our first rain in about a month and when I looked out the door I gasped because it totally flattened out my hydrangea and bellflowers...hopefully they get back up as it dries. I'll have to remember to tie them back so it doesn't happen again.

    I have an appointment to bring my car in for an oil change Thursday morning for 8...ugh. That's so great that they replaced your tire for free, not too often we can get anything free where a car is concerned!! xoxo

  3. Oh wow, I didn't realize that you have wild parrots in your part of the country, how cool! I thought they were only found in countries like Australia!! See, learned something new again on your blog:-)

    Don't get me started on the songs and artists of today. It's gotten to a point where I don't even listen to the radio anymore, I'd rather play my cds and listen to the old songs that I've always loved. As you say, today's songs all sound the same and there's just no story behind them. Omigosh, Summer Place...I could listen to that over and over again. Just like Pancho & Johnny's "Sleepwalk". Great instrumental!!

    I've heard that song Good At Drinking Beer often...nothing like giving the message to kids that it's cool to drink! Ugh. xoxo

  4. Lovely bougainvillea. I love to have in our garden. Great shot.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  5. Very lucky to get a free tire free...hope yor day will be delighted with goodness. Love the bougainvillea flower I have many different color flower planted when way back home in Phils.

  6. Beautiful flowers.
    Have a great RT.

  7. Ahhh, bummer on the flat tire.

    Your flower is so pretty....

  8. wow sounds like all of us!!!! Congrats on getting that tire fixed for free. You must be a cherished customer. Even new cars seem to have all these things wrong with them as well.....

  9. Praying for your week, love you.

  10. Anni, The van has had the window fixed and it is expensive. I'm glad that the garage fixed your tire for free. I'm sure it was still under warranty. There's always something going on. We do need our vehicles but repairs really are expensive.

    Wishing you and Bud a great day. Drop over to my "Nook" for an update on Jo Ann.


  11. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I imagined myself seated on a lawn chair, near that beautiful plant, sipping a cup of hot java as you tell me what's going on with the car, all the while, a cool breeze blowing softly.
    I love stories with the pictures.


  12. Mary....they didn't FIX the tire...they gave me a new one instead.


    voting time.
    thank you.

  14. Hi Anni,

    I love those flowers, problem is they have to be taken inside when it gets cold. I used to have a big bougainvillea tree in my backyard while I lived in Australia. It becomes quite a splash of color in no time. Cars.....gotta love them! They are so high maintenance! Thanks for sharing.


  15. Good Morning Annie Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this morning. Yes the beautiful bougainvillea plant. The little hummers sure do love the vivid red pink color. I cut all of ours out when we moved here. They had just taken over, and I got tired of the thorns going through my flip flops when I stepped on them on the ground. But they are beautiful.

    So sorry to hear about the flat, but the free tire part is wonderful. Oil changes, yep they get us every time don't they? Especially the radiator flushes.

    How did the door panel repair go? Let me know. My husband did plenty of that in years past when his Dad had their glass shop in Oklahoma. He has fixed ours a time or two.

    Have a beautiful day Annie sweetie. I have so missed you. I am geting up and moving again. Country hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  16. Those flowers are gorgeous. Like fruit ripe for the picking.

  17. A free tire?? Who ever heard of such??

    Kristen has an automatic window that won't go up - we're tired of fixing her car - but you can't have your window down all the time!

  18. We had a giant plant when I was little. My mum couldn't understand why people planted a prickly plant. We were often trying to get branches off and pretend to be brides.