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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

.....he gone!!!!

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1- So yeah, it's a holiday weekend. 4th of July... Independence Day... whatever you want to call it. What are you doing on July 5th?
I don't make plans any longer now that retirement has taken us where we are in life. We just go or do on a whim. Mostly it's stay close to home.

2- Have you ever known anyone who has been kidnapped?
Personally, no...but the media keeps me informed to kidnappings. The news you can use. Or something like that. Times tho, I'd like to see the neighboring Russians kidnap a certain lady who can see them from her hometown. Only if she'd go back and stop attending those tea parties before she gets so waterlogged she'd sink in the Bering Sea.

3- Does wiping with newspaper make you a smartass?
Aha!!! Now I know for sure what Bud is doing all this time....and he tries to tell me he's just reading the articles!!

4- If someone sends you - or you stumble upon a link that will show you celebrity death photos, do you click the link?
That would depend on if I like the celebrity.

5- Do you decorate your computer/laptop?
Just with wallpaper...the kind you make from a photo, not the pre pasted kind.

6- You see Bud and his lady out walking in a park... suddenly she stops and kicks him square in the ass. What did he say to her?
"Would you look at them knockers on that lady window shopping?"

7- There is a cockroach, a tarantula and a mouse in the room - which one do you kill first? fact, I would kill it...AND THEN I'd move out! Where there is ONE there's bound to be another, lurking.

8- Did you know that a hay bale can start on fire by itself? Do you know how?
Me? A Farmer's Daughter? Of course I knew that...if a barn is hot inside, and hay is stored...there is always a chance of spontaneous combustion.

9- Kimber calls you - what is her voice like?
Cat like.

10- Have you ever played Battleship?
Yep, the video, the electronic, and even on graph paper long ago. I rarely won by the opponents are cheaters.

11- Days of our Lives paid tribute to Francis Reid/Alice Horton this week (Francis, the actress, died in February, Alice (the character) died last week). She was 91 years old and was protrayed as a smart, witty, funny, loving, always gave the best advice type woman. Wonderful mother, grandmother, friend... many characters (and cast members) commented on how they strive to be the type of woman she was. Is there someone in your life that you strive to be like?
Strong, loving, and caring...just like my mom.

12- Do you attend parades?
Long ago, when our kids were young and at home.

13- If Berleen were to purchase three 10-gallon tubs of the peanut butter that they use at Dairy Queens, would you think any less of her?
Hardly....there'd be MORE OF HER. Peanut butter is fattening.

14- If all the flowers but one kind withered and died, never to grow again, but that one kind of flower would grow worldwide forever, what would you want the surviving flower to be?
A rose.

- - -<><><>- - -

....Hurricane Alex has left the building!

Well, Alex turned due west at the very last hours of his trek across the Gulf. We spent a few minutes, for a break in preparing our home and yard, driving to the island to see how our coast was fairing through it all; yesterday morning. I even took my shoes off at one point and walked the sandy beach, altho it was more seaweed and junk that was washing ashore. The winds were horrendous, and I could hardly stand up. What dry sand there was, was on the built up walkway just off the beach and let me tell you it wasn't fun being battered with the tiny bits of it while walking against the wind!! All in all, it was worth the drive over the causeway to see what was going to lay in store for us by nightfall. This was all before Alex turned his path toward Mexico. While we were out walking to see the incoming storm front, we weren't the only fools out and about! Crazy I know...but if the media can go to tape live action, so can I. Let me tell you, there were hundreds like us at the same area. Most of the beach access roads were barricaded so no traffic could go and drive on the beach...of course, I'm not THAT dumb....but, for the locals that live in the area....we know where we can get right up close and personal, without having the sheriff down our backs making us leave.

The wave action was higher than normal, in fact quite a bit choppy! But, at the time we arrived it was low tide, so that helped. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to stand and walk where we walked at all if the tides were in. This photo shows y'all just how it was on the beaches near White Cap on Padre Island around 9 a.m. yesterday. The worst of the area, I think, by watching the local news, was North of the City...near North Beach. Several restaurants on the beaches there and curio shops for tourists and motels were flooded along with streets by mid afternoon as the tides came back in. But oh the winds! It was most difficult to remain standing. Did I already mention that? LOL And by the end of my short walk ON the beach, I was tuckered out...but in awe of the mild fury of Momma Nature. She's awesome. Beautiful and frightful at the same time. And the sound of the waves way out beyond my reach, and the was phenomenal. Something to experience even if it is a bit on the 'loony' side. Curiosity is a strong pull to take you in harm's way I guess. Besides, while walking in the sand and seaweed, I found several odd items from the sea...more sea pods and some very odd looking shells. I'll photograph them sometime soon and share with you.

By the time I got back from a short trip on the beach, I was in need of one more look out into the vastness of the world on the horizon...wondering if it would head our way or go where he was predicted to go. Alex turned into a category TWO strength, clocked at 100MPH winds as he made landfall just miles below Brownsville, Texas on the Mexico's northeast border. He is one of history making. This is the strongest hurricane in the month of that came on land IN JUNE since 1995. We're in for a tough season me thinks!! Anyway, back home we came. There was still a lot of work to be done just in case. We filled the car's gas tank on the way home in case we had to leave [...we didn't think we would, even if he hit closer to home because he wouldn't have been damaging unless our home would be on the shore], we had to bring into our garage everything that was not tied down in the back yard...and y'all know how much junk yard decor we have. Lots of statues, lots of planted pots and hanging pots, bird feeders, lawn furniture on the patio, hurricane shutters to be prepared for closing. When all that was done, with the heavy rains we were getting from the numerous bands of showers encircling the eye of the storm, we went out and cut some low hanging tree branches from the neighbor's yard that was pushing and pulling against our privacy fence and tying them up so they wouldn't blow around the neighborhood...lots of back breaking work. The branches on a given normal DRY day didn't hang so low...the weight of the rain brought them too close to the fence and we didn't want the fence to be damaged and blown down. Everything was battened down and we were safe in our little hidey hole called home. Waiting. And watching the weather. Every item in the house that could be unplugged was in case of power outages and losing the computer with power surges... Instead, I took it upon myself to keep busy by drawing and to begin a new watercolor piece of art...this'll be done sometime soon in a few days if all goes well. Working with my sketches is a calming remedy from the stress. By mid afternoon, the radio we had one warned us that all of our area was under tornado alert. ONE was reported making touchdown. I don't know how much damage was done from Alex...all we had here was lots of high winds and TONS of rainfall in just a few short hours.

This morning, it's calm, the winds have nearly dissipated and the rains are long gone. A fine mist still lingers, but that is to be expected. After daylight, Bud and I will begin to take the entire garage apart; replacing all the things stored there overnight. It's a long job of work. Hours. And this time it'll be more fun...getting things back to normal again 'til next time.


POSTED: Thursday, July 1st, 2010
5:00 A.M.


  1. Big sigh of relief! Thank God, huh? You never quite know how to feel when you dodge that bullet because you know someone else got hit.

  2. Thanks for braving the wind and sand to report to us! I'm glad he's gone and you are safe!

  3. You're Hootin' hot Anni!

    Hey- seriously, I am so glad to see that all is well. Thanks for posting those amazing pictures and for the story to go with them. I was Hootin' worried about ya.

    I hear Alex will be visiting here on the 4th. just in time to water my lawn :)

    take care

  4. Praise that all is well with you and Bud...I love that outfit you have on...Thanks for the commentary...we've never lived where a Hurricane is a problem but we do get the tornadoes from them. Still no rain here.
    Mama Bear

  5. My gosh, Annie, the photos are beautiful!.. and yes, very humbling, when you forget how powerful Mother Nature can be... Living up north, I hear things in the news, but I really have no idea how scary these storms can be, or how much WORK they can be as you batten down the hatches! Glad to hear "so far, so good"!.. Liked your Thursday Thunks! No.7 was a tough one for me, though. I think ALL of them would have to be killed immediately and simultaneously, or I'd be moving the fastest I've ever moved in my LIFE, just to get OUT of there, even locking that door behind me, just in case they're smarter than we think! ~tina

  6. A rose indeed. Haha! Happy Thursday!

  7. I am so glad to hear that you are ok.
    I hope that you can put all your stuff back now and it will be okay.
    Your photos are just beautiful. I watched the TV last night and watch ALEX. I can not imagine what it must have been like.
    have a great 4th.

  8. love the ocean view!

  9. Love the stormy photos, lookin good!

  10. Glad to know all is well and to hear your experiences on Alex. Love to you both!

  11. I know you don't like blizzards, but I am quite certain I wouldn't like the threat of hurricanes! But I love the pictures of you at the scene of the crime - the awesomeness of the ocean, wind, and rain.

    DC says the towns on the other side of Horsetooth are Bellvue and Masonville - the latter I'm sure is the one you were thinking of. Glad you enjoyed your trip down memory lane.

  12. I"m so glad that Alex is gone and not a threat. That is excellent news and I'm glad you and Bud are a okay. Great photos my dear sweet one :) The clouds look ominous!!! But some one brings a beauty to them :)

    I love your 11

    Happy Thursday :)

  13. Oooooh, she was EATING the peanut butter. My bad.

  14. my opponents cheat too!

  15. I thought "more of her" with Berleen, too! I'm with you on spiders of ANY kind...

  16. Praise God that you and Bud are safe, love you.

  17. Glad y'all are OK and that Alex turned when he did; great pictures and story of your beach adventure... I think I would have wanted to do that too. But I hope I don't have the chance ;>) Thanks