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This photo sequence is taken from inside our car with my cellphone...we were first on this time...right in the front row! Crossing the ferry over the ships' channel, it's okay 'til we hit the ships' wakes...then the ferry rocks and sways...I would NOT make a good sailor. I think the waves are rough on this little dinky 'boat'...I can only imagine what a real storm would be like aboard a ship/yacht. Color me green--y'know? Green gills?! Ya, that is me. LOL But most of all...after you see me across the channel...take another look at the photos and check out the sky. Aren't the clouds pretty?

---ahhhhhhhh, dry land ahead! Get me off this rickety ol' thing! Like Bing Crosby once sang:
"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above [this case, under the cloudy skies above],
Don't fence me in. [Don't strap me in--in the ferry confines that is]
Let me ride [drive!] through the wide open country that I love,
Don't fence me in."

Good thing about using the ferry tho, it saves about 30 miles of gasoline consumption to get to the 'other side' instead of going around the LONG way.

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
around midnight


  1. cool trip...nice pix

    I'm liking the new blog look

  2. Love those clouds too!! nice ride :)

  3. I feel sick whenever ferry boats rocks, I think I wouldn't be a good sailor either.

  4. C'mon fill me in. Where are you going from to where?

  5. i also breath a sigh of relief after the ferry docks at the pier. it's reassuring having solid ground under my feet.:p

  6. Great series! I love the sky and the clouds!

    Sreisaat Adventures

  7. I've always had romantic notions about ferries - but, like you, the reality of waves and lurching make me long for dry land!

  8. The clouds are pretty! I'm not a fan of ferry's either. I'm always glad to be back on the ground!

  9. The man in the first shot seems to be directing the clouds.

  10. Your cell phone pictures sure are good!
    I always enjoyed the ferry ride between Galveston and Crystal Beach.. can't believe I can't remember the real name of the destination. But you probably know where I am thinking of.
    Ferry rides when I were a child were such a treat.
    We took a long ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard a few years ago. Wonderful!!
    Have a great day.
    Ladybug Creek

  11. At least you got some great photos from the experience.

  12. LOL...I feel your pain...I would be green also. Great photos

  13. Loved all the pictures - I love riding on the ferry...I miss Washington State where we'd ride the ferry just for fun! :)

    WW: Hatching a Dinosaur Egg

  14. Anonymous7/21/2010

    Wasn't that Roy Rogers? (Don't fence me in)

  15. You know ? I don't think I've ever been on a ferry. Unless I was really little and don't remember. Great pics! Love your layout

  16. Great photos taken from your mobile. I always enjoy your post, you made me laugh.

  17. I have always loved ferry rides - for some reason I don't get seasick on them as I do other places. Beautiful clouds - we had some just like that the other day - so artistic.

    I don't think I'll ever catch up on the last week's posts!

  18. Hey Anni!
    Your phone takes great pictures :)

    I always feel for the people who 'exceed their bandwidth'.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  19. I am with you, I'd be green at the gills also.
    They are great shots that you got.
    Have a great Wednesday

  20. Dogsmom Oh I'm sure that Roy Rogers recorded the very same song also. I always remember Bing Crosby singing it tho...I think it was with the Andrew Sisters. LONG ago.

  21. Good morning, Anni! Another thing we have in common, ha. I haven't ridden on many ferries but I remember the one at Alabama's gulf very well...Honey Bear says let's get out and stand at the rail..then he says Honey, you don't look too well so I get back in the car...I have to take motion sickness tablets just to ride in a car's backseat...forget taking a cruise.
    Anyway, in the first photo, it looks like the guy is holding the ship in his hand...And just look at the waves in the clouds.
    Mama Bear

  22. Great phone has a great camera!

  23. Awesome shots!!!

  24. Hi anni
    So long a time since the last one!
    I am glad I came today. Lovely pics and inviting voyage!

    Thanks about that info on the templates
    D. ;)

  25. Looks like someone is anxious to get off the ferry. I am not a good sailor either, but the ferry boats are little bigger and for me they are Ok.

  26. You know, I've done 88 cruises, all over the world, including one stormy crossing from Ensenada to Honolulu that lasted for five out of the six days in transit. I have, blissfully, never been seasick. I've heard that people who go deep sea fishing are cursed! I haven't been on a ferry ride, either, where I've been green around the gills. Knock on wood.

    Nice photos, Anni!

  27. i always want land. your photos are fantastic. good thing you were on a ferry. have a good day