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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

there's a dream in me sometimes....

...of all things Victorian. I love the era of fashion and home decor. There are many things I ogle when I peruse the Antique Mall. There are some special items I'd truly love to own, tho I probably would not use 90% of them. It's just the concept. Here I'm going to list thirteen [all links will open in a new window for you...just like turning the pages of a catalog with me], thirteen of what I dream about if I were going back in time. I will begin with the 'little pleasures' and then build up to the ultimate dream...

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1. Parasols. I love 'em. They're just so feminine. For me, they're much better than women's hats to protect from the harsh sun rays. It would be nice to have them in many colors. CLICK HERE

2. Lace gloves. I really see no practical use for these except for style. Doesn't mean they're not essential for an outfit. CLICK HERE

3. Hatpins. If I were to be wearing of the hats of the Victorian Age, a must would be a collection of hatpins. And probably the more ornate the better. CLICK HERE

4. Fans. I'd have as part of my wardrobe, a myriad of fans. For the tea times when I pay a call to a friend and sit on the veranda with her in the heat of the summer...a fan would be a must!! CLICK HERE

5. Snoods. Of course, I have the hairstyle of that time in history and I'd need matching hair snoods. Again in colors to match my dresses. CLICK HERE

6. Sachets. Of course, with actual wardrobes instead of closets...I'd need to make my own sachets with rose petals and geranium. My favorite fragrance combination. Everything is so fresh smelling. A lacy hand made sachet for every drawer and my wooden armoire. CLICK HERE

7. Fine Glass Perfume decanters. A beveled mirrored dresser isn't complete without at least one with your favorite fragrance. CLICK HERE

8. Cameos. Brooches, necklaces, eardrop earrings....gobs of them! I love these!!! CLICK HERE

9. Art. In my parlor or sitting room, a very heavily adorned fireplace with mahogany mantel. Above it I'd place an original piece of a popular artist of the time. Like Van Gogh, or Monet; perhaps Pissario. CLICK HERE

10. Gazebo...surrounded by manicured lawns that are lush and green. Huge oak trees, a large fountain nearby and a good book of the classic writers of that time...where I can sit outdoors, even in the rain storm and read to my heart's content. With the whiff of wisteria on the breeze filtering through the beams. CLICK HERE

11. Rose Garden. Greenery that just won't far as the eye can see! All the old victorian roses, arbors, benches that are shaded by large tree canopies. CLICK HERE

12. Canopy or 4 poster bed frame...Now a days, it's a shame that the 'master bedrooms' are not as grand in scale as the olden days. Where you could easily possess a huge framed bed of heavily carved wood that is so ornate and detailed!! CLICK HERE

13. A Plantation. Not necessarily a 'working' one that is sitting atop a huge vast farming package...just one of the beautiful old Southern Plantations where you have servants/dressers/drivers while all I'd do is be the hostess with the mostest!! CLICK HERE

Victorian image granted from this site

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1] Driver's Ed. Demon #1 is taking it right now. Did you pass your driver's test the first time you took it? With flying colors!!!

2] You are sitting outside on your deck in your comfy lawn chair, feet are up and the temp outside is perfect. There are no bugs to bite you and ruin the night... it's peaceful and all you can hear is the birds singing and an occasional cricket. Whats in your hand? A flyswatter and a can of OFF!....with my luck the nightingale is not catching all the bugs that are showing up....they'll soon find my warmth and they'll be hungry!!!

3] How many graduation parties and weddings do you have to attend this summer? Ok.. how many are you invited to? I'm too old to have any friends with youngsters graduating. The last one I went to was my son's College Master's Degree graduation...two years ago.

4] There is no other choice in the matter - you must transform into a different race, but the catch is that you get to pick which race. What will you now be? Well, it wouldn't be Latino. They're getting the shaft right now.

5] Someone once said that the grass isn't greener on the other side... are you jealous of your neighbor's lawn? No. Should I be?

6] Bud is walking along a beach barefooted and steps on a piece of glass buried deep in the sand. His foot is bleeding... does he cry, swear or stomp around on his other foot? I'm sure you're asking about this Bud and not my dear man....right? He'll stomp on one foot all the way to his twins.

7] I'm gonna take you fishing... are you going to be a whiney baby and not bait your own hook and when you catch a fish am I gonna have to take it off the hook for you? I detest fishing!! It's boring!! I'll be the one that doesn't whine...but I'll be collecting rocks to skip across the water while you're getting P O'd 'cause I'm scaring the fish away!!!

8] From a Facebook friend: When asked what would you bring with you to a deserted island, why doesn't anyone answer "a boat"? Don't ask me...I'm still priming myself with my fly swatter to answer this silly question.

9] Hamburger buns - sesame seeds or not? I wish I could say 'bunless'!! I guess it'd have to be know the saying, if at first you don't suck seed...suck........

10] From Demon #1: Whats your favorite flavor of water? Bottled! and at a restaurant, I like either lemon or lime slices. Lime preferably.

11] Eclipse is coming out this month... are you going to see it? Don't even know what this is!!! Is this part of the twilight craze? Then, definitely NOT. If there were vampires, then...the whole world would be either dead or vampires. Logical.

POSTED: Thursday, June 10th, 2010
5:00 A.M.


  1. I enjoyed this post tremendously my friend.

  2. you have taken me back to an age that is very different, very dignified and lady-like if i can put it like that, much of which (the items you list) have sadly disappeared. some may say life's become easier, others may say we've lost a little bit. both, i dare say may be right...

  3. Good thunks this week, Anni!

  4. "suck seed"....LMAO!

    I used to collect ladies dress gloves, though I liked the beaded ones. Never collected snoods, but there is something about them, isn't there?

    Have a great day, Annie!

  5. #9 had me laughing... and What??? You don't know what Eclipse is!?!? Ahhhh Edward!

  6. Jodi Nope, never heard of Eclipse.

  7. I heart Hootin' Anni! Love the Latino thing. I would never have been able to make it in Victorian times....

    How's the water in your parts?

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. Grin. I like Victorian things too. Happy TT!

  9. I had no clue what the film was either. I would have the twins to take care of me! You ARE a hoot! Enjoy your day...

  10. Great thunks!

    And just so you know it isn't only Victorians, my 18 year old daughter must have 50 snoods. that she wears at least a couple of times a week. In every color, lacy, beaded, with ribbon, with flowers, in her school colors, 2 different patriotic red white and blue ones, one that makes her bun look like a sparkly snowman, several christmas themed ones, a few halloween themed ones.

  11. I would not like to live during Victorian times but I sure do like their stuff.

  12. I will admit to a thing for hat pins. Ironic, as I mostly prefer to wear men's style hats. Probably because I find holding a parasol tiring.

  13. love you number 9 answer

  14. I have one old fashioned glass perfume decanter. I love it!

  15. How about a parlor? I love the word parasol and parlor. I think I would have fit well in that time.

  16. Oh yes, yes, yes, to all of the Victorian items you mentioned!! Like you, I love anything Victorian, the style and decor were fabulous. Women were always so well dressed and feminine:-) I remember having a cameo on a black velvet choker when I was a young teen and I sure wish I knew what happened to it.

    Loved your answers to the Thursday Thunks...we usually can't sit out after dinner because the mosquitoes are so bad but this year we haven't been bothered by them yet. I guess due to the dry Spring we had, their larvae didn't have the needed water in the ponds and creeks to really survive!! I'm sure not complaining! lol xoxo