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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Google's artsy fartsy new feature...I'm LOVIN' it!!

A couple of things this fine early Friday morning...

First...really cool!! [I can get excited over such little things like this] Have y'all seen Google's new feature? You can now change the background of the search page from one image to the next...also a feature you have a choice of using images from the 'public gallery' or upload one of your own images to use as background. That's nice. Nothing really earth shattering, but still a nice feature. For instance...this background of the Grand on the bottom, left hand "Change Background Image" then...scroll down through the shared photos!! Click on the one you like, and then just below you'll see "Save". Ta Da!!----

- - -

Secondly... China has hornswoggled America once again. And again, with the paint used in their items. Lead paint. Which in turn has forced the McDonald's company to have a recall. A 12 million item recall. And I for one have one of them. Just one. I never did get any other of the four since my favorite is Donkey. LOL In other words, the set of four Shrek 16 oz. drinking glasses that sold for $2 a piece at any participating McDonald's in the recent past have now a recall label on it. The company has since dropped all sales of them and have stated to not use them...return them for a refund. All because there is contaminants of lead in the paint used for the 'art' on them. Heck, I'm keeping mine!!! I never had any intention of using it for a drinking glass's just going to be part of my 'movie' memorabilia. Maybe a vase or something. And besides, now that there is a recall on them,...they're worth more to a collector. I shoulda bought the Puss n Boots too. Oh well.

POSTED: Friday, June 4th, 2010
5:00 A.M.


  1. informative stuff,
    I am amazed about your sharpness on paint...
    Happy Friday!

  2. I can just see those guys on Antique Roadshow talking about your valuable Shrek glass in 20 years or so ;>)

    I have a very cool I-Google page set up for my home page, with birds and art and weather and stuff -- but Bill keeps switching it back to the regular Google. (we are a one computer family here in FL). I'll be interested to see if he picks up on the new feature.

    Love the turtle pix below BTW

  3. Wow, love the google backgrounds.

  4. Man, Hootin-anni, I hadn't visited you for such a long time and your blog has so changed that I wasn't sure I was at the right place! ha!!! But I believe there could only be one of you. Cool thing on google.

  5. Good morning, Anni
    I had seen that thingy about new backgrounds but had not tried it. Thanks for checking it out.

    I think you should put a candle in the glass. That way, no one would use it for a drinking glass in the future. Would that take away from its value?
    I've been busy and haven't visited much. Sorry.
    Mama Bear

  6. Mama Bear I'm really not sure if the glass is heat tempered tho. I wouldn't want to try it and have the glass crack from the flame.

  7. Hi Anni! LOVE this comment box in roses!! Very pretty!.. I haven't played with google yet, but will check it out! Sorry to hear about the Shrek glasses.. I wanted one too! Oh well, I'm sure I would have saved it too, to use as a vase or some kind of catch-all for pencils, crochet hooks, or whatever! I remember when they called back the finger-chomping Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls (around 1997?)! We kept ours in the box, and held onto to her! I don't know if she's worth a plug nickel or not, but we've still got her! So cute, and yet kinda creepy, don't you think??.. In a "Chucky" kind of way?! Ha! Ha!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

  8. lead huh, don't they test these things anymore? i mean come on we can change our google search page but not test for lead in cups? something silly going on here!!

    good for you keep that baby!!

  9. Thanks for the info on the Google page. That's pretty neat!
    And what is with China? You'd think they would have learned after the last time.

  10. I really like the new look. How neat that this changes color.Thanks for sharing this.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Anni! I am so glad you are joining in with the Bloggerette Sorority! I think we're going to have a great time!
    Thanks for posting the button and I'll be back to visit often, and will see you at the party on the 25th!
    Have a great weekend!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds


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  13. Anonymous6/04/2010

    Oh HA I just love how excited you get over things that google does. Sometimes they drive me nuts as I just want to get on and do my thing and not worry about the background. But this is a cool feature I must say. I'm glad your keeping your glass. Those damn Chinese doing this yet again. When do you think they are going to learn or when do you think McDonalds is going to learn to have it MADE IN AMERICA!!! Have a great Weekend :)

  14. At lunch time I was half listening to the news and heard something about a recall and McDonald' I know what they were recalling! lol I didn't get any of the glasses but like you, I would keep it too even if there was a recall:-)

    Ooooh, I didn't know about Google and being able to change the background on their search page. You know what I'm gonna do as soon as I catch up with your posts! hehe xoxo

  15. Oh dear, I can well imagine the mess those kind of winds leave behind. We so seldom get those types of high winds, it's not something I'm really used to. We just went through a week of high 80's and I thought I was going to melt so can't even imagine it being in the high 90's and 100's!!! The last few days it's been in the mid 70's so just perfect for me:-)

    Love your pictures of the turtle. It reminds me of when I was a child and we had our little cabin next door to grandma's. Dad would bring me fishing and quite often he'd spy a turtle and he'd row beside it so that I could watch it and giggle. lol

    Hopefully you were able to get some sleep!! xoxo

  16. Changed the Google background to a photo of my husband and me when we were newlyweds. It will be fun when he begins a search and sees it! Thanks! Annie